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  1. Is it normal to deduct VAT *before* charging commission?

    DoubleDTown:  That's a great explanation.  Well done!
  2. I second LukeSkywalker's idea.   My friends spoil my cat whenever I'm away and, of course, take care of the mail and water the plants.
  3. Don't forget the old adage "The best thing on four wheels is two motorcycles"!
  4. "Oh, and stay away from french cars, they are good value for the money, but after 4 years they start falling apart, especially electrical system".  If this is true, I wish I had known it before I bought a Renault! 
  5. Freelancing- Should I or na

    Thanks evildudette (my favourite user name) for your explanation.
  6. Freelancing- Should I or na

    I'm sorry that I cannot add anything constructive to this topic, but I do have a query:  How does €400 per month for 16 hours per week come to €6.25 per hour?  €400 per month is €4800 per annum;  16 hours per week is 832 hours per annum.  I make this about €5.77 per hour.   Please note  I am not in the German labour market, but my German friends assure me that the four week income period is no longer in common use.  Indeed one of my friends was quite disparaging about its antiquity.  Having said this I notice that the British government is now paying the state pension at a four-weekly interval (i.e. 13 times a year).
  7. The English Teacher's Corner

    Thanks for your input Metall.    Immediately after the class I made a post on Facebook asking for the views of my German friends.  The general, but not unanimous, consensus was that there was no single German word that could be used and that "sind Wichtig" was as close as we could get.  Other suggestions included "Es kommt auf schwarze Leben an", "ebenfall bedeutsam" and "bedeutend".    It helps demonstrate that translation is often not an exact science!
  8. The English Teacher's Corner

    We had an interesting discussion in a recent English language class. The German students wanted a translation for the English word "Matter" as used in "Black Lives Matter". I kicked this around for a while, and eventually discarded the literal translation "Schwarze Leben Zählen" (black lives count) because my feeling is that distorts or loses the true meaning of the phrase. I couldn't find a single word that seems to convey the true meaning. I settled on I settled on "Schwarze Leben Sind Wichtig" (Black Lives Are Important).
  9. Buying A Bicycle

    After all your helpful advice, including helpful messages from easytodraw, I ended up purchasing a Cube Touring One for €599 from my local dealer.  So far I'm very pleased with it.  The spec is amazing to an old fogey like me:  Hydraulic disks on a bike - whatever next?  They will be fitting electric motors next!  I'm also pleased with the service from the dealer, Fun Bike Team of Bernkastel-Kueus (, although I was as bit disappointed they wouldn't take a card in payment.  I thought the Covid-19 crisis had finally dragged Germany into the 20th. Century!
  10. Buying A Bicycle

    Thanks for all the information guys - it's been a great help.  
  11. Buying A Bicycle

    sobyrne: Many thanks for the info about the use of the Zündapp name.  Further investigation reveals that Zündapp bicycles are made in China.
  12. Buying A Bicycle

    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen   My 25 year old bicycle needs replacing and I would appreciate a few pointers about the modern bicycle market in Germany.   I am seeking a bike to enable me to cycle say 30 to 50 kilometres three or four times a weeks, purely for fitness.  Although I like mountain bike styling I have absolutely no need for off-road ability.  I am amazed at the low price of high specification bikes available on Amazon, although the brand names are unknown to me.  This afternoon I was in the local Real and saw a couple of Zündapp trekking bikes available for less than €400.   So, my questions are:  1) Does anyone have experience with buying (very) cheap bike from Amazon and if so, what's the quality like?  2) Are Zündapp bikes of reasonable quality?   Of course, I will be grateful for any and all information/advice/ridicule even if not related to my specific questions.
  13. Car rentals in Ingolstadt

    I did not have a UK licence when I hired the cars.  All I presented was the new(ish) German licence which had valid from dates that were both wrong and satisfactory for the car hire company.  I can't remember the dates on my surrendered UK license, but I know I had a full UK motorcycle license from 1964.  I also can't remember when I got a UK car licence, but I guess it was in the 1970s.  The German license shows motorcycle entitlement from 1975 and car entitlement from 1983.
  14. Car rentals in Ingolstadt

    I can support what Feierabend says.  I hired cars a couple of times on my then recently acquired German licence (converted from a UK Licence) without a problem.