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  1. This neverending lockdown has given me the blues...

    Thanks for the link.  I enjoyed the video.  Fun dogs (and the music's not bad).  Well done!    
  2. Are there WISPs (Wireless ISPs) in BaWü?

    A few years ago O2 were offering a wireless Internet service.  I tried it, but it was not as good as the poor traditional alternative available to me at the time.  The problem seemed to be my location rather than the service itself.  I have no idea if the O2 service, or anything similar, is still available.   I don't wish to gloat, but fibre-optic (not sure whether that should be one word, two words or a hyphenated word) cable was laid in the village a couple of years ago and now we we enjoy excellent 21st. century service, albeit at a price.   Good luck with your search.  
  3. Importing Motorcycles From The UK

    Thanks for the info Spider.  I don't like what you're telling me, but it is what I expected/feared.  Anyway, I don't believe in shooting the Messenger.  Serves me right for not importing them last year when the UK was still in the EU!      In answer to the query:  BMW K1100RS and BMW R1200RS Adventure.
  4. Importing Motorcycles From The UK

    I have two UK motorcycles which I would like to import to Germany.  They are already here, in my garage.  In this post Brexit world world does anyone out there know if importing them would incur import duties.  
  5. Have you ever wondered...

      In the 1960s British Airways had 3 large IBM 360 computers (model 65, I think) that were referred to as the blue one, the red one and the yellow one.  So, at least one yellow sale!
  6. Have you ever wondered...

    Sorry space Cowboy, you are completely wrong.  The IBM 360 range was available in blue, yellow and red.  Blue was the default.  Red and yellow were available to special order.  I don't know the figures but I would hazard a guess that way over 50% of the 360s ever built were blue.   I think, but cannot be sure, that the second generation 1401,1440 etc. were also usually blue.  I'm happy to be corrected on this point.
  7. Buying a house without realtor

    This is In response to the original post,   I have twice bought, and once sold, property without the assistance of a realtor.  For all three transactions, contractual matters were handled by the Notar without any problem.  On another occasion I managed the sale of a property I did not own, acting as an agent for the UK Executor of a deceased friend's estate.  For that sale I used a realtor who provided excellent service.  The beneficiaries of the UK Will and I were all pleased with the realtor's service and were happy to pay his fee. 
  8. German Kitchen Appliances in the USA

    I support what Space Cowboy says.  I remember in the early days of IBM Pcs (gee, I'm old) it was possible to run American spec models(the only ones available) in Europe with a transformer.  Unfortunately the pc clocks wouldn't keep accurate time!
  9. How to watch BBC and other English TV channels

    I've had an email from ExpressVPN which says "we believe the BBC outage is now resolved. You may connect to any of our UK server locations to stream live and VOD content on BBC’s iPlayer".   "
  10. How to watch BBC and other English TV channels

      Agreed keith2011.  My subscription is due for renewal next month.  I'll probably renew anyway as BBC access is not a big thing for me, but I would advise anyone wanting BBC to think very carefully before signing up with ExpressVPN.  It's a pity, because in every other respect ExpressVPN's service is great.