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  1. Streaming Laws in 2019

      I refer my learned friend to the earlier comment by BayrischDude.
  2. Powerline recommendations

      No, I mean 1220E.  I omitted to mention that the Firestick connects to the 1220E via a UGREEN Ethernet adaptor.
  3. Powerline recommendations

    My need is not quite the same as that of the original poster, so my experience might not be relevant and might not help. My Internet connection is only 16Mbps (due to be upgraded to 50 Mbps in two days time).  I use a Fritz!Box 7330 router.  In addition I use a a Linksys WRT3200ACM router which runs a VPN (ExpressVPN).  All my devices use the VPN.  My effective Internet speed is about 11 Mbps. I have two Amazon Firesticks which I use for IPTV.  One of the Firesticks is connected to the VPN by WiFi, the other is connected via a Fritz!Powerline 1220E.  In my office there are two pcs, both connected by a single Fritz!Powerline 1220E.  We have a few other WiFi devices (Smartphones, tablets etc).  I reboot all the hardware every morning. The setup is sufficient to support two simultaneous IPTV connection or any other combination of devices we have tried. Hope this helps.  
  4. FFS

    Bad luck rodisi.    Purely out of interest, what is it that TTers find unavailable or too expensive here?  My list starts with Strongbow, although I suspect she who must be obeyed has other priorities.
  5. Anyone flying British Airways from 1st May? Need a favour!

    I will be flying  from LUX to LHR soon.  If I go BA I'll certainly get a jar for your daughter.  Incidentally, I hate Marmite!  I've also messaged some friends who work at LHR.
  6. Possible Scam (Theft) Alert

    Thanks guys.  I have already contacted the Bank.  BTW: I was not actually seeking advice (although I'm always grateful for it).  My intention was purely to alert others to KAD.
  7. Possible Scam (Theft) Alert

    This morning I discovered that one of my German bank accounts has been hit for 0.50 (fifty cents).  The description is against the charge is DONATE KAD EXTRACT.  I was not expecting the charge and do not believe I authorised it.  There is a web site which looks American and seems to be supporting victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, sex trafficking child abuse or hate crimes.  It seems suspicious to my cynical eye.
  8. Lists of typical German mistakes in English?

    I've also been teaching English here for about ten years and my experiences are very similar to yours (especially the pronunciation of clothes).    As I live in the heart of the Moselle wine area I encounter one other trait:  I am conducting a one man campaign to persuade those working in the wine industry to translate "halbtrocken" to "medium dry" rather than "half dry".  So far I have had very little success!
  9. Used Motorcycle Values

    Thanks for the link.   BTW: I've been to the Alps on both these bikes (and others)  many, many times.
  10. Used Motorcycle Values

    I am thinking of selling one or both of my British registered motorcycles and wondered if anyone here can point me to a site that would help me find out the current German market values. On the off-chance that anyone here is interested in either of the bikes, they are:  1) 1995 BMW K1100RS; 2) 2008 BMW R1200GS Adventure.
  11. S1 Health Insurance and Brexit Questions

    The NHS is funded from the total government income and borrowing.  National Insurance is just a tax and is sort of earmarked for things like pensions.  Further details here
  12. S1 Health Insurance and Brexit Questions

      My understanding is that there is no connection between national insurance contributions and health care.
  13. S1 Health Insurance and Brexit Questions

      Quite right Kommentarlos.  Remiss if me not to also thank john.
  14. S1 Health Insurance and Brexit Questions

    2B:  What a great reply.  Well done and thank you.
  15. S1 Health Insurance and Brexit Questions

    While the OP's queries, concerns status etc. have indeed been addressed in many threads and posts I don't think we yet have a complete answer on his worry about S1 health insurance post Brexit.    If I am wrong I will be very happy to be corrected!