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  1. On 21/04/2017, 12:30:24, sos-the-rope said:

    Hi there @LostManAbroad @Wyrsa @hugsrock - Frankfurt is bursting with RPG fans.


    Two places you need to check out:


    1. Terminal Entertainment (T3) at Eschenheimer Tor:


    2. Cafe Albatross gaming meetup (on, free registration:


    There you can meet all the RPG fans and generally awesome people you could wish... see you soon!


    oooh that's great to know!


  2. On 03/06/2021, 19:25:21, bdm said:

    I’m a dad with 2 kids (11, 14) and we are looking for an English-speaking D&D 5e group. Face to face (post-pandemic) or online (Foundry) would be fine. I can sit in the GM or player chair as required.


    We're interested. Very new though so we probably wouldn't be able to DM.


  3. On 3/15/2021, 9:29:12, Ben21 said:

    Germany is absolutely NOT conducive to digital nomads. To work anywhere while living in Germany your employer (wherever it is located) must employ you with German conditions— that means, it must pay the German government for your social security contributions, insurances and taxes. No foreign company is going to realistically do that. Therefore working remotely as an employee for a foreign company is essentially not possible while living here.


    Good to know! That being said, hypothetically if a company were willing to do that, I assume the employment authorization permits that?


  4. On 11/6/2020, 7:34:55, travelerworker said:

    first let me tell you I am not a lawyer...but I understand that you can't move to Ireland, for example, but if you are based in Germany and are registered as freelancer/have your own company, you are free to offer your services to anybody regardless location.
    As soon as you pay taxes in Germany all will be ok, I think...I have a couple of friends doing similar, they offer training services all over Europe (online or short trips).

    Good luck!



    Eeek I can't believe I forgot to check on my own post!


    I don't mean living in another country, just working remotely. Say you have a 100 percent remote job from a company in another EU country but you live, pay taxes, have insurance, etc. in Germany. I've googled around and I've seen some stuff that says yes or no or covers other things like digital nomads.


  5. According to monkeypuzzled, Raja Rani started out decent, but the quality declined as time went on. I didn't know Indian Palace moved to Rohrbach, I simply assumed they closed down. I need to pass that on to friends. You'd think that this being a college town, you'd get good, yet inexpensive curry place.


  6. Alternatively, we could just have a regular thing set up without one person needing to organize it each time. As long as a couple of people show up, it can sustain itself. For example, just have it every Wednesday at 8 PM. If you can make it, fantastic, and if not, oh well. That way it's more often and if a person can't make it for whatever reason, they don't have to wait two or three weeks for the next one.