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  1. I have just noticed that Topsy is about to move into the overall top three and I believe she will soon be vying for the number one spot given her number of daily posts. Can anyone stop her? How does she do it? Does anyone else apart from me really care?


  2. @ Monkstown. Its been here for years. I can recall it being here four years ago for debit cards. Only rolled out in UK in 2005. I don´t know why Mastercard have not got Chip & PIN in Germany but Visa has.


    @ Topsy. You will be fine here but in the UK if your card does not have Chip & PIN M&S will ask for another form of payment.


  3. I think the subtitle is right given your four points. If I go into a store in the UK today which has Chip & Pin enabled equipment and try and use a mag stripe credit card, no matter where it has originated from, it will not be processed by the acquirer. The store staff will have to ring the acquirer and request a transaction by signature verification. if they refuse and it is an entirely arbitary decision then you will have to finalise your transaction by another form of payment. Exactly why the topic starter had trouble with his German credit card while in the UK.


  4. From today the fourteenth of February banks and acquirers in the UK in Ireland are refusing to accept transactions that are verified by signature or mag stripe where the retailer(merchant) has Chip & PIN enabled equipment. As a consequence most large retailers who have C&P have been refusing any transaction by swipe in preparation for today when the acquirer will not authorise a transaction unless you verify it by PIN. Retailers who do not have chip & PIN equipment can still use the swipe but this is an effort to phase it out because customers when given the option prefered to verify their transaction by signature. The take up of C&P by ordinary punters has been very low even though the banks would have you believe that the system will save millions in fraudulent transactions.


    I am surprised to hear that Mastercard DE says "Germany is not subscribing to the Chip & PIN system" as chip & PIN has been here for years. Perhaps they are not subscribing to it being compulsory to verify by PIN like it is in the UK. Both Visa and mastercard in the UK have been on screaming to me about using my PIN here rather than just using the swipe but since they do not process the transaction here they cannot enforce this in Germany.


  5. Tesco have neither quality nor value tis true but what they do do in the UK and elswhere is sell everything, to everyone, every where and that you must admire. Although I went to my local one in Ireland and they had not heard of Parma Ham. I like German supermarkets especially Minimal and Edeka. The aisles are a bit narrow, not a lot of UK products, but otherwise it is very cheap. Most of them work on single point margins.


    I cannot see how the Tesco express format or for that matter the larger format could compete here which is why they have not come.


  6. I have not found a Chinese that I like yet and I have thought about setting up a night and looked at the guidelines. I could never understand why my English friends love Indian when I worked in Haywards Heath. Equally they could not understand the way we Irish love Chinese but a few of those that enjoyed Indian also enjoyed Chinese. Maybe someone with a little more quodos could organise the event