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  1. This is getting better and better. We have 18 by my arithmetic, but I will go through the posts tomorrow to get exact figures. I will also mail the guy at the English Golf society and come back with more info as soon as he gets in touch with me.


    @ Skokaan


    Only eighteen holes. I thought someone as keen as you would have went round twice :)




  2. I think it is interesting to look at the countries where non smoking was introduced in public enclosed places i.e. bars and restaurants. The first European country to do so was Ireland and this was feted as protecting the health of employees and the general public. Ironically you now find most bar patrons (including the majority of non-smokers) in the areas that have been specially constructed to facilitate smoking outdoors. The only people that are inside are "the militant non-smokers"; they usually reach the heady numbers of two or three, enjoying their own company. In fact it is normal practice after hours, when most business is done, to lay ashtrays out on the table to make the business feasible. The fact is that if businesses were to rely on the "militant non-smoker" as a source of income they would have no business. These people are not only killjoys for themselves but those around them. They are now trying to ban smoking outside and if they succeed there they will then turn their attention to some other activity that people enjoy: smoking is only the thin end of the wedge, soon it would be drinking, eating unhealthy foods, farting in public, burping, driving your car fast, then driving your car at all, the list is endless. The fact is that most "militant smokers" are reformed smokers. They do not want smoking banned because of the health implications for others, they want it banned because they choose to give up smoking and it annoys the fuck out of them and they cannot bear to see anyone else enjoying what they have decided not to do. We all know smoking kills and we know that second hand smoke kills as well. People that choose to continue to smoke know this, patrons of bars know this and they both make a choice. If the "militant non-smoker" does not want to be subjected to the effects of second hand smoke then he has the same choice as the two groups above. Does he make that choice ? The hell he does, he would rather winge about others impinging on his rights than make a positive decision to go elsewhere.


    The biggest laugh posted by these fucking loonies here has been the production of carbon monoxide by smokers. This is absolutely ludicrous. Carbon monoxide is produced by anything that we burn and is produced in phenomenally higher amounts by the fossil fuels we burn, the cars we drive, our industry, than if all the smokers in the world chain smoked until their last puff. What do they want to do, bring the modern world to a complete standstill because of CO production. Smokers have higher levels of CO in their blood than non smokers but the levels are miniscule and certainly completely overshadowed by the other detrimental effects associated with smoking. I and other smokers know this.


    Smoking is the top preventable cause of death, followed by obesity and then alcohol. If the anti smokers get their way smoking will be completely banned, then eating, then alcohol and I am sure they will come up with some way of banning sex, drugs and rock and roll as well. So beware "the militant non-smoker", they will tell you everything they are doing is in your interest, they will ask you if you really want to die, but in fact all they want to do is take away your life, because they are unhappy with the one they have themselves.


  3. Well this is now becoming a distinct possibility. I think we have 12 at the moment but it will be better for me to check this when I am not slightly intoxicated and when I get back to munich on Sunday. I am going to mail the guy in the english golfers society for some concrete information and even if we do not get the required number of people I think we latch on to his group. From some cursory investigation I think we need about 30 people to make our own society a goer. I will check the topic again on Sunday evening.


  4. @Nicky


    Just for the out of towners like myself which U do you take to Regerplatz from someone who is here five months and still cannot find his way around. oh i just realised that you go to Rosenheimer platz. Even i should be able to get there.


  5. @ Jeckel


    Its difficult to say you want to be faithful and yet ask about threesomes with her best friend.


    Faithfulness is not just about shagging it is about to being true to the person you are in love with and if you are constantly thinking about shagging other women then you cannot possibly love this one.


    I think Hams is right, the girl wants out and is trying to do it without hurting you. Just walk away man, it is the right thing to do.


  6. We have only got eight plus Carpediem who will join us if we come and play at her Scandanavian tournament.


    The interest is not as much as i would have expected. sorry that first sentence came out different than I wanted it to come out.


  7. There are three possibilities here. This girl has a problem and needs some help; jeckel has a problem and needs some help or they both have a problem and need some help. Whatever way you look at it they need help and i do not think they will find it within the confines of the relationship as it is at present. Do both yourself and her a favour and break up with her before it leaves an indelible mark on both of you.


  8. @ carpediem und grassenger


    The und was just to show off my German. Is a handicap required for this tournament. Cost is a bit steep. I thought about thirty yoyos a head if we can get enough people. Prizes would not be flights though, well maybe the flights for a set of darts. If we cannot get enough people here maybe Eschenhof would be a good idea.