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  1. Import Duty On PCs

    I "need" a new PC.  Previously, I have purchased my PCs from Quiet PC in England.  In these post Brexit times such a purchase will probably attract German VAT and import duties which might make Quiet PC uncompetitive.  Because of this I am minded to use an EU based supplier.  Before I close the door on Quiet PC, can anyone here tell me what the additional costs would be?  All help (and ridicule) gratefully received.  
  2. Import Duty On PCs

    Thanks.  I spoke to the sales department at Quiet PC.  There is a product information site for foreign prospects but an EU presence.   Sorry big typo "but an EU presence" should say "but no EU presence".  I D I O T !.    
  3. Import Duty On PCs

    Thanks.  I spoke to the sales department at Quiet PC.  There is a product information site for foreign prospects but an EU presence.
  4. The "why it is difficult to leave" thread

    Seconded.  For me having two screens works better than I ever though it would.  If/when I buy a Windows 11 machine I'll seriously consider three screens!  
  5. Death of Gerd Müller

    One of my overriding memories of him is the "phantom" goal he scored in the 1974 World Cup Final.  The "goal" was disallowed because, at the time, everyone agreed it was off-side.  Subsequent slow-motion analysis proved, conclusively, that he was on-side and that the goal should have stood.  This "goal" was a vivid demonstration of Muller's unparalleled reading of the game.  Fortunately, the error did not affect the result.  If I remember correctly the referee was English (Jack Taylor).  RIP Der Bomber!
  6. Euro 2020 and 2021

    In 2000 I went to Nashville to "enjoy" a party celebrating Superbowl XXXIV.  I have seldom been as bored.  It seemed to me that a match lasts for hours (and hours and hours) and is an iteration of six seconds of action followed by an AGM.  The experience strengthened my resolve to only using the word football when discussing Association Football, which is a game played with foot and ball (there's a clue is in the name).  American Football is essentially a game played with hand and ball.  The obvious name for games of this sort has already been taken! 
  7. Do I need an architect?

    This thread is very interesting for me.  I'm just (today) starting a search for an architect.  His first job will be to produce a floor plan of the property as it stands.  I'll let you know how I get on.  
  8. Secular Funerals in Germany

    Recently I have attended two secular funeral services:  one was held in a community Friedhof and one was held in a Ruheforst.  The common factor was that both services were conducted by robed Roman Catholic priests.  I cannot remember any funeral service in Germany not being performed by a priest.  Is this the law?  Must all funerals be conducted by a priest?  If so, are Hindu and Muslim priests, for example, "licensed" to perform funerals?    I've been here long enough to feel I should know this.  If we didn't have lock-down I would ask the guys in the pub this evening!
  9. Do younger adults use forum?

      You have become your Grandfather!  
  10. What is the best achievement in your life?

    "I've  been making fun here.   The best thing I ever did in my life was going to visit the young man in prison who killed my son as a drunk driver and forgiving him face to face. He never intended to do it.   It saved me from living in anger the rest of my life."   fraufruit: That's one of the most amazing things I've here heard.  I am speechless in admiration.
  11.   You might also say "you work for Apple".