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  1. @canuck


    I was out for dinner on Friday with the peeler who is organising all the security for matches at the allianz arena, he is also organising the security for the pope´s visit to Riem. Although my german is not the best he has assured me that all tickets will be checked. He also expects half empty stadia in a lot of cases because VIPs who have been offered tickets are not going to use them because it is a taxable benefit. And no he could not get me tickets... :huh:


  2. I would like to have seen England do well in this WC but the squad selection is beyond belief. It looks as if you guys will be playing Crouch and a seventeen year old up front. I thought this link was a bit of fun but hard to see any selection that would win the WC.


  3. Sorry I just could not resist that. I think it is a good idea and gives people a choice if they are not big Indian curry fans. Unfortunately this wednesday is a no no as i have to get up at five thirty on Thursday morning and the temptation to over indulge would be too great :(


  4. @STB


    I guarantee he responds. I personally feel that there must be some other way of testing products and medication without resorting to testing it on animals. I notice that now instead of autopsies they are carrying out virtuatopsies to determine cause of death. Surely we can determine the cause chemicals will have on humans without testing it on anyone.


  5. @ grazzenger


    Agreed on all points, my bear, beard, chinese jesus, jar of tears, bowl of strawberries and ice cream and support of irishboy are all now going for an afternoon nap. Women taller than 5"8 are requested not to intrude.