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  1. It's true that putting petrol/gas into a diesel engine isn't so much of a deal as the other way around. Years ago a small amount of petrol was used to reduce the freezing point of diesel in cold winters (nowadays additives are used) and for the same reason the filler tube on a petrol tank is smaller than a diesel to prevent the more costly addition of diesel to a petrol tank.


    However, this assumes that the rental company knew this or bothered to check how much petrol was in the tank or if the engine had been run at all. When elattal asks for the receipts for the repair he should certainly ask about the necessity for the repair.


  2. It's a major event location - one of the few locations in Europe that can actually house all the attendees on-site at a large event (it currently has 1125 rooms), with the advantage for the hotel that there is practically no-where else nearby for guests to eat and drink, so they have a captured clientèle. Although it has a disappointing average 66% occupancy (Berlin hotels have 74% on average) it more than makes up for this with food & beverage turnover.


  3. Simply call the police, describing the car and the precise location. In a day or so stickers will appear on the car advising the owners to contact them or move the car. After 14 days it will be towed - the police will attempt to contact the last registered owner from the plates or VIN and charge him for the pleasure.


  4. I think you might have a case that you were being treated as an employee so should share the rights of one including employment protection, but it depends on the circumstances of your work and how they treated you in that time (did you enjoy other employee benefits such as holidays, employee-type bonuses, expense paid business trips?). If you continue to play the bloated "consultant" card then you are on thin ice, and I question why, now, 6 months later you suddenly decide it's time to go legal on them. After 4 years of freelancing with them you also open yourself up to being accused of "Scheinselbtständigkeit" which to be honest is stronger legal issue for you as much as it is for them and opens you up to a myriad of claims from the government for unpaid dues.


    Like any good consultant I think you should not burn your bridges and go off to consult elsewhere. After 4 years it really is time to move on. Unless, of course you've found it hard to get a job after 6 months and this is why you are considering action in the first place.


  5. The charges seem reasonable to me for the work that may have been required, but you are perfectly entitled to see the repair bill and can request it via your company. Bear in mind this will also include the cost of towing the car to the repair station, which will be 150-200€ alone...


    Your company may also agree the charge is not unreasonable, and the basis for charging it is not disputable as you've admitted the mistake. With this in mind I don't think it's a good idea to try to withhold payment. Simply ask for more detail to prove it was correct.



    Rental companies have processing fees and other ridiculous charges for services. For example, if you get caught by a Blitzer in a rental car, they pay the fine, and charge you extra for that processing, which could double the fine.


    You must have very lows fines then. I've never been charged more than 25€ (3 times in 10 years, 2 for speeding, one for parking), which seems pretty reasonable.



    and if you get a package from Holland its all legal as their law states they can re transmit any free to view channels .


    Sorry, this is wrong. Redistribution of unencrypted UK broadcast content on a commercial basis from another EU country without the copyright holders (BBC) permission is illegal (the bolded words are important).


    The BBC have agreements in place with some Belgium and Dutch cable companies to provide UK domestic services on their networks (example). The providers pay approximately 13cents per subscriber per month to the BBC for this pleasure - it's a valuable and necessary income for the BBC which is why they seek to protect their content from commercial redistribution. Similarly, the BBC can't prevent direct viewing of their content from overspill (e.g. satellite services in Europe)


    The BBC would prefer to presume that redistribution from Switzerland is also illegal, but in Switzerland the relevant EU law does not apply. When Zattoo originally began retransmitting BBC content to their customers the BBC took them to court. In the interim this content was removed from Zattoo. The BBC lost the case, so the content returned, but the legal decision only applies in Switzerland, not EU. Zattoo do not re-broadcast this content out of Switzerland, because if they did the BBC might have a case again, this time under EU law and certainly much stronger.


  8. "deported" (i.e. thrown out of the country) is a bit harsh. I'm not sure it's possible to be deported back to Nerd anyway (your profile)


    You may have broken your rental contract if it clearly states only one person can live there, so the worst they can do is terminate the contract and evict you from your home, but that's not likely either. In general, so long as the apartment is not overcrowded, then an additional person is no problem. The landlord is probably asking how many people are living there to adjust the Nebenkosten/Utilities.


    However, your girlfriend and/or her mother could be in much deeper trouble for not registering, what in effect is her new home and for defrauding the authorities in claiming those educational benefits. Maybe you could also be accused of assisting her fraud, but that's unlikely too.


  9. It will also depend if that piece of land is a segmented (isolated, identifiable) plot in the land registry. If it's not (e.g. part of another piece of registered land) then it needs to be formally split off so it can be assigned to you. While that doesn't need a notary it's wise to have it legally verified or it could bite you (or the neighbour) in the bum later, especially if either section becomes part of a subsequent inheritance. While you can also register a security in your name on a section of a plot of land it's legally very insecure.


  10. You also need to be sure that the problem really is the provider. I've seen recent instances of apartment blocks that were so saturated with WiFi channels where there was so much radio interference that any WiFi connection was miserable. At the very least test any connection long term with a wired connection.


  11. Shame you didn't add 10 seconds of reading to include the last paragraph:



    The upside appears to be a professional company offering a plug-and-play solution using good hardware at a decent price and a comprehensive range of international content on offer. The downsides are the monthly costs (if you want decent UK TV), the 18-month commitment, the lack of recall function and the (current) lack of HD content. If they mixed their UK content differently (or condensed them into a single package) and could offer HD they would be worth considering.

    I definitely wouldn't buy it, but if anyone pops up on here in the future to ask about it then they now have at least 2 negative opinions.


  12. The best people to answer this question (which I am sure is a common one) are the University administration. I am sure, however they need valid confirmation of German health insurance which as a bona fide student you will only get from a local Krankenkasse on presentation of your completed S1 form from Spain.


  13. You've not mentioned your family situation, your job, your income, or your visa status, all of which are very relevant to get long-term support from a bank. Bear in mind too that you'll pay around 10-12% of the purchase cost in non-recoverable fees (agency, lawyer, notary, taxes), which also needs to be taken into account when considering your financial plan and cannot normally be financed by a loan.


  14. There's also another plug-and-play solution on the block - TalkEasy TV - one of the first more professional commercial offers that I have seen.


    This is actually a Swiss company, so perfectly legal (for UK TV) but unlike Zattoo they overtly sell their international services in Germany (questionably legal). They have a local office in Munich, but any transactions and contracts are dealt with by the Swiss. They offer a toll-free number (0800/700 22 10) for customer service or questions.


    Their preferred hardware is based on the Dune AW-102 Media Player which uses the powerful Sigma Designs SMP8674/75 platform which was specifically designed for media streaming and can also be used as a DLNA client for local streams or locally connected (USB) media content. It offers cabled and WiFi connections as standard and also has a built-in web browser.


    They offer the box for 129€ plus a 19€ connection charge (alternatively you can "rent" it for 9.95€/month, and after 18 months keep it for free)


    The basic package (70 of the main German and regional channels) costs 14.95€/month (minimum 18 months, although they offer the first 6 months for free to new customers)


    They have a number of international add-on packages (East European, Turkish, Italian (3 packages), English (2 packages), Dutch, French (2 packages), Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic (2 packages), Asian and Kurdish). Each package costs 7.95€/month and can be cancelled at 4 weeks notice.


    The English packages are:

    Package 1: BBC 1 London, BBC 2 England, BBC Entertainment, BBC World, BBC 1 Northern Ireland, BBC 3/CBBC (which is a curious combination!)

    Package 2: E4, More 4, Horse & Country,UTV, CBS Action, ITV 1, ITV 2, ITV 3, ITV 4, CITV, ITV, Channel TV, movies4men, Men&Movs+ 1, Film 4, Channel 4, CNN International, France 24 (in English), Sky News International, CNBC Europe, Bloomberg TV, Europe Fashion TV


    For the average Brit to get the most useful channel selection (BBC and ITV) this means both packages are needed, making the monthly costs very steep (15.90€ for the first 6 months, thereafter 30.85€)


    They currently do NOT offer HD services, but plan these (also for selected English channels) before the end of the year, allegedly at no extra cost. You can record to a connected storage device, but there is no replay function.


    The upside appears to be a professional company offering a plug-and-play solution using good hardware at a decent price and a comprehensive range of international content on offer. The downsides are the monthly costs (if you want decent UK TV), the 18-month commitment, the lack of recall function and the (current) lack of HD content. If they mixed their UK content differently (or condensed them into a single package) and could offer HD they would be worth considering.


  15. Bathroom circuits (and in fact the house as a whole) have been protected by RCD in Germany for over 25 years (unlike UK which only began to require them about 15 years ago, which is why there are pull-chords and no power outlets in most UK bathrooms), so apart from in really old properties there should be no need for any special switch or socket, but when in doubt then you should check with a qualified electrician. If the switch is currently outside the bathroom/toilet (as some are) there may be a good reason (not that I can think of many).



    I'm stating that nobody should be allowed to promote on here a commercial product in which they have a financial interest in.




    I don't see any problems with summary promotion - if there was none we miss out on new opportunities. Excessive promotion becomes intrusive and to be tolerated should be paid for. Paying advertisers get (in theory) more prominent positioning and more leeway to regularly ply their wares on the threads.