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  1. Let us see if we can this meet up back on track. It was sometimes vey good to meet on a Thursday night, so let us see if the interest is still ther. The bar is Eure Kneiper. It is a good German bar. I have had some good nights there. The beer is cheap at 2,50 for 0.5. Not many English Speakers, so here is a chance to practice your German. Colin
  2. Curtains or Blinds in my new flat

    The blinds are up and I am sleeping like a Baby. Many thanks to you all. Certainly not a case of the blind leading the blind 
  3. Curtains or Blinds in my new flat

    I  went down to my local DIY and what Fraufruit says is true. It is the glass measurments that are important and not the entire window measurments. It seems the blinds I want are klemmfix or something like that. Will try my luck over the Weekend, but after the Rugby. Colin
  4. Curtains or Blinds in my new flat

    Thanks fraufruit,                             this is just what I am Looking for. But do they Keep the light out so that I can get a good nights Sleep or are they more decorative?
  5. Curtains or Blinds in my new flat

    I could, but am I allowed to make such alterations to the flal.
  6. Curtains or Blinds in my new flat

    I have just moved into an unfurnished flat. Thanks to help from Toytowners, I have sorted out the Internet Access Problems. Now I turn my Attention to the Windows. I had thought I could do without them, but I was wrong. I Need to shut the  night out in the evenings. So is it blinds or curtains? Note that  I have no drill or anyother such tool and so whatever is recommended must be "Easyfit" design.  Blinds look the better choice at the Moment. With curtains, I have to fix the curtain rod above the window, then hang the curtains and then get some tie backs, so that the curtains can be Held back from the window. Blinds look much easier. But am I missing anything? Thanks Colin
  7. No internet access in my new flat

    Sorry, an oversight on my part. However, I went to my local Vodafone shop to find out about this Gigacube. I must sign a 2 year contract and all they Need is my bank account Details and my passport. Not my residence Permit. Is this not strange? And all I have to do is put my sim Card in just once. But I only have an old dumb phone. Will the SIM from this be compatible with the Gigacube? Thanks
  8. Gigacube v Pyur

    My gut Feeling is Gigacube, as I do move around a lot.
  9. No internet access in my new flat

    But Maybe there is another Option. My device Shows 2 PYUR Connections. What is PYUR? Do I Need  all the stuff that may go with it? E.g. router. And I am Pretty sure there is no phone Access in my new flat.  Is PYUR an option Thanks Colin
  10. Gigacube v Pyur

    I have no internet Access in my flat at the Moment. After some Research, i seem to have 2 options One is to buy a Gigacube so that I can Access a vodafone hotspot. But an alternative sems to be a new kid on the block. PYUR. My new flat does not have any wlan Box or router  and I am Pretty sure it does not have telephone Access. So is PYUR a viable Option? Thanks Colin
  11. No internet access in my new flat

    Thanks for the advice. I will look at buying a gigacube tomorrow
  12. Simple flat required from 1st October

    Hi,      not at the Moment. But thanks anyway
  13. No internet access in my new flat

    My new flat has no Internet Access. Normally, in These situations, I use a Vodafone hotspot, but there aren`t any. At least according to my Laptop. Any suggestions? I am Looking at free wi fi Access. The name Freifunk is coming up a lot in my searches What is this and how can I Access it. I live in Möllendorf Strasse. A bit far out and with plenty of high rise blocks. Would this affect reception? Thanks
  14. How to get clips of me playing acoustic guitar

    I hope you don't mean shoot me in the literal sense. I am not that bad. At least not yet.
  15. So I would like to get some gigs here in Berlin. Many bars ask to see a few clips of me playing. I don't have them at the Moment. How do I get these clips? Get someone to film me and put it on you tube? Or is there something better? Thanks Colin