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  1. cable bundle in Germany

    Kimla:  Could you set them up with IPTV?  Many cheap packages providing lots of English language channels are available.  PM me if you need details.
  2. British Citizens Rights No Deal Brexit

    Thank you for this ktanner.    Here in RLP it seems the position is a bit different.  This morning I received this mail from  the very helpful lady in our local Kreisverwaltung:   momentan müssen Sie noch nicht tätig werden, wir warten zunächst ab, wann und in welcher Form (geregelt oder ungeregelt) der Brexit stattfinden wird. Wir werden Sie dann unaufgefordert anschreiben und Ihnen die notwendigen Informationen zukommen lassen.   Gerne verweise ich auch auf unsere allgemeinen Informationen zum Brexit auf unserer Homepage:
  3. MS Office Home and Student 2019 info required

    mgr:  I have no experience of Toucan.  I have used Macrium Reflect and EaseUS To Do.  Both are easy to use and work well.
  4. MS Office Home and Student 2019 info required

    Seeking:  I really don't wish to sound like a smart ass but you have learned a valuable lesson: BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP.  Many users like to take a backup every day.  That might seem like overkill for you, but the process is easy to automate.  If you are not taking frequent backups to an external source you are living dangerously.
  5. Previous owner feels he can enter my home

      Of course you are correct Tap, although in my experience the British people who don't get it are usually, if not always, English!  
  6. Previous owner feels he can enter my home

    I've had this a zillion times, often followed by something like "Well, Wales is a part of England".  Even teachers of English seem unable to grasp the picture.  I had one English teacher ask why Wales and England are different colours on a map!  If I can be bothered to explain I usually draw parallels between:  Bavaria and England,  Germany and the United Kingdom;  Wales and some smaller random German state.  I don't know one German who doesn't believe that Mrs. May is the Prime Minister of England!     There are exceptions though.  Last summer a total stranger approached and asked, in German, if I was Welsh .  When I said yes he than proceeded to talk, in good English, very knowledgeably about Welsh history (including pronouncing Llangollen correctly).  Turns out he was a historian on holiday in the village and had seen the Welsh flag on my terrace.  
  7. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Susie:  I have been told the same thing by my local Kreisverwaltung!  Best of luck.
  8. Registering S1 certificate in Frankfurt

      John, on a (very) small sample (one meeting with each company) my experience is the opposite:  A charming lady from TK couldn't / wouldn't / didn't speak English;  The equally pleasant man at AOK spoke almost perfect English, certainly better than my German.   I found both as helpful as they could be at this stage of the Brexit game, and I got the information I need from both of them.    Just to make it clear to the Integration Police on here, I do not expect local officials to speak English - I know we are in Germany! 
  9. Registration & healthcare HELP!

      I understand your annoyance/frustration, but please don't let one dickhead deter you. There are people on here who appreciate your contributions.
  10. How can I tell if a document is in PDF form

    If you are using a Windows 10 computer you have a "printer" named "Microsoft Print to PDF".  It does just what it says on the tin:  Use it as the printer for any document you need in pdf form.  I can't recall when "Microsoft Print to PDF" was introduced but if you using a version of Windows without it you can use CutePDF Writer (available for free here  I am sure other members can provide similar solutions for non Windows computers.o
  11. Valentine's day gift idea

    I agree with snowingagain.  The idea of a thank you gift is nice, but a Valentine's Day theme makes it fraught with hazard.
  12. Tax Refund

      Good idea Ture.  Thank you.  Why didn't I think of that (especially as I have two screens).  
  13. Tax Refund

      This is a good tip Welshjo.  However there is one point users might need to be aware of.  If you wish to submit information via a page that you have translated you sometimes need to reset the page to the original text before doing so.
  14. Access Netflix TV shows and Movies

    I can endorse the good reports about ExpressVPN.  I have no experience with NETFLIX, but I use the BBC occasionally.   From time to time the BBC catches up with the IP address I am using and blocks access  When happens I merely need to select another server/ location/IP address from those offered by ExpressVPN.  The ExpressVPN help desk has always been able to point me at a server/location/IP address that works.  
  15. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    I can't believe I've only just seen this thread.  It must have been a worrying time for you and yours.  Great news that it seems to be looking good (please excuse the pun).    Thanks for your many helpful contributions to this forum.