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    This made me cry. I hope you like tears, as i'm saving them in a jar to post to you.

    Thank the sweet Lord Jesus! Women usually make me cry and now I have found one who not only cries but is saving them in a jar for me and will post them. Even better than Garibaldi´s ice cream and strawberries :o


  2. At the end of the day the cost you choose to provide a service at has no bearing on the quality of product delivered. People who are trying to maintain artificially high prices by forming a cartel, by definition, are concerned about the quality of the product they deliver and the price they offer it at. English, as a language, is changing anyway. Look at the blogs from English kids in their teens or twenties (most highly educated) and the language that they use is difficult to recognise as English- it is shorthand, with no capitalisation and dubious grammar. The fact is that all of us can still understand it and that in itself is the point of language. So good luck to IRISHBOY 24 because a little competition is good for everyone.


  3. I get the impression that most Germans like and admire the British; and British to them means English. In a historical way they feel as if the English are their quaint cousins. They do get annoyed by the constant referrals to the war and the 1966 World Cup, which the English propound as a lack of understanding on the Germans´part to the British "sense of humour". I do not think "sense of humour" is the correct analogy although I often found it quite amusing when sportsmen/women from Northern Ireland performed well they were "British" and when they performed badly they were "Irish". I worked in England for a long time and I have a genuine affection for the English, Scots and Welsh even though I would consider myself an Irish Nationalist.


    I found the harshest response to the English to have been in Southern Ireland although this was never direct to their faces. I was relocated to the Dublin branch of an international insurer on a two year project, probably because I was Irish. I had an English registered car, which I was made change right away, since it was perceived by my Irish colleagues that any relationship to the UK would be a barrier to doing business in Ireland (considering I commuted at the weekends to Northern Ireland an Irish registered car was certainly a danger to my health). When English colleagues attended meetings in Ireland, they were treated with the upmost respect but as soon as they were gone they were "those English bastards". I was shocked not only by the attitudes but by the sheer duplicity. Indeed, at one meeting, I was outlining how a similar project had been launched in the UK and I referred to the UK as the "mainland", I thought I was going to be taken outside and shot for treason.


    I suppose all our attitudes to others are dictated by where we come from and I understand the British sense of humour. We may have won the war but we lost our way after it. Germany is cleaner, the standard of living is higher, its people are generally better educated, more conscientious, hardworking, more polite and simply kinder than we are. And off course I get defensive about this and rant hysterically about not being able to get a proper loaf of bread, that the traffic lights are totally confusing and that they need roundabouts and that you should be able to pay for your drink as you get them and buying rounds is more social than just paying for your own and so on and so on... I can only think of two areas where the British are better- music and television, and thankfully the Germans are completely rubbish. So we revert to our sense of humour, we glorify past glories and we come first in oneupmanship and ill-informed nationalism and all the while our German cousins smile and try and understand where we went wrong.


  4. I hope you enjoy your holiday but I was there in February on a last minute deal at a "five star" hotel and it was disappointing. Ten days of the egyptian runs may have had something to do with it, but I got really annoyed at the locals always trying to rip the tourists off. You could not even browse in a shop without someone trying to sell you something at extortionate prices and then they felt you were insulting their hospitality if you did not buy something. No thank you did not seem to register. The diving and snorkelling was cool but you could not even relax on the beach without people hassling to buy something or other and not taking no for an answer. There was a lot of poverty and I am sure it is not an easy way to make a living but I for one am more inclined to buy something if I am not being continually badgered to do so. I also agree with Johnny English that the coach trips are a bind but if you have time a cruise on the Nile for a few days is expensive but for me the highlight of the trip. Have fun :)


  5. I think my German is abysmal, especially after trying the online Goethe Test.


    However, I had no problems with this online test from the BBC German language site and now think that my four months at Goethe were not a complete waste of time. The website is pretty nifty as well and it is simple, straight forward and easy to use and understand. Just perfect for those of us who find learning languages a bit of a grind. :)


  6. I suppose this was a bit of a late night drunken rant, which I am apt to now and again. However, there was a point to it. I am more the type of cat that hides under the bed when someone starts hoovering, than a topcat. It is difficult to fit in where everyone else seems to know each other and I do admit to feeling a little bit uncomfortable and ill at ease in these types of situations and I am sure that that makes it equally as difficult for people I am meeting for the first time. I suppose if you feel awkward and embarrassed, you communicate it to others and they then mirror it back to you.


    The bricklayer, plasterer, programmer thing was a bit of a wind up more than anything but again there seems to be a lot of intelligent people on TT and that can be daunting when the only thing you are really good at is mediocrity. :D


    I did not disclose my on line identity because I felt a little like a fish out of water and thought it was preferable to someone saying, "oh yeah that Topcat guy the one that acts like a rabbit caught in the headlights and cannot string two words together". I suppose I need to make more effort but it is a bit like your driving test: you drive brilliantly in the practice beforehand but as soon as the examiner gets into the car you cannot even start the engine. I am just a normal bloke, possibly a bit more sensitive and quiet than I appear online, where I tend to be a mouthy facetious arrogant cunt (thanks for the pm by the way :) ).


    As long as everyone does not take every word I write seriously then I might not feel as intimidated as I did the first time. :rolleyes:


  7. I have spent the last five months on "Toytown" trying to get to know people and attending Toytown events surreptitiously. I have refused to disclose my online name in these instances because I felt who I was in reality, rather then my online persona, was more important. The result has been zero interaction from other TTers. Is disclosure of my virtual identity a prerequisite for my interation? I would hope that some of my own particular Irish estovers have not made this a reality but often it seems as if it heralds the truth; a double disclaimer. I think the integration of the Britboard offers a redemption for us all, not only those that think that they are smarter than everyone else, but one that allows us bricklayers, joiners and plasters , who are obviously of much higher intelligence than the average programmer, to assert our influence on a dead sexist medium that is Toytown and will now forever be known as BRITBOARD.


  8. @ Jimbo


    You got me on that one. as one of the few irishmen not to have emigrated to the States i was not aware that they did not have diesel cars there. The passat is still a great a to b car and very reliable and safe... I thought that was all a woman would be looking for in a car...(if only they were looking for that in a man) :D



    I have nothing to do with the "plot". Again, I spoke in generalizations. It was someone else who mistook my identity, thought I was Andrew and exposed her own situation. No one was expecting that.

    I know its like all the best krimis you don´t know quite what is coming next. Did she expose herself to the fish at the japanese restaurant and then become miracously pregnant like the Virgin Mary?


  10. @ Bluedave


    But you still have not told us who Osbaston is and what he has to do with the plot. Perhaps you are keeping that until the next exciting episode. :huh: