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  1. I understand all the requirements to travel from the UK to Germany and back again. This has been well documented several times and I am grateful for that. My question is about proof of things like vaccination. I do not have a smart phone. I do have paper copies of important stuff. Looking at the Ryanair website , all I could find was stuff about digital proof. There was nothing about paper proof. This worries me. Has anybody flown from the UK to Germany with just paper proof? Will it vary from airline to airline? Thanks
  2. A wise decision. It is just not worth the risk.
  3. Do I need a smart phone to fly to Germany

    Thanks for the info but are you sure you still need a fit to fly test going from the UK to Germany? This contradicts several other sources.
  4. Do I need a smart phone to fly to Germany

    I tried ringing the airline but could not get thru. Ringing any airport is a good idea. I will do that soon.
  5. Death of Gerd Müller

    Sad to hear that the legendary Gerd Müller has  passed away.  Arguably the greatest stiker of all time. E.g. 68 goals in just 62 games for Germany. He had a low centre of gravity and then meant he could turn very quickly and get the shot away before the defender could stop him. R.I P.   
  6. Death of Gerd Müller

    It was great to see the clapping in memory of Gerd at the last German international.
  7. the Olympic Games in Japan

    I enjoyed the Olympics a great deal. It was a nice suprise to see Great Britian finish in 4th place, ahead of sporting giants such as Australia.  It is nice to see minority sports given more air time. I especially enjoyed the rugby sevens which I otherwise rarely get to see. Those Fijians are big lads and they had a humility about them which I found refreshing. The womens rugby sevens was also good to watch. They are so athletic . Those women can really run fast. The last time I saw  a women run that fast is when I asked her for her phone number. Soon the Para Olympics will begin and I always find this inspiring.  It shows what you can do when you put your mind to it. 
  8. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    Cost of NHS Covid tests for UK arrivals from green countries reduced. This headline was on the BBC this morning. The reduction was from 88 pounds to 66 pounds. Worth having.
  9. Traveling to UK from Germany - quarantine rules

    Many thanks  to Auntie Helen. I find it so much easier to absorb this information when it is in a personal form. I have checked the official websites such as Gov.UK , the German Embassy and the Robert Kock Institute but somehow the information does not stick. I only hope I can get into and out of Germany without a smart phone.
  10. Traveling to UK from Germany - quarantine rules

    Dear Auntie Helen ,                                        many thanks for that informative post. I was glad to see that printed documents were accepted as  I do not have a smart phone.  My only concerns are the timing and cost of the test. Is it free? Did you administer it yourself?
  11. Euro 2020 and 2021

    I have watching the French Open recently. So far , it has been better viewing than the Euros. Nadal v Jokovic was brilliant. None of the soccer games have been memorable thus far . But the French Open finishes today and so I will give more time to the soccer. Let us hope for some more adventurous play. England v Scotland will be a must.
  12. Anyone ever cried leaving a foreign place?

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder