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  1. The English Teacher's Corner

      My copy of the Oxford Dictionary defines verbal as "of words".  I have seen some other sources which define it as oral or spoken.  i guess all this proves my other point that language changes by misuse! 
  2. The English Teacher's Corner

    Dembo:  Verbally means with words, so written or spoken.  
  3. The English Teacher's Corner

    Good spot HH_Sailor, my mistake!
  4. The English Teacher's Corner

    Here's another example of incorrect use which is well on its way to becoming the norm:  Using verbally to mean spoken.  For example, "I told him verbally" rather than "I told him orally".
  5. The English Teacher's Corner

    Agreed, but misuse through ignorance has been known to lead to language change.  
  6. The English Teacher's Corner

    The English language changes by misuse.    I often wonder how long it will be before "could of", "should of" etc. become accepted as correct.   One recent change by misuse that amuses (and mildly irritates) me is the change of "methodology" from meaning the science or study of method to meaning a collection of methods and now seems to be well on the way to becoming synonym of "method".
  7. Food for thought here:  
  8. Drones In Germany

    Thanks for all the interesting and informative responses guys.  
  9. Drones In Germany

    Earlier today I spotted a drone flying near or actually over a bank building.  It attracted amusement from a couple of locals who shouted and waved enthusiastically at it.  This sparked my interest and made me wonder about the legal position regarding the use of drones in Germany, given the very strict rules about photography of individuals.  Can anyone buy and operate a Drone?  Do we have any drone operators in the group?
  10. English Language: "Warming Down"

    If any mod feels this is not an appropriate post for this forum please delete and accept my apologies.   I remember from my youth that we called the period of gentle exercise after strenuous exercise or training "warm down" and called the action "warming down".  Commonsense suggests that "cool down" and "cooling down" would have been more accurate.     I still use "warm down" and "warming down", but I seem to be in a minority of one.  Does anyone on here remember using "warm down" and "warming down"?