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  1. Travelling from Germany to UK over Christmas during Corona

    That's for travellers from one place to another within England, engelchen, not for those coming in from abroad.
  2. Travelling from Germany to UK over Christmas during Corona

      When staying with family there is no mention of isolating from that family. You don't have to lock yourself in a bedroom. That would be unenforceable anyway.   So, to travel legally this is the procedure: Complete the online form less than 48 hours before arrival Fly direct Wear a mask at both airports and on the plane Take private transport from the UK airport to your home Stay in your family's home, don't leave the house or garden Take a test after 5 days to leave quarantine early, otherwise stay 14 days Having said all that, such travel is still officially "strongly discouraged". It's not illegal, but the government pages discourage it.   So regardless of the rules, I think the sensible thing is not to go.
  3. Travelling from Germany to UK over Christmas during Corona

      Me too. Grandparents in the UK would love to meet their new grandchild for the first time.   We booked flights way back in July assuming that the pandemic would be under control by now. How naive that turned out to be.   I've tried looking up the exact rules and regulations, but they're very complex, difficult to decipher, are constantly changing, and some are not even decided yet.   Here is Germany's information on travelling to the UK: Most important thing is to fill out the UK's online form within 48 hours before arrival. It's a VERY long form. So set aside a good hour to work through it all.   And conversely, here is the UK's information on travelling to Germany:   I reckon you could get away with it.   For us, however, I think we're probably going to cancel. The grandparents are in the risk category due to their age. They've carefully isolated themselves most of this year, have come this far, so I don't want to infect them in the last month or two before the vaccines become available. If they got infected and succumbed on my account then that would be bad.