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  1. Do Police sign forms in Germany

    I agree with Bramble.  On the one occasion I need this my local Bürgermeister obliged (no charge).  He told me that he often gets requests like this.
  2. Looking for a (Native) English tutor in Trier

    Hello stardust I am not a good fit for your preferences, for several reasons:  1) I am a 72 year old male;  2) I’m not sure I could spend two hours playing constructively with an 11 year old girl;  3) I live about 25 km from Trier. On the other hand, I am a native English speaker and I have experience helping schoolchildren with their English.  Three of my former pupils had German as a second language (Polish, Dutch and Arabic being their first languages).  One of my former pupils, the Polish boy, has just passed his football referee exams in English. I suggest that if after a month or so you haven’t found a better fit you can contact me and we’ll see if I can help. Best of luck with you search.
  3. Even after all these years, I still...

      The implication that one cannot understand what one has not experienced seems flawed to me.  I understand:  Abuse of children;  Rape;  The Holocaust;  Racial prejudice;  Homosexuality.  None of these things happened to me.  Actually, after I wrote this I remembered that I have experienced some (very mild) racial and sexual discrimination.  The racial discrimination did not bother me but the sexual discrimination annoyed me intensely.
  4. Even after all these years, I still...

    I'll turn this round and tell you about the things that catch me out whenever I return to the UK (which is about once every two years, and then for only a day or two).  I sure as hell cannot get used to paying for my beer when i order it.  Also, I am sometimes surprised to find other customers in a supermarket speaking English to each other.  Go figure!
  5. English people in Bitburg?

    I know this isn't quite what you asked but I thought I would share my experience just in case it's useful.  I live about an hour away from Spangdahlem and Bitburg.  I often drop in to cafes or restaurants in the general Bitburg area when I'm out for a motorbike ride.  It seems that almost everyone I meet speaks English.  I don't recall the noise from the planes being a problem.
  6. True Confessions

    John, your music story struck a chord.  Two of my German friends report that they were both, independently, motivated to learn English because they needed to understand the Beatles.  It looks as if 60s music made a bigger contribution to culture than we realised.
  7. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    Thanks for the update John.  I guess it's progress.  We're all pulling for you.
  8. Under UK law an insurance policy falls under the doctrine of "Utmost Good Faith".  Given that most would feel that it is not advisable to withhold information that the other party (the insurance company) would (or might) have wanted to know.
  9. About the employment situation in the city

    No I was not being sarcastic.   I repeat, your experience does not match mine.  I recognise that, almost certainly, neither of us has a large enough sample in our experience pool to form a definitive conclusion.    Further, your claim about being SW developers being "probably the most autistic professional group" is clearly hyperbole, at best, or absolute twaddle, at worst, UNLESS YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE OF EVERY PROFESSIONAL GROUP.  
  10. The English Teacher's Corner

      So often changed by misuse!.
  11. About the employment situation in the city

      This doesn't match my experience.
  12. I have a Linksys WRT 3200ACM router running ExpressVPN firmware connected to a 1 und 1 supplied Fritz!Box 7530 router.  The setup has functioned well for months.  Two nights ago the Fritz!Box software was upgraded from version 7.12 to version 7.13.   Since the upgrade the Internet connection continually drops.  Connections last from a few minutes to a maximum of about an hour.  According to 1 und 1 support the most recent loss of service was caused by the router logging out due to an NAS Request.  Removing the Linksys router from the setup, and thus removing the protection of a VPN, cures the problem.   Has anyone else had a similar problem?
  13. Telekom IP address changes every day

      Sometimes not even that accurate/reliable.  I recently noticed that a UK based VPN server I was using was reported as being in the Netherlands by some Geolocation services (and in London by some others).
  14. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    Best of luck John.  Thumbs pressed AND Fingers crossed (and that's really difficult to do at my age).  Looking forward to good news from you.
  15. The English Teacher's Corner

      Agreed, and it prompts a question:  How long before a misuse of language becomes correct usage?  This is more pertinent to English than some languages because English does not have a body which prescribes the correct form.  My favourite example is the word "methodology" which used to mean the science or study of method.  Through forty years or more of misuse it came to have two additional meanings 1) A way of doing things ("a method") ;  2) A collection of methods.