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  1. @ Bluedave


    These wipes are quite easy to use. Just wipe your arse. Although sweet smeeling, your arse is damp afterwards so I find you have to use ordinary bogroll to dry it. I found them to be quite useful after a night on the beer and curry since they help disguise those odious odours that sometimes permeate the room. From time to time I have used them to wipe my tongue rather than trying to brush my teeth in a drunken stupor. Unfortunately they only keep smells at bay from either orifice for a restricted period of time. So you may go to bed smelling of roses but you tend to smell your normal self in the morning. That often comes as a letdown to the opposite sex. A wet facecloth and soap and water does a better job, although proably not on your tongue. Its the old time and effort versus cost and convenience issue I´m afraid.


  2. I had a problem with an old guy in the block adjacent to me. He used to shout at me every morning and evening when I went out. His bathroom is directly opposite my living room and I thought that he might have thought I was looking in his window or something. I eventually called to see what the problem was and it turns out he is bi-polar. His wife is a really nice old lady but he still thinks I am Helmut Kohl. I think the best thing to do is confront the issue and ask them what the problem is. At least then you know where you stand and the appropriate action to take.


  3. It seems that a lot of the bars are tied into performers from music management companies or promoters. I had a mate who wanted to gig in bars here but was always referred to these type of organisations. There is a guy called Hazza who owns The Arc bar. Maybe he would be better informed on this sort of thing and could give you guys some tips in the right direction


  4. @STB


    Yeah i got regaled in a discussion about sex with horses which depleted my street cred somewhat but active isn´t an adjective i would use in my case.




    It really felt good and I am delighted it had the same impact on others as it did for me.


  5. Well my counter is working again. That´s good but it seems that my hundredth post is going to be fairly inauspicious since i will have posted to my own topic three times. what the heck. My counter is working again.


  6. As this is the first ever chat forum that I have subscribed to I felt that my hundredth post would be like a coming of age ceremony. Once I reached 100 I felt that I could graduate to attending TT events, maybe even join the Supporters Club and start telling newbies to use the search feature. Alas I have been stuck at post 97 for the last week or so and it feels as if I am in suspended animation.


    Is this a test of my willingness to keep posting on TT or a technical hitch? How do I get it fixed? You see posting without the counter going upwards is like laughter during sex. Fairly depressing.


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  7. @Kay


    I have to agree with Keydeck on this one. My German is pretty bad but I do try and speak as best I can. If someone does not understand me they will often have a better grasp of English than I do of German. My only problem is when they continue to speak English even when I am trying to speak German. I usually just tell them I perfer to speak German and the conversation will continue in German (sort of).


  8. I stopped smoking 24 days ago and I started smoking again last night. I had become such a pain in the arse (like most of the anti-smokers on this thread) that I was in danger of losing all my friends or being strangled by someone close to me. All the reformed smokers I know were extremely helpful telling me that these symptons would continue for years and that they still craved a cigarette.


    I prefer to be a happy smoker and risk health damage than being an unhappy non smoker. I tried to stop smoking because I thought it would improve various aspects of my life but it had exactly the opposite effect. I have not smoked indoors for many years because I always tried to be considerate of others that did not smoke. I have now come to the conclusion that if you give the really fascist non -smokers an inch they take a mile.


    No one has mentioned the commercial aspects of this or the various ways that pubs have got round it. I found it most ironic to find bar staff smoking out the side of most establishments when the law was introduced to protect them. Outside the major cities in Ireland a lot of bars have went out of business because smokers stay at home and take carry outs. In a lot of places bars have constructed outside smoking areas and staff will come and serve drink to these tables and inside the bar is deserted.


    The most common sense idea I have seen is bars for smoking customers and staff or those who will tolerate smoking and bars for non-smoking customers and staff and those who do not want to be in the presence of smokers. You don´t have to be Einstein to work out which type would be viable commercially and the one that would not be. Vociferous anti-smokers are party poopers and who would want to drink with them.