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  1. Well our society used to tee off at nine but we finished drinking at about four the next morning. But I am sure we can accomodate starting about four or the weekends. Our outings were always on a Sunday mostly with a bank holiday to follow. I will have to check if we can get weekends if we can get the numbers


  2. I am that bad that I once hired out a buggy in Tuscany and they had to come with a replacement one at the eleventh hole.




    Bring the man along too. and you have not lived until you touch a golf club ;)


  3. I have just passed my test to play golf in Germany which I was required to do simply because I never required a handicap to play at any club in Ireland. I read on this thread that there is an English Golf Society which organises golf outings at reduced green fees and as long as you do not demolish the course you do not need a handicap.


    If there was enough numbers we could set up a Toytown Golf Society or possibly an Arc golf society if Hazza was willing to lay on a few crates of beer for the bus journey there and back. We could get reduced green fees if the numbers were big enough and we ate at the golf course we were attending. Five card stud and poker could be optional activities en route and off course there would be prizes for the best scores, closest to the pin and longest drives (even wayward ones like Keydeck :D ). Realistically we need between twenty and thirty people to make this thing a goer and I would be happy to organise it even with my limited German. I think once a month would suffice which means we should be able to organise five days between now and October.


    Anyone who is interested pm me and we will try and get this thing off the ground. If there are enough people interested to make it viable then I will post it up in events with dates, times, cost and locations. Hoping to hear from you all soon.




  4. @Skokian


    Well I passed this stupid test with 27 points for nine holes. I was really nervous at the first couple of holes where I scored nothing. The two German guys I was teamed along with added extra shots for swinging on the tee and added three shots when my ball fell off the tee and I replaced it. My German, rather than knowledge of the rules meant that I could not dispute their scoring rationale but they ended up up sixteen points each.


    Everyone passed apart from some poor Danish women who was with two other guys who applied the rules quite harshly. If the rules had been applied equally to everyone I am sure only 50% would have passed but it seemed most other groups worked together to ensure they all got the required points.


    Anyway I am interested in playing and although I will take up membership at this club out by Brunnthal, near Ikea, I think the best option is to join the English Golf Society, which organises golf outings(See above where we have been merged to). I played in a number of societies in Ireland and it really is a cheap, fun way to play golf. I also think the idea of organising a Toytown tournament or a society is a really good idea and I would be willing to organise this if there was enough interest. Anyway if you or anyone else is interested in playing no matter what the format, send me a pm and we can hook (no pun intended) up.


  5. I played quite a bit in Ireland but never registered a handicap as it was mostly along with mates in a golf society. I have to do the test to get my license tomorrow to be allowed to play on courses here. If I pass I would certainly interested in playing. I am very keen but that would need to be measured against the fact that I am quite crap.


  6. I get the impression that Mrs Coulter works for an Employment or Recruitment agency. This particular phenomenon has had as much benefit to the prospective employer (and employee) as the atomic bomb had for Hiroshima. A cv is designed to get an interview with the prospective employer not the middleman. I am amaged at the number of recruitment agencies who send prospective employees, with wonderful cv's, who are not equipped to perform the job and these people are supposed to have the skills to vet them. Conversely, it is the person with the less than polished cv that is often better suited to a particular job. Anyone can write a brilliant cv (just as anyone can read it) but that does not mean they can do the job well. Only the person who knows what the job actually entails on a day to day basis can determine if the candidate is suited to the post and a cv on its own is not going to do that. There is too much emphasis on buzzwords and bullshit and this has been created for the most part by the employment agencies themselves.


  7. I am all for a bit of humour but I find it rather ironic that women whine about how men have become when it was women who encouraged men to develop more sensitivity and get in touch with their feminine side in the first place. I have not personally come across this German type but know some whose expenditure on male grooming would fund a small farm holding in Ireland. I think this particular poster falls into the female stereotypical role of never being happy; even if this guy changed to suit her idea of a hunk, she would still find aspects of him to despise and ridicule. I remember one particlar girlfriend complaining that I washed the car too often. I took it to the car wash once a month. I now rarely wash my car (I began to feel uncomfortable about it) but every time I see her in her car it is immaculate compared to mine. She now takes her car to the same carwash as I did every week. And people wonder why I have not worked out women or vice versa :D