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  1. Hi Pickle


    I thought I would take the opportunity to respond to this topic since I actually attend the Goethe Institue. There is a lot of time required to recap on what you have learnt during the day and do your homework. If you just do the homework you will forget it. If you want to do it properly I would suggest four to six hours a day after school. If you are up for a job after all that I will take whatever you are drinking. Goethe is very expensive but I believe you get what you pay for but the onus to learn is on you... they don´t throw you in jail if you don´t do the work. However, it is obvious the people that are working within a few days and the teacher will move on without you, if you don´t put in some effort yourself.


    If you are only here for a few weeks forget about registering your address at the KVR. You do not need Arbeitserlaunis(work permit) or Aufentshaltserlaubnis(residency permit) if you are a European citizen. I got my knickers in such a state from reading this site about the KVR that I consulted a German friend who is a lawyer. We went to the KVR together. I only need a work permit if I am not studying and since I will continue to study until I get a job I will only apply then. All I have to do is present my passport and I will automatically receive a permit which takes three weeks to process; in the interim they will give me a stamped form which will satisfy any employer. The fact is that any citizen of the EU is free to reside or work in any other part of the EU. If there was a selection criteria I wouldn´t be here for one.


    Enjoy your time here and go easy on the beer cos the hangovers are serious.




    Good luck!!!