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  1. buying a new computer

    My new computer is fine to watch movies on. Maybe not quite as good as my old 8gb one , but good enough. I may try to change the settings for this , but I am always afraid that I will not be able to get  back to the original settings if things go wrong
  2. Eddie Butler , the well known and highly respected Rugby Union commentator had died at the age of 65. I always enjoyed his commentaries , especially when he was with Brian Moore. The two were perfectly matched and made the game so much more enjoyable. Rugby Union has some pretty complicated rules and it was helpful to have them explained by these two.
  3. buying a new computer

    I have not yet tried to watch a movie on it. Will let you know soon.
  4. buying a new computer

    Well I finally went ahead and bought my new computer. I went for a Lenovo at 200 euros. Reduced from over 300. So far, so good. I can play chess at a decent speed and do all the simple stuff that I need. I only have 2 icons on my screen.  The internet Browser and the Waste Bin. i have never had any software like Microsoft Office. Spreadsheets and Powerpoint and the rest of it are just not for me. I am a digital disaster. I looked at a Chromebook. I see that their sales are increasing rapidly as word gets around. But I had a Lenovo before and I guess I do not like change. Nor at my age.  
  5. buying a new computer

    An excellent summary , PandaMunich. Many thanks.
  6. buying a new computer

    Good replies. Keep them coming. I especially like the above comment that `" Windows are overkill for many people ". It certainly is for me. But if all these 4 GB models are so poor , why are so many on display? Anyway , I will research Chromebook for now. But will they take a mouse?
  7. buying a new computer

    That dreadful time has come again when I have to by a new laptop. Or Notebook as they call it here.  My current one is fading fast. A bit like me. Also , Media Markt in Alexandre Platz have just reopened and there semm to be some good offers around. But what am I looking for? The salesmen turn their noses up when I look at a 4GB model at around 200 euros. They all recommend at least 8 GBs. At around 400 euros. They say that 4 GBs is not enough. But I only want to play chess online. I do not want to game or anything else. Just a simple notebook to get me e mails , play online chess and download some Netflix stuff. And it should be a small size as I need to take it abroad. Any ideas? One  salesman recommended a Chromebook, but what the hell is that? Then again , a lot of them have Windows S mode. As I understand it , this means you cannot dowload anything. Who would want that? The range of models available is confusingly wide. And each has its own specifications. How do I get thru this maze of technology?     
  8. Another impressive Aussie woman sady dies. I shall remember her for her brave stand against breast cancer. 
  9. Everything a good Aussie woman should be.
  10. Just to clarify  my  ealier post , I am a musician and I love to play The Carnival is Over on my acoustic guitar. Easy to play but a very powerful song.  
  11. I was a great fan of The Seekers. They provided a welcome relief from the musical loudness of that era . I have in my musical repetiore the excellent song The Carnival is over. She sings this song to perfection and I will play it to myself soon.
  12. New Covid rules?

    I heard something on the radio recently. It seemed to be about new Covid regulations. Can someone clarify this? The reason is that there is a Senior Chess Competition taking place in Dresden from late October to early November. Quite a few Brits will be coming and I would like to advise them in this respect. Thanks
  13. As a young teenager, I loved Star Trek. Moreover , I had a crush of  Nichelle Nichols. It never left me.
  14. Airport Chaos

    One way to reduce the problem is simply not to fly in the short term. Until things get better. I normally fly from Berlin to the Uk every summer but I am not doing do this time as I fear all this stressful chaos. Instead , I am making full use of my 9 euro wonder tivket to get about Germany. Holidayng in your  country of residence is not so bad , is it? Support that economy as it comes out of Covid. Fly abroad later on. The Uk term finishes soon and I just hope  there is not a mad rush to fly abroad.
  15. I really liked his performance in Rollerball. A good performance in a thought provoking film.