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  1. Getting my pension. And medical insurance?

    I am getting an early Pension. I was told I could get my Pension a few years early, if I took a lower sum. This was one of the easiest decisions of my life.
  2. Getting my pension. And medical insurance?

    Just turned 63. Got 40 euros a month Pension. I only worked here for a year. A nice Supplement. But do I have to carry on paying  for my medical insurance or is this, as my german friends suggest, covered by the Pension? This is important, as I do not wish to be without medical insurance in Germany. Thanks
  3. Lets meet at this Pub on Thursday 1st Feb at 8.30. It is a very friendly Pub. And a very German Pub. A pint is only 2.50 It is my local bar abd I have had many good times there. Colin
  4. Berlin Creatives Meetup: Jan 11, 2018

    between 9 and 9.30
  5. Berlin Creatives Meetup: Jan 11, 2018

    I hope to be there Colin
  6. how to save stuff on IE 11

    But maybe I can download IE 11.??
  7. how to save stuff on IE 11

    And now I have discovered that Edge has 'no save' option Looks like I am not working offline.
  8. how to save stuff on IE 11

    My browser is actually Microsoft Edge. I had incorrectly assumed it was IE 11: this error could explain a lot
  9. how to save stuff on IE 11

    Not with Windows 10 S
  10. how to save stuff on IE 11

    The rest of your post is difficult to understand.
  11. how to save stuff on IE 11

    Why only IE 11? Because when I bought my Computer, it has Windows10 S: this means that I canot download any other browser and am stuck with IE 11 Bummer
  12. how to save stuff on IE 11

    I Need to work offline soemtimes. Therefore, I Need to save stuff when I am online. I only have Internet Explorer 11. I just cannot seem to save anything. I have checked on the Internet but have got nowhere. E.g. they say click on the gear Symbol to beginn with. But there is no gear Symbol. Any advice gratefully acepted
  13. Universal Christmas Carols

    well said. The tune is everything for These wonderful Songs.  
  14. Universal Christmas Carols

    Thanks for the replies I shall learn  Oh come all ye faithful just in case I Need to sing a few carols in the next 2 weeks Colin
  15. Universal Christmas Carols

    I am looking for Christmas Carols that are well known in both German and English. A good example would be Silent Night/ Stille Nacht.  Thanks