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  1. @abog


    An excellent point which everyone ignored.




    You sound like Arnold the angst ridden android. What a crock of shit! Most of the "low wage" staff in supermarkets are just ordinary people and the so called "high" wage staff are not electrical engineers with CAD experience. All the technology facilitating self checkouts has been around for years and the companies producing them do not require additional resource for this. It is programmers that make this possible.


    When scanning was introduced in the eighties the unions were up in arms since companies selling these systems took the lazy approach that the total cost of ownership(tco) of these systems would show a return of investment(roi), that is fewer employees, What actually happened was that existing employees were redeployed and extra people had to be employed to manage these systems. Self scanning and RFID will have the same impact, it will end up requiring more resource. And to be honest I would rather interact with a real person than a machine when I go to the supermarket. Good checkout staff add value and my experience in Germany has been that they are for the most part as friendly and efficient as staff in the UK.


  2. All the bleach I have seen in Germany is "Ohne Chlor" (that is why it is not as good) so adding ammonia or in the case of Sun-by´s post using ammonia or strong vinegar before should not be a problem. Off course if the bleach contains chlorine it should not be mixed with ammonia.


  3. I never trust Channel 4 at the Races team but teletext on 4 have a racing service and the tips there are excellent, Stan Steer and Titan are two of the pages plus lots of background and inside info, stats and trends, so that you are totally confused. Beef or Salmon for some reason can only run well at Leopardstown, as soon as he goes out of Ireland he becomes a donkey. Didn´t stop me from backing him though :D


  4. @bluedave


    I wouldn´t discount Inca Trial at all. I think he has a chance if he stands up. This is much better than the last horse topic :D


    @ Vanessa M


    Great to see a woman who knows horseracing but I reckon Cheltenham is the blue riband of National Hunt racing. Aintree is good though. You can always go online if you want to bet as long as you have a debit or credit card.


  5. I was just on another topic doing a bit of Keydeck, Keydecker, Keydecked as you do from time to time and I notice sun-by just posted. I have not looked at the other posts and I am not going to get into an argument about religion but I have to say that I love those dont´be such a naughty boy Eurovol put downs. Especially when done with style, charisma and panache and no nastiness. You are the woman sun-by.


  6. Embrace were massive last year with a new comeback album and are currently number one in the album charts in the UK. I really seem to have lost touch with UK music since moving here. The only stuff on the radio here from the UK is James Blunt and Mel C. Listening to Radio 1 on the net just doesn´t feel as authentic as the radio.



    I know quite a bit about the gumball and I wouldn't take part for one reason and one reason only - the people that run it are for the most part cunts. Vik Reeves went one year and hated it so much there was a stand off in a restaurant after he told one particularly pretentious prick to fuck off.



    I agree with most of your points but using Vik Reeves to back up your argument made me laugh. I remember him on "I´m a celebrity" and there he brought being a pretentius cunt to new levels. I always admired him as a comedian but maybe he is not the role model to use in this context


  8. This is the type of thing I was looking for. Unfortunately it is seems to be only up North. Showem is right I am more of a Captain Pugwash on a barge than river cruise. Perhaps someone has done something similar in this part of the country. Thanks for the help so far.

  9. I started thinking about this after Crawlies topic about sailing (perhaps that does not describe it best) down the canal. I have been on boats and barges at home and it makes for a great weekend or holiday. Unfortunately I know little or nothing about the inland waterways in Germany. Just wondered if anyone here had tried it in Germany and what the experience was like.