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  1. SCHUFA doesn't always list your bank details and certainly may not have details on all your accounts if you have multiples. If you open a new account then most banks will make an enquiry to SCHUFA. This enquiry will remain on your record for a year. If you have any form of credit, including an overdraft, mortgage or credit card, then that "debt facility" might be listed on SCHUFA but not all are as not every bank does it and some banks don't do it for every account. I specifically ask my bank NOT to enter debts onto SCHUFA which they agreed to do, but you need to have a good relationship with your bank to do this.


    In most cases, as EB points out, other public offices (tax, pensions, etc) have your bank details which can be accessed with sufficient legal backing. It's also possible to tell your employers to hold back salary in lieu of your debt.


    Note that it's not allowed to sequest funds that you would otherwise need to survive from, so if you can show that your income is 1000€/month and that you need precisely that to live on (rent, food, etc) then they can't get their hands on the money.


  2. Nim - yes it's just their feeling. They can't normally cancel during the contracted term of a policy (typically a year), unless you have a claim. If you took out a policy and had, say 2 or 3 claims in a year then they are likely to cancel as they see you as a bad risk. If you keep the policy for 3 years and have a claim each year, then the same may be true. If you have 3 claims in 20 years then less likely. As I said (wrote) before, they might NOT cancel, but they MIGHT increase your deductible to deter you from trivial claims. Someone I know had 3 claims (two around 200€ one around 1000€) in two years and they increased his deductible from zero to 250€.


    At the end of the day it's a business decision and no doubt based on some algorithm.


  3. Given you position and salary are your new company not funding relocation assistance? There are a number of companies who will help you find a new home, assist with paperwork and the aithoreities, import of belongings and settling into your new home. They can also assist you in establishing realistic budgets for your needs. Bear in mind too the costs of finding a home - 3 months rent is typical, so you need to take this account in the one-time costs to move here.


  4. No insurance wants bad business, and most will terminate a contract if they find the number, size or frequency of claims excessive (after they have handled any outstanding ones!). Others may simply impose a higher deductible for a period of time.


    I'd say "a few cases a year" (every year) was excessive. Asking for advice is normally not penalised. I have a policy with HUK-Coburg who have a legal helpline that I regularly call (4-5 times a year and have never had any issues.



    It's pretty simple: in many countries of the world if you stop paying the contract is automatically terminated, so many people just don't bother with cancelling all the contracts "correctly", they simply stop paying.


    I really would dispute that or they'd be writing off load of unpaid debts having supplied services without a care in the world. Most companies in most countries, especially for telecommunications and media services have a minimum contract you can't walk away from without a penalty - it's part of their business model (to spread high startup costs or subsidised equipment over the life of a contract). Many might not renew for another 12 months as often happens in Germany, but a lot do. For non-service orientated contracts such as subscriptions to magazines then I might agree. Failure to pay for the renewal is an indication of cancellation, but in Germany it is somewhat more onerous as you have to cancel in writing to get out of the deal. In the case of magazine subscriptions (for example) you get a refund of any unused subscription, assuming your minimum period is complete where often you got a bonus to begin in the first place.


  6. If your company is following the tax allowance guidelines then you can claim (against tax) a fixed fee of 1390€ in respect of moving expenses for a married couple plus 306€ for each family member without any receipts. You can also claim 230€ for a kitchen hob and 163€ per room (in the apartment) for an oven, also without receipts.


    You can't claim directly for car rental, but you can claim an allowance for necessary travel involved in the move or in finding a new home - 0.30€ per km.


    Your flight (rather foolishly) didn't cost you anything, so there is nothing really you can claim but many airline schemes allow you to buy additional miles so maybe you can work out the value of the miles you used from their cost to buy.


    Remember if your company refunds all the expenses above then you can't claim them from tax any more - at least not in theory :)


  7. Considering the poster seems to want a roof installation, a dish, receiver (and professional) installation isn't going to come in under 300€ and could be a lot more, so at best good for 3 years of internet TV, notwithstanding that it's a moot point, as he's unlikely to be able to accommodate the dish size he needs for consistent reception of FTA content in Trudering. If he goes down the Sky route, and buys on the grey market, then the costs will be considerably more.


  8. When you want to pay it:


    - in der Mitte eines Dreimonatszeitraum - in the middle of the quarter

    - vierteljährlich im Voraus - at the beginning of a quarter (in advance)

    - halbjährlich im Voraus - at the beginning of a half-year for 6 months

    - jährlich im Voraus - at the beginning of the year for a full year


    How you want to pay it:


    - durch Lastschrift - Direct debit - they take the money from your bank

    - durch Überweisung - manual payment - you transfer the money to them



    Reading the other thread from Editor Bob, I would not like to get my bank accounts frozen. So,I want to now register for this TV fee. Does anyone know if I will be billed back to January 2013 or can I now simply register from August 2014 ? Is there any way to avoid back payments?


    You can try and set your own starting date, but I guess they will pre-date it themselves back to January 2013, unless you can show/prove that you moved in later



    I will not pay - final decision, but I would like to inform the leechers that I am the sole responsible for the charge.


    But you are not solely responsible, you are jointly responsible and they will keep writing letters until either one of you pays or they simply sequest funds in your bank. The problem then will be that you will then be both forced to pay (money taken from the bank), and I imagine it will be quite a fight for the other of you to get it back.


    The other possible scenario is that one or both of you will be forcibly registered into the system, even without paying, so then one of you can advise them that the other has registered so you/she/he can be removed from the register before they block your respective bank.


  11. Are you sure you need to return it to them? You normally only need to do this if you rented it from them (a rental charge will have been specifically shown on each monthly bill). In some cases, depending on what package and offer you took at the time of the original contract it's yours to keep.


  12. Your tax number is unlikely to change, so use your old one on any invoices until such time as it does.

    Should you be registering for VAT then you can (in addition) apply for an international VAT number to use on invoices, but it's an option, not a requirement.


  13. If you want traditional English channels such as BBC, ITV, C4, C5 then you can forget it. A 1.5m dish goes somewhere to receiving them, but you'll likely lose them in the evening at at certain times of the month/year/season


    If you subscribe to English Sky then you get most channels including movies and sport, but none of the above terrestrial content. A 90cm dish is more than suitable for Sky.


    If you have a decent (>6Mb/s) internet connection better (and cheaper) to go down the internet route for UK content.