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  1. In my past research, I remember some people were allowed to homeschool if their child was enrolled in an accredited distance learning program. I am looking for a list of high school programs accepted by German officials.   In a side note, I know there is/was a program for German children living outside the country. Does anyone know the name of that program?
  2. Yes, school insist on British English. My daughter did an oral presentation on Football and had to keep reminding herself to call it football and not soccer. I think it changes after 10th grade.
  3.  LernZeitRaume, jena plan school, has an open house Feb 1, 2020  
  4. There are Girl Scouts in Heidelberg. The DAI does programs.  The is also International Woman's Group that might have events and a place to find play dates. English as a second/first language, it will be come easier as she grows than other languages. They will have it in school. Social media, games, entertainment all circle around English.
  5. Superbowl 2020

    So it looks like the Cineplex in Mannheim  Tickets are only 9,50€