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  1. Pussyfooting around or actually implicating Lilly can backfire. If SP's ex is as bad as she sounds she could basically light on Lilly for mentioning this to her Father and tell her not to be telling her Father about this sort of stuff in the future and thus making the relationship with his daughter more fraught.


    Edit: And no she is not manipulating you now but you are allowing her behaviour from the past to impact on how you interact with her. That is not a healthy situation for any of you.


  2. ...Yeah I meant to add an edit that you could be accused of stalking her but to be fair it could look that way from her perspective if she is warped enough. I would just right out and ask her and say that you had been viewing property in the area because you had been thinking about moving closer to your daughter. If your daughter is moving you have a right to know and just tell her that.


    Edit. as Sarabyrd said prior to edit


  3. Completely off topic off course but does anyone else find the use of the word "touristic" in the title a bit odd?


    I was going to add Is it racist? Is it sexist? Is it bad English? to the title but doubted if my Irish humour would be appreciated :D


  4. Thanks everyone for the ideas and suggestions. I have spent a great deal of time and effort to identify the problem in the past but to no avail. Without going into a great degree of detail of the problems of the last few days I have spoken to an IT specialist from the manufacturer and the PC is going back directly to him rather than their third party service provider as before. He has acknowledged that there is something amiss, and a new OS and two complete reinstalls without any network connection has not resolved the issue. Because of the procedure he believes a virus is unlikely. I am just waiting for the RMA so it will likely be Monday before it is sent off. I am pretty confident that this guy will confirm that there is genuinely a problem and that if it cannot be repaired I will get an equivalent replacement.


    I will update how it is all eventually resolved but it may take some time.


  5. Thanks for the tips guys. I will try out a couple of things as suggested but it sticks in the gullet that I may have bought a 1000 Euro pup. It is still under warranty but proving it to the manufacturer is the real problem. Funnily, when I run task manager, the processor barely breaks a sweat but ram is always running at around 90% to 100%.


    I realise Microsoft will get their pound of flesh from somewhere with regards to Windows 10 but the real question for me is whether to stay in that environment or not. I have had enough not responding errors to last me a lifetime and am not really inspired to reinvest in more of the same unless I am fairly certain it is the right way to go.


  6. I have been reading a lot about the upcoming launch of Windows 10, which will be free for existing Windows 7 users and upwards, ( obviously I am not posting a link to other media outlets as I have noticed quite a few of those type of posts mysteriously disappearing on TT) and I have been wondering whether to stay in the Microsoft ecosystem and invest in new hardware that runs Windows.


    I will admit to an emotional attachment to Windows, as it is the environment that I grew up with, from the early days of MS Dos right through to Windows 8, more on that later. I am, though, by no means a Windows fanboy and have an Ipad, a couple of Android phones and a Blackberry which I honestly despise. The Ipad is a couple of years old and I have only upgraded the OS once to 6.1.2. That was a nightmare to say the least and it took days to get it all back into working order. That left such a deep scar that I have never upgraded since on any device that I have, since when it is working why fix the wheel if it ain't broken. This is probably a very backward and technophobe sort of attitude but I just prefer when things just work instead of having to spend huge amounts of time and energy getting them to work after upgrading. I did upgrade one of my android phones but that was only after a 40 degree wash in the washing machine and having to reset it and then upgrade... surprisingly it went very smoothly, maybe it was the conditioner :D


    So two years ago I decided to buy a new notebook with Windows 8 and all the bells and whistles that I required for a grand or so. From day one the laptop performed poorly: it would take ages to boot up even though it had an SSD (solid state drive, supposed to be faster), an i7 processor, and 8GB of ram. Now I would see through it if I had loads of things on the PC but basically it was just office and a browser and the apps in the Metro side, I took all the bloatware off. Yet I would wait minutes for programs to respond on the Metro or desktop side. I got really pissed off at the amount of time I had to wait as that little blue circle whirred with the message "explorer, word, or program of choice is not responding". And it got worse with time, initially a refresh helped, but that meant reinstalling programs back on the desktop, and then I turned to resets or complete reinstalls which meant reinstalling my data as well. About three months ago these features stopped working in Windows and had to revert to system recovery from the manufacturer on boot up. Eventually, that too failed, and even though I had boot and recovery disks etc nothing would work. I sent the PC back under warranty and they could find no hardware fault but installed windows again. I just set the PC up again today and the same performance issues remain.


    Now, it is possible that I just got a dud, but to be fair to the manufacturer, they have put the PC through extensive tests, or so they say, and everything is fine from a hardware perspective. The question really is do I spend another grand on a new PC and hope that it is not a Windows 8 issue and rather a hardware configuration one or do I just bite the bullet and buy a Mac. Off course I have used Macs before but looking at the web there seems to be just as many people with Mac problems as Windows ones.


    The thing is that this new stuff on Windows 10 looks really exciting but if it performs like Windows 8 does for me, then they can stick it where the sun don't shine even if it is for free. So what I am looking for is some honest feedback from people that are using Windows 8 laptops, are they running like a dog or singing like the sun? If it is the latter, could anyone lend me one of theirs for a week just to prove to myself that it is really so and that my suspicion that Windows has so much legacy crap that it will never perform to a level that is acceptable like in Apple and Android devices.


    Thanks in advance for your help.


  7. Just a few questions out of interest on the whole mini job setup. The employer has to make a contribution of €139.45 for health, tax and pension insurance. Does the employee benefit from this payment or just the government in terms of health insurance? Why do German employers choose this method and is it financially beneficial to them? Coincidentally, I see these types of jobs advertised every week in the local rag and they seem to be the same posiitions every other week. I am may be being a bit cynical but it appears as if something quite dodgy is going on if these jobs appear week after week.


    Edit: I am just curious as we were talking to a young waitress in town who was working forty hours a week for 450 Euro but she said the tips made it worth her while??? Sounds like taking advantage of vulnerable individuals to me.


  8. I have never read this thread in its entirety though I have read quite a bit of it but the number of hoops that you need to jump through and the amount of technical jiggery pokery knowledge required to get TV from the UK just seems so overwhelming for most of us mere mortals that I just couldn't be bothered with it. I prefer my technology to just be plug and play i.e. plug it in and it works. I am aware there are solutions that accomplish that but when I have Kabel English channels that I pay for and never watch it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to splash out on those either. I admit to watching Filmon once in a blue moon but that doesn't cost me a bean.


    I just feel that this ovbg guy, whether he gets a kick back from Overplay or not, puts a lot effort into answering the questions of mere Luddites like myself and makes it as simple and as straightforward to watch TV, without spending an arm and a leg or having the technical knowledge of some IT guru. I think he does a good job to be fair to him.


  9. I think you are probably making the right decision. It is often the case with smaller firms that they can flout the law. A few years back I worked for a small company outside Munich and was just like you I was late for a meeting because of traffic issues. The owner sent me home and docked a day's pay. I contacted a good friend of mine who is a lawyer in employment law and she said although what he was doing was not within the law that taking the legal path would just end up with me being jobless and with little recourse against it.


    I just bit my tongue and accepted it because I realized it was much easier to get another job when I was already in one, even though it was a living hell.


  10. No harm to Jay but if I was worried about someone I wouldn't be undermining them and making them feel smaller than they already feel. The OP has balls and seems a decent person to boot so they will be OK.


    If it doesn't work out in Hamburg I will offer room and board in Munich! Just pm me.


  11. Lookit Jay you are Being a bit of a prick here. The girl is looking for a job in Germany and a visa, and hoping for some help to survive between now and when the job materialises, if indeed it does.


    She has already stated she cannot or will not go back to the US so critics on her choices or on her use of English is particularly small minded and useless. Telling her how bad Berlitz are or how bad it is to be a teacher of English as a foreign language doesn't actually help her in any way whatsoever. Maybe she is aiming for this because it is the only real opportunity she has, so for people on TT to be undermining this and making fun of her English is pretty fucking low in my opinion,. In spite of this barrage the girl has remained upbeat and nice to a fault, so I say good on her. If anyone deserves a job and a chance in this country she does!


  12. My experience has been that there is always a call out fee for tradesmen. If someone travels from a firm to my place and spends time talking to me about or looking at the problem I have then I don't mind paying for that service. I don't expect anyone to do it for nothing. On the other hand some of the call fees have been extortionate especially from heating engineers so I would be interested to hear if there is any legislation that covers this practice.


    I did search here and got nothing and all I got from google was ads about call out girls; this is someone else's normal pc so I am beginning to wonder what he does in his spare time. :)


  13. Utter and complete bollocks. Go to the about me page on the site you posted and you will see that they are trying to sell young women to rich old expats. Disgusting!


    Have to say that the TT site has descended into a cacophony of ads selling furniture, baby clothes and spam and I have posted three or four posts in ten minutes which probably passes the 4% limit for the day. Not a happy mixture and really sad too:(


  14. I was at home on Saturday evening when I saw that this thread that I started was still active. I was tempted to post a song that I had tried hard to find at the time of my original post but could not find at that time. Hey I thought, no longer broken hearted no need to post here. I saw Bob's post about a funeral yesterday and really meant to post the song because there is a line that says "my boyhood friends and old relations have all passed on now like melted snow" and I felt it was appropriate but was too busy to get around to it. So I will post the first one I could not find in 2009 and then I will be again...


    EDIT : Obviously TT is as simple as it always was to add YouTube but I am not in the best form to remember how it works so I will just post the link.


    Tried everything to embed the link that I could think of and it didn't work so posting will have to do. maybe it is different on an Ipad or something???




  15. Mr. Muscle Cera-fix does a great job of removing those grey patches from your ceramic hob



    It is sometimes hard to get a hold of but just type "mr muscle cera-fix de" into google and you will be able to get it online.


    As for the guy looking for the really thorough clean (for his house not himself), a mate of mine had a fire in his apartment a while back and a fire damage company came and cleaned up the whole place. Now my mate would not be the sort who does a lot of cleaning and although the bathroom and kitchen were not damaged, they had not been cleaned properly in about five years. The fire damage company cleaned them both up and they really look like new, and I can tell you the bathroom used to be so bad that I used to always hold on until I got home. So anyone looking that sort of service should check out fire damage companies or ask their house insurer for a company that they can refer. I am pretty sure it is not cheap though.


  16. Saimun,


    I am going to try and be as diplomatic as possible here and try not to offend you but it is really unclear what the problem is here.


    I am assuming your boyfriend is leaving the WG so whether a girlfriend is allowed to spend the whole weekend in her boyfriend's WG is really immaterial unless he intends to move to another one and you intend to spend the weekends with him there.


    Do you want to take the house in charge to court, do you want to recover money or just tell us exactly what you want to do?


    It is difficult to offer advice if no one knows what you are talking about.


    Oh and just for future reference when you write in capitals on a forum that is regarded as shouting.


  17. I am somewhat mystified that if this WG was such a dump that you and your boyfriend would choose to spend every weekend there together rather than using your own place..


    The "house incharge" has a point that you have been using more amenities every weekend than if your boyfriend was there on his own and has decided to add an extra month's rent. The legality of this is dubious unless there is such provision in the contract your boyfriend signed but in my opinion going legal on this is not worth the hassle of one month's rent. Personally I would just pay up and put it down to experience.


    I am sure someone who knows the law will be along shortly to tell you whether this extra charge is legal or not.