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  1. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    What is the latets on this 9 euro Berlin ticket? Do I need additional documentation? What are the catches?
  2. International schools in Berlin

    What syllabuses do you want them to follow. IB? Arbitur? UK?
  3. International schools in Berlin

    Do you want your kids to  study in German or English?
  4. Darmspiegelung - colonoscopy

    I had a colonoscopy recently. I did not opt for the sedative as I wanted to watch everything and be in control as much as possible should anything go wrong. One polyp was found and a biopsy was taken and I am now waiting for the result before they decide on the best way to remove it. This means having a secong op, going on the diet again and taking that damm laxative that goes straight thru you. This is far worse than the actual operation.
  5. Can anyone recommend a vnp?

    I will not be  continuing with my VPN quest. Too damm complicated. I will remain contented with the BBC World Service. There are some good programms and it is so relaxing to listen to the radio and give my eyes a rest. A good examle is  The Force of Google in which the dubious practices of Google are explored such as directing searches to their own products.
  6. Can anyone recommend a vnp?

    Thanks for all the info. Would a VPN give me additional benefits? A while ago ,somebody got into my betting account and squandered the lot on silly casino bets. Would a VNP prevent this?
  7. Can anyone recommend a vnp?

    I would like to access stuff like the bbc iplayer. At the moment I cannot do this , but with a VNP I should. So if anyone can recommend one , I would be grateful. As long as it is not illegal.   
  8. how to print my British Airways ticket

    I agree  that I have been given excellent support from Toytowners  e.g Panda Munich. I will never let them take her back to China.
  9. how to print my British Airways ticket

    It is curious indeed. What is wrong with an industry wide standard? Anyhow , I am pleased to tell you all that I ckecked in OK  and printed my boarding pass off. But I had to take a screen shot  and do it that way as it was not obvious how to save it in a PDF form. It should do. 
  10. how to print my British Airways ticket

    So typical of Ryanair. I avoid them where at all possible
  11. how to print my British Airways ticket

    I booked my return ticket recently. I went with EasyJet this time and did it all in a few minutes. From booking the flight to printing the ticket took less than 15 minutes . Why can`t all airlines offer this? Why insisit on checking in inside 24 hours of departure.  If things go wrong , there is not much time to fix them. E.g. my computer screen died a few months ago and it took well over 24 hours to get a a new one fitted. What if this had happened at just the wrong moment?
  12. Obituary thread of notable or obscure folk: Cindy Williams

    Kirstie Alley made me laugh a great deal as did all those great characters from Cheers. I can still watch it now and have a good chuckle, It must have been a hard act to follow Shelly Long , but she did it wonderfully well.
  13. how to print my British Airways ticket

    Step 1 complete. Did the  advance passanger info today. I will follow LeonGs advice and get my ticket printed before going to the airport. If that does not work , then I can always get another one at the airport.  
  14. how to print my British Airways ticket

    Honestly , as long as I am on the plane , I do not care about what seat I have.
  15. how to print my British Airways ticket

    I do not have a printer , interner access or a TV at home , but I can use the library to print out the boarding pass before I travel to the airport. This would make me feel a lt better. I really do no.t like going to the airport without a boarding pass already in my hand. Especially when I remember the British Airways terminal 5 opening fiasco of a few years ago. But the boarding pass issued at the airport is a solid chunk of material , rather than the flimy A4 from the printer.