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  1. How long did you wait for your Einbürgerungsurkunde?

    Under process with Darmstadt and in my life I have never experienced such aggressiveness and lack of help. Sent all documents to them including Tax/Pensions certificates, birth certificates of our children both born here, Goethe B1 certificate and tried 20+ times calling the number on the letter sent.  As I am not married and been here registered for 5 yrs, then tough.... won't play and have taken  €255 of me for nothing.  Grrrrrr....
  2. Good/Bad Areas in Wiesbaden

    Why not stay in Hofheim/Kriftel/Marxheim? I've there for 10 yrs now and very good area for children, Main Taunus Kreis seems sympathetic to the English speaking community here: https://www.mtk.org/en/index.htm   Lots of families here with dual Eng/De https://www.alphabet-ev.com/about and Gymnasium in Hofheim has dual language teaching.    Airport 10 mins and Wiesbaden/Frankfurt 20 mins. Housing € is OK in Marxhiem/Hattersheim but getting more expensive in Kriftel/Hofheim, for 80q/m recon on €1000/mth here plus heating/water..