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  1. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    Fingers crossed John.  As Frau says - please keep us posted.  
  2. A1 motorcycle license relaxations uproar

    jono:  "If you have a car licence then a one day practical is more than sufficient to cover basic handling and safety awareness".   You have a much higher regard for the safety awareness of the average car driver than almost any motorcyclist I know!
  3. My experience with the  Ausländerbehörde here in RLP has also been civilised, friendly and helpful. 
  4. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    What a saga John!  Best wishes winging your way from the Moselle valley.
  5. How to date without tinder

      My experience supports anne k's suggestion.Good luck.
  6. S1 Health Insurance and Brexit Questions

    Once again the TT community, and the wider expat community, are indebted to john g.  for sensible, impartial advice.  Thank you john.
  7. ADAC battery replacement

      Last time I replace a motorcycle battery Louis Motorrad charged me a small, refundable sum because I did not have a battery to hand in.  True to their word, when I returned with the old battery a few days later Louis refunded the charge.
  8. Mirascon car insurance review

    Thank you Katie.  I'm planning to buy insurance for my first German car today - you might have saved me a lot of grief!
  9. Buying a used car

    I have just been the the process of buying my first used German car.  It struck me as odd that about half of the dealers / salesmen I met were Arabic  Some of these guys were shysters and some were professional (just like the Germans I encountered).  I just felt it strange that the middle east seemed to be so disproportionately represented among the used car sales force.
  10. Streaming Laws in 2019

      I refer my learned friend to the earlier comment by BayrischDude.
  11. Powerline recommendations

      No, I mean 1220E.  I omitted to mention that the Firestick connects to the 1220E via a UGREEN Ethernet adaptor.
  12. Powerline recommendations

    My need is not quite the same as that of the original poster, so my experience might not be relevant and might not help. My Internet connection is only 16Mbps (due to be upgraded to 50 Mbps in two days time).  I use a Fritz!Box 7330 router.  In addition I use a a Linksys WRT3200ACM router which runs a VPN (ExpressVPN).  All my devices use the VPN.  My effective Internet speed is about 11 Mbps. I have two Amazon Firesticks which I use for IPTV.  One of the Firesticks is connected to the VPN by WiFi, the other is connected via a Fritz!Powerline 1220E.  In my office there are two pcs, both connected by a single Fritz!Powerline 1220E.  We have a few other WiFi devices (Smartphones, tablets etc).  I reboot all the hardware every morning. The setup is sufficient to support two simultaneous IPTV connection or any other combination of devices we have tried. Hope this helps.  
  13. FFS

    Bad luck rodisi.    Purely out of interest, what is it that TTers find unavailable or too expensive here?  My list starts with Strongbow, although I suspect she who must be obeyed has other priorities.
  14. Anyone flying British Airways from 1st May? Need a favour!

    I will be flying  from LUX to LHR soon.  If I go BA I'll certainly get a jar for your daughter.  Incidentally, I hate Marmite!  I've also messaged some friends who work at LHR.
  15. Possible Scam (Theft) Alert

    Thanks guys.  I have already contacted the Bank.  BTW: I was not actually seeking advice (although I'm always grateful for it).  My intention was purely to alert others to KAD.