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  1. Hello again,

                                    I have lost my Handy, so cannot text you. I am Looking for a flat in Berlin, so it you hear of anything, then let m me know



  2. Simple flat required from 1st October

  3. How to fill in inert forms online. Help needed

    I will print it off, fill it in and scan it. Then e maik it back-  
  4. How to fill in inert forms online. Help needed

    it is a PDF form and does not allow me to fill it in.
  5. I have to fill in a form online. But when I try to type , Nothing happens.  I cannot enter any information. How can I Input my Information into this form? Thanks Colin
  6. Female singer/musician required

    I play acoustic guitar and sing in small bars in Berlin. People enjoy my gigs. But I feel I have gone as far as I can go with one guitar and one voice. So I am now looking for a female singer/musician to try something different. But why female and not male. Well, the vocal range is greater with this combination, especially with my limited voice. And there are some songs that sound  better when sung by a woman. E.g Jolene and Girls just wanna have fun. And all the Blondie Songs as well. I will be back in Berlin soon so let me know if you are interested. Colin
  7. Simple flat required from 1st October

    It can be short or long term. Anything over 30 square metres. And the maximum rent will be 650. Thanks
  8. WG gesucht no longer any English translation?

    I have found it. Many thanks . But why was it hidden down there when it used to be more prominent? I hate change.
  9. I have been Looking at WG-Gesucht as I am returning to Berlin soon. I cannot fing the useful Translation into English  feature that used to be there. Can anyone throw some light on this? Thanks Colin
  10. I am looking for a simple flat from the beginning of October . It can be furnished or unfurnished and anywhere in Berlin, although I would prefer the east. I am 60 something. Mature and responsible. I do not smoke. Thanks Colin
  11. no log in field on my computer

    I am using Windows 10 s
  12. no log in field on my computer

    I recently restored my computer to get rid of all the junk. Now , when I boot up, all I get is a message that says that because of a change in the security settings my pin  no longer work. And that I should change my settings. This is ok , except the no log in field no longer appears, so I cannot log in to change the settings. What should I do. Thanks Colin