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  1. Shall I take Statins?

    I was very active as a younger man and I always feel I have a resovoir of fitness I can tap into if needed. I did a marathon in just over 3 hours and still had plenty left in the tank. It is the diet that is the cause of the problem. Time to switch to oily fish and that legendary Mediterranean diet. Off to buy a grater now for the carrots.
  2. Shall I take Statins?

    And sometiimes I sit in the sauna surronded by naked women. That is probably why my cholesterol is high
  3. Shall I take Statins?

    When I go to the Gym , I vary my workout. Sometimes Cardiovascular such as the rowing machine. Sometimes I use the  weights machines and sometimes I use my dumbells at home.
  4. Shall I take Statins?

    My exercise regime is good. I go to my Gym several times a week. My diet could be improved. So I am going to give myself 6 months until my next check up to get my Cholesterol down by changing my diet.  If there is no change then I will take the pills. Out with the red meat and in with jacket potatoes. Fillings will be Tuna fish or baked beans.But not cheese.  
  5. Shall I take Statins?

    After a recent health check , my doctor told me my Cholesterol level was 17 %  and at the age of 67 , this was a little too high. So he reommeneded some Statin pills. I am reluctant to accept this as there has been some bad publicity about these Statins and their side effects. Nor have I ever been fond of taking pills. I am now looking at natural ways to get my Cjolesterol level down. Any advice welcome.
  6. Passanger Locator Form Dublin to Berlin

    Thanks for all the replies. I returned to Berlin from Dublin without any problem. Aerlingus were just being overly cautious. And I did not have to show any Covid docmentation either.
  7. I will be flying fron Dblin to Berlin soon. Aerlingus seem to think I need a Pasanget Locator Form , but a few German sites think not. Who is right? Thanks
  8. taxed on my small german pension

    I get a  German pension of 43 euros a month. To my great suprise, I got 3 letters which were sent to my UK address. They were for 3  previous tax years and I had to pay tax on my small German pension. I had thought that since my pension was so small and I have no other income in Germany , that I would not be liable for tax. I guess I was wrong. Can I claim this tax back? 
  9. Loving my new Irish passport

    My Mum was English and my Dad was Irish. I could only feel really comfortable with these 2 passports. Yet many of my British friends have gone for German passports and / or citizenship. Good luck to them but its not fro me.
  10. Converting UK covid pass to German

    I  only have an Irish passport and not anything else.
  11. Converting UK covid pass to German

    A good idea , but will it scan? There is only one way to find out.
  12. Converting UK covid pass to German

    Yes it is, except I have to carry my passport around all the time in case I have to verify myself. I do not like this as it is a valuable document and I am always worried about losing it.
  13. Converting UK covid pass to German

    I had been in the UK for some time. During that time I had my 3 jabs. Now that I am back in Berlin , it is getting a hassle when I go out and about as my 3  UK barcodes are not scanning here in Berlin. Why should they? Some places are very lax about checking and others are very strict. Just yesterday I had to do an on the spot covid test before I got into the bar. So I went to my local chemist and explained the situation, that I wanted a German version of my UK covid pass. He understood at once. He went away and soon came back with 3 a4 bits of paper , folded into quarters with a barcode on the  leading edge. I tried the most recent one today and it worked perfectly. So no more on the spot tests for me 
  14. Musical instrument for 7 year old

    How about a choir? Singing is a wonderful activity. Just look at the Welsh rugby crowd when they sing their National Anthem when playing at home.  One of the finest sights in sport.
  15. Loving my new Irish passport

    Wow. This is very useful , if most unwelcome news.