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  1. Early medical treatment when Covid-19 is diagnosed

    Very funny. Now I do not feel I need my booster dose
  2. ID problem with Airbnb

    So  I tried to book some cheap accommodation with Airbnb. There was a new ID check. I had to upload a copy of my passport. Well , I tried but I could not do this as the file size was too  large. So I took a screen shot and that was accepted. But why? To make matters worse , all of a sudden the language switched from English to German. Again , why? Oh, for a simple life.
  3. ID problem with Airbnb

    Very funny, you guys.
  4. ID problem with Airbnb

    The problem seems to be that they will not accept copies of my passport , of which I have a few in my computer.  The only way therefore is to take a photo with a smart phone and upload that directly into their website. But i do not have a smart phone and I never will. It is their loss , not mine.
  5. ID problem with Airbnb

    Where are we going with all this technology?
  6. ID problem with Airbnb

    After several futile attempts , I gave up on Airbnb and went with Trivago. No problem at all.
  7. ID problem with Airbnb

    This all sounds very familiar. I had similar trouble with a betting company. It was difficult to prove my ID with them. Note that they only wanted an ID check when I wanted to withdraw some winnings. They were not bothered at all as long as I was depositing. I checked on the web and a great many people are having trouble with Airbnb ID. So it is not just me and my poor IT skills
  8. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet

    I entirely agree with hamogles. But I am happy to report that I have successfully printed out the Passanger Locator Form for my impending trip to England. It was straight forward , despite all my misgivings. As long as you have all the data to hand. Now all I have to do is clear and clean my Mums house prior to selling. She was a hoarder.    But my short stay in Berlin has been wonderful. I am fully recharged and refreshed and ready for the challange.
  9. So I am back in Berlin after a long absence. I took an Eaysjer flight from Manchester to Berlin. I had to show my double vaccinated form and my pre departure form. Both were checked quite seriously. 3 passangers were not allowed to board as they did not have the pre deparure forms. They tried desperatly to do it online there and then but time ran out and the gate was closed. So be aware that some requirements are still in place. The advice given on Toytown has been invaluable. Many thanks to Auntie Helen and all the others.
  10. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet

    to Were people really turned away from their flights? Because some app failed?  Can you give me a link? Why did they not print off a hard copy , just to be on the safe side?
  11. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet

    in reply to snowingagain , I have to return to the UK to clear the house I am going to sell. No sooner am I back in Berlin than an offer for the house is made and acepted. More stress.
  12. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet

    I have all this. Yippee!!! Maybe I was choosing the wrong option.
  13. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet

    But how can I tell which is which? One of threm is a square Qr code and the other is more rectangular.
  14. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet

    To calm my nerves , I have just had a go at completeing the passanger locator form. Just for practice. I got a long way until it said that I cannot complete the from until 48 hours or less till boarding. But there was one difficult question.  It was to do with uplaoding a QR code. I tried several times but got nowwhere.  It seems that you can only upload one QR code.  On my vaccination certificate there are 2. Right next to each other. Any advice?
  15. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet

    I always turn up pretty early at an airport  in caase something goes wrong.
  16. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet

    Now I am filled with fear. I am flying to Manchester soon. Stories like this keep me awake at night. You just have to be so careful.  
  17. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet

    I just booked my 2 day arrival test  This is what you have to do when you travel to England. You have to have a PCR test within 48 hours of arrival. It cost 55 pounds but this was a reduction form 69 pounds because of the Easyjet promotion offer. You will need plenty of data such as your passport number. I am having my done at Manchester Airport where the test centre is at the train station. I want it out of the way as soon as possible. I now have a code that I can enter on the passanger locator form which I need to fill in 48 hours before my departure.
  18. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet

    And I am another. 
  19. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    I am about to book a day 2 test to be taken on my arrival at Manchester Airport. I would rather get it done there and then than have it hanging over me. Cost is about 55 pounds. Will I get it back if things change?. I doubt it.
  20. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    thanks for the link Danny Thru.  It was vey useful.
  21. a problem in my digital registration

    Prior to my arrival in Berlin , I tried to register digitally online as per requirements. All went well until I tried to upload my double vaccination certificate.  Although it is in my computer , it did not show up when I clicked on the`` upload from your computer ` button`. Plenty of other documents were displayed but not my double vaccinated certificate. How annoying. So I took a screen shot and uploaded that without any difficulty. But I want to know why I had to do this. The vaccination document had a vertical zip along its lenght and it was a scanned document. None of the other documents had this and they were all displayed for uploading. Is that a clue?
  22. PCR 2 day test in UK

    As I understand it , I will need to book a day 2 PCR test before I depart from the UK. But what happens if I do not know my return date? 
  23. PCR 2 day test in UK

    The Digital Einreiseanmeldung. When should I complete it? Is it still 48 hours before arriving?   
  24. Traveling to UK from Germany - quarantine rules

    Note that the pre departure test  has now been scrapped. This means that when you travel from Germany to England , you do not have to take a pre departure test. But you will still have to take a test within 2 days of arriving in England. Even this will change soon. NOTE THAT THIS ONLY APPLIES TO ENGLAND.  
  25. Obituary thread of notable or obscure folk: Sondheim

    R.I.P. Jimmy Greaves. Our own Gerd Müller.