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  1. Euro 2020 and 2021

    I have watching the French Open recently. So far , it has been better viewing than the Euros. Nadal v Jokovic was brilliant. None of the soccer games have been memorable thus far . But the French Open finishes today and so I will give more time to the soccer. Let us hope for some more adventurous play. England v Scotland will be a must.
  2. Anyone ever cried leaving a foreign place?

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder
  3. What is the best achievement in your life?

    Giving blood for many years.  I was especially welcome as I was a  universal donor. I remember getting small certificates as I passed  various numbers. E, g,10 donations, 20, and so on. Looking around me when I was donating , I saw all manner of people doing the same without fuss or bother, A group of unsung heros of which I was lucky to be one. My faith in humanity wes refreshed. We were saving lives. Yet I am not allowed to donate in Germany as I was in the UK at the time of Jacob Kruezfeld  disease .  This is a matter of regret.
  4. UK to Germany travel

    That may be so , but there are not any border checks with the train.  But there may be another problem. I could get permission from Eurostar to travel from London to Brussels and then get refused boarding a DB train from there to Berlin.
  5. UK to Germany travel

    The NHS are going to send me a paper copy of  my vaccination status. Lets hope this will do. It will contain all the data such as batch numbers.
  6. UK to Germany travel

    Should I fly or take the train when I eventually try to return to Berlin? Which gives the best chance? 
  7. UK to Germany travel

    So it seems that the EU have agreed to digital proof of vaccination. This may make it easier to travel to Germany. Except I do not have a smart phone . Was there no metion of a paper equivalent?
  8. Quick PCR Test (<24 h)

     Some airlines offer these tests.
  9. Not really missing alcohol

    The cast iron test for me will be when I return to Berlin. Imagine a warm summers evening in a lovely beergarden. How could I not order a Kristallen with its lovely colour....
  10. Quick PCR Test (<24 h)

    It is a problem. Good luck with this and let me know how it goes as I will soon be in the same boat
  11. Not really missing alcohol

    Recently the English pubs have begun serving alcohol indoors. Before this , they could only serve outdoors.  Am I tempted to go in and have a beer? After many months of abstinence? No. I have got out of the habit of drinking and I see no reason to return. Maybe when I eventually get back to Berlin.
  12. UK to Germany travel

    Thanks for the warning about the Indian variant. I already knew but I appreciate the effort. Back to square one.
  13. UK to Germany travel

  14. UK to Germany travel

  15. UK to Germany travel

    Look under Current information for travellers. Dated 12.05.2021