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  1. Dealing with family death far away during COVID 19

    Toytown at its finest  
  2. no sound on my computer

    All of a sudden , there is no sound on my computer. This means it will not show any films or anything else with a Sound Content. All I get is a Pop up that says Es kann kein Audiogerät gefunden werden Any advice welcome Thanks
  3. no sound on my computer

    Well, thanks for all the advice. I am happy to report that I fixed it. I got into the Sound section and did something. I am not sure what I did but I am too happy to care.
  4. local GP surgeries not taking any new patients

    An informative reply. Many thanks
  5. So I need to see a doctor. I tried my 2 local general practice surgeries  but was told they are not taking any new patients for quite some time.  Is this a common problem? How best to proceed ? Thanks Colin
  6. local GP surgeries not taking any new patients

    Sound advice. I shall do this. Maybe I was just unlucky with these 2 local surgeries.i
  7. Switching banks--- any offers

    I am not happy with my present bank and so am looking to switch. Are there any offers to tempt me? I am currently with ING DIBA