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  1. German Kitchen Appliances in the USA

    I support what Space Cowboy says.  I remember in the early days of IBM Pcs (gee, I'm old) it was possible to run American spec models(the only ones available) in Europe with a transformer.  Unfortunately the pc clocks wouldn't keep accurate time!
  2. How to watch BBC and other English TV channels

    I've had an email from ExpressVPN which says "we believe the BBC outage is now resolved. You may connect to any of our UK server locations to stream live and VOD content on BBC’s iPlayer".   "
  3. How to watch BBC and other English TV channels

      Agreed keith2011.  My subscription is due for renewal next month.  I'll probably renew anyway as BBC access is not a big thing for me, but I would advise anyone wanting BBC to think very carefully before signing up with ExpressVPN.  It's a pity, because in every other respect ExpressVPN's service is great.
  4. Is it normal to deduct VAT *before* charging commission?

    DoubleDTown:  That's a great explanation.  Well done!
  5. I second LukeSkywalker's idea.   My friends spoil my cat whenever I'm away and, of course, take care of the mail and water the plants.