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  1. no sound on my computer

    Well, thanks for all the advice. I am happy to report that I fixed it. I got into the Sound section and did something. I am not sure what I did but I am too happy to care.
  2. no sound on my computer

    All of a sudden , there is no sound on my computer. This means it will not show any films or anything else with a Sound Content. All I get is a Pop up that says Es kann kein Audiogerät gefunden werden Any advice welcome Thanks
  3. local GP surgeries not taking any new patients

    An informative reply. Many thanks
  4. local GP surgeries not taking any new patients

    Sound advice. I shall do this. Maybe I was just unlucky with these 2 local surgeries.i
  5. So I need to see a doctor. I tried my 2 local general practice surgeries  but was told they are not taking any new patients for quite some time.  Is this a common problem? How best to proceed ? Thanks Colin
  6. Oh my God ! All the Berlin libraries have shut for many weeks. What am I going to do? I go to the library every day , apart from Sunday. I have no Internet access at home. So where can I surf at no cost and in comfort?  I will never eat Chinese again. Colin
  7. Switching banks--- any offers

    I am not happy with my present bank and so am looking to switch. Are there any offers to tempt me? I am currently with ING DIBA