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  1. It should not be that much more money you owe, and you may want to re-check to make sure no mistakes were made by the preparers. No country's tax office will let you blame your tax preparers for your inability to pay yur taxes on time because you are responsible for your retrun.



    I always think with the councils being strapped for cash and those people getting money for nothing, why do they not take all the benefit recipients and let them do street cleaning, snow shoveling etc a couple of tiomes a week so they can give something back to the community and not just take. If you refuse, you get your benefits capped.


    How much useful work would these peopple actually do? Is a 60 year old woman going to shovel much snow?



    England beaten by the USA? Bwah! ha! ha! No former British colony has ever beaten the British at their own game in the World Cup loves...and that includes really good teams who don't play in the football pit that is the Concacaf region. (Hopefully at the end of the night I won't be one of the fans with tears in their eyes and crow in their mouths).


    On June 29, 1950, the US defeated England, 1-0.



    I've just seen on Channel Four News - is it Peter or Jon Snow - actually having an argument with some insane Israeli official who doesn't believe that the Turkish Navy will escort the next Flotilla. I even saw Snow lose the plot with this dickhead. 


    If Israel attacks Turkey we may be at war tomorrow.


    If you think NATO will go to war with Israel because of a provocation by Turkey, you're crazy.