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  1. Hi Keleth, Yes why not? I had to work overtime to take a day off to travel there in one day (19hours in total interview+journey). So if applicants are using their resoruces (Time+Money), how hard is it for the HR/Company to inform the applicants about the stauts of the interview? Also even if I have good saving accounts it does not mean that I should not claim back the money for which I am entitled.


  2. @Catjones, I tried to call them on all the numbers. The HR guy who called me to invite me for onsite interview and the hiring manager from HR side who was there in the interview but they are not replying and their numbers are goin on Voice mails. @yourkeau, certainly I can claim those money back during my next Tax returns. I also do have a lawyer insurance and I was thinking of sending them an Admonition (Mahnung) letter. As I said its not only about the money but its about how they are treating the applicant. Thankfully I do have a job right now and I was just looking for a change that's why I had applied but if I would be jobless then 250€ would certainly be a big amount.


  3. Hi @SpiderPig , In Germany according to law the person who invites for the interview has to pay the cost for interview and if its not mentioned before the interview/during the interview or in case of any misunderstanding/miscommunication, it is always the company who has to bare the cost of the interview and not inreviewer. I have given many interviews in Germany/Austria/Switzerland and many times interviewer had booked my flights or train/taxi and Hotel by themselves or they had asked me before/after interview to send me the tickets either scanned or in original by post. But it is the first time when a company does not want to reimburse. I can easily assume 250€ as the cost of my own career devlopment and let it go but the way they are treating the applicant by not returning the emails/phone calls and not informing the status of their application is not acceptable and that is why I need to get the money back.


  4. Hi the.frollein, Thank your for your response. I have not provided them my bank details. I am still waiting for their email. Until now most of the companies I have given interviews had given me some kind of formulas to fill out with bank details and asked me to send them to a specific person from their HR department. So in my previous emails to this company I have asked for such formulas but unfortunately I did not hear anything from them. But your suggestion sounds good, I should scan the tickets and send them with my bank details in my next email. Thank a lot mate.


  5. Hello Toytowners, This is the first time for me to have such a experience in Germany. I was invited for an interview by a company in mid-December.After telephonic interview they had invited me for onsite interview and I travelled all the way from Berlin to Karlsruhe. After the interview I had written them Thank you note and I mentioned about the travelling cost as it was about 250€ (2nd class DB and local transportation). They did not reply me and neither they mentioned anything during/before interview. I have sent them cople of emails my travel cost reimbursement but they are not replying me emails/phone calls and also position on their website is closed so I assume that I am not getting hired. But I find it very rude and strange because I had to travel the whole day for this interview and still they can not write me a small email to let me know about their decision (doesn't matter positive or negative outcome of the interview) and second thing they are not giving me money for my tickets. I know according to law (§ 670 BGB) who invites for the interview must pay for the interview. But they are not replying back my emails. The way they are treating the applicants these days is unbelivable. What are your suggestions, what should I do in this situation? Should I go to a lawyer to get my travel expense from the company? P.S. It is a multinational company with more than 10K+ employees and headquareter in US. BR, connrax


  6. Hi all Toytowners,


    I started working since October2012 and I have no information how to and how much tax can I claim back. I also do not know which the best time to go to a tax consultant to get the tax back from 2012 and also from 2013. Is it ok if I go to tax consultant before december or should I go after the end of the year?

    It will be great if anyone can suggest english speaking tax consultant in Dresden.





  7. Hello friends,


    I am an electronics and communication engineer from india, I got admission in the following German universities:


    1)M.Sc. Microsystem Engineering @ University Freiburg

    2)M.Sc. Automation & Robotics @ TU Dortmund


    Guys i am to much confused in choosing the right course for me. I want to know the reputation and recognition of both the universities in the industries. And which course is better as per the job market of the germany???