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  1. where in Berlin can I buy a Mothers Day card

    Many thanks for all the advice
  2. Any advice? I can go online of course, but I am old fashioned. I want to have a choice right in front of me. Thanks Colin
  3. small leak from my toilet onto the floor

    There is some sort of  turnable wheel which looks like it controls the water pressure. I will give it a go.
  4. So as I flush the toilet a small amount of water leaks from the cistern onto the floor. I took the lid off and flushed the toilet to see what was happening. As the water flows powerfully into the cistern it hits the back wall of the cistern and some of the stream goes up the wall and over the edge, down the outside of the cistern and onto the floor and makes a small puddle. How to solve this without getting an expensive plumber in? I am looking at making a good seal between the lid and the wall of the cistern, thus directing all the water flow into the cistern. Any other ideas would be helpful. Thanks Colin
  5. cannot find stopcock

    It is possible that the stopcock is near the water meter. But the water meter is in a sealed cupboard that only the meter men can access. So can I get a key for this cupboard? It is not a normal key, but rather a larger key with a triangular bit at the end.
  6. cannot find stopcock

    will do
  7. cannot find stopcock

    Some sound advice. Time to get some insurance. What policy shall I look for?
  8. cannot find stopcock

    I will contact the landlord and suggest he installs one. Relatively straight forward I hope. And then I have done my bit.  
  9. cannot find stopcock

    The is in the former east and may have been superficially modernised. So here is nothing I can do in the event of a leak? I live on the 6th Floor. A leak would be a nightmare.  
  10. cannot find stopcock

    Yes, I did check the kitchen, but no luck. 
  11. cannot find stopcock

    The flat sems to be fairly modern. It is part of the massive WG Li housing estate. There is a smaller knob with a blue spot on it, but this is in the closed Position already. And when I turn it on, water flows out of the nearby  pipe.
  12. cannot find stopcock

    I recently moved into a flat. I cannot find the stopcock. This is a device that controls the flow of water into the flat. I am going away soon and I would like to turn the stopcock off, just as a precaution. But I cannot find it.  In all my other flats, it has been easy to find. Normally in the bathroom. A large knob with a blue spot on it. But not here. The landlord does not seem to know either. Any advice? Can I take out some Kind of insurance to cover me? Thanks Colin
  13. How can I tell if a document is in PDF form

    Thanks for all the advice. I sent my online bank Statement to my e mail account and it was fine.  So I guess the Statement was in pdf form after all.
  14. I Need to Show proof of address. One way is to send them bank Statements. But they say These must be in PDF form. So how do I know if my Statements are in PDF from. If not. then how do I convert them? Thanks Colin
  15. Curtains or Blinds in my new flat

    Has this thread run ist Course? Is it curtains for this thread?