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  1. If you've had a table reservation at Oktoberfest it's often the case that after the event you still have unused vouchers for beer or food that you didn't manage to use or found hidden away in your pocket when you woke up in a daze the next morning. It's a little-known fact that many of them still have value, and for a limited period can be redeemed in alternative bars or restaurants in Munich, even after the event. Here's where you can continue to enjoy the benefits of unused vouchers from some of the main tents:     Armbrustschützenzelt: until the end of October in Wirtshaus Ayingers am Platzl, Platzl 1a. (vouchers are worth 20% less than face value)Augustinerzelt: until end of October in Augustiner Bräustuben, Landsberger Straße 19, and Augustiner Gaststätte, Neuhauser Straße 27.Bräurosl: until end of November in Gaststätte Heide Volm, Bahnhofstraße 51, PlaneggFischer Vroni: In the Festzelt on the Auer Kirchweihdult on Mariahilfplatz from 17th to 25th OctoberHackerzelt: until end of November in Gasthof Zum Wildpark, Tölzer Straße 2, Straßlach. (Not Sundays and holidays - voucher value rounded down to nearest Euro)Hippodrom: until end of November in Waldwirtschaft Großhesselohe, Georg-Kalb-Straße 3, and in Andechser am Dom, Weinstraße 7a.Hofbräuzelt: until end of October in Hofbräukeller, Innere Wiener Straße 19, and in the Wienerwald restaurants on Anzinger Straße 2, Tegernseer Landstraße 115, Bajuwarenstraße 2 and Valpichlerstraße 60Käfers Wiesnschänke: until end of December in Feinkost Käfer, Prinzregentenstraße 73.Löwenbräuzelt: until 15th November in Unionsbräu, Einsteinstraße 42. (only vouchers issued by the tent directly - vouchers direct from the Löwenbräu brewery cannot be redeemed)Ochsenbraterei: until end of November an Chinesischen Turm, Englischer Garten 3, Kugler Alm, Linienstraße 93, Oberhaching or Taxisgarten, Taxisstraße 12.Schottenhamel: until end of October in Gasthof zur Menterschwaige, Menterschwaigstraße 4Schützen-Festhalle: until end of October in Franziskaner, Residenzstraße 9.Weinzelt: Until end of October in Haxnbauer, Sparkassenstraße 6, Wirtshaus im Grün Tal, Grüntal 15. (Reservations required)Winzerer Fähndl: until end of October in Paulaner am Nockherberg, Hochstraße 77 (beer vouchers can also be used for food)  In most cases the it's the voucher value that is relevant, so a voucher for a Maßbier usually translates into about 2.5 normal beers...