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  1. I've spent a few days playing with the newly "released" Media Server extension for Humax Freesat HD recordable satellite systems. It works remarkably well - it adds an extension to the Humax Freesat PVR which allows the installation of a TwonkyMedia DLNA Server and/or a Samba File Server for intranet media serving of UK domestic TV content to media clients.   In summary this software extension with installed servers allows access for multiple media devices in the home to recorded or "near-live" material that the Humax Freesat box has stored on its' harddrive or is tuned to (and in addition photos and audio recordings if you store them on the box). Access can be on a networked home computer (PC or Mac, e.g. using VLC, Windows Media or (my favourite) XBMC) or many other DLNA client such as iPad, IPhone, Android tablet and some gaming devices. In its' simplest form you can simply copy recorded material to your device to archive or watch later off-line or while travelling (you could always do this before using USB-stick, but this is MUCH easier), or you can simply stream recorded TV directly from the box. Up to 7 networked clients can connect without affecting the primary viewing or recording functions.   Although not for the faint hearted it's very easy to install with little or no risk to the Foxsat. There's even a Dummies Guide to installation   I've also taken this one step further and made router and firewall changes to allow external access to the media server. This means I can stream from my Humax box to anywhere that I have a decent internet connection. This also works very well (less so for HD content), but does need a good internet connection at home to get the upload capacity - VDSL25 (which has up to 5mbs upload) or better is preferred. The potential consequence of this is that anyone wanting access to UK TV material could modify the Freesat PVR system of a friend back in UK and have access to their (near) live TV or any recordings they have made and kept. What's missing here (at the moment) is the ability to control the system remotely to make programmed recordings or change channels (but I'm working on that - ironically I've succeeded in remote controlling a Sky system but can't serve the content ), which would then essentially emulate Slingbox functionality. The other issue is that media files on the Humax are not optimised for remote streaming - a one hour programme can be over a Gigabyte of data! - there are potential ways to postprocess these however.   If anyone has a networked Freesat PVR and wants to have a go at this and has problems, I'll be happy to offer any support that I can - if you are a bit of a technofreak it's an interesting extension...   YL6