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  1. Well it looks as if I will be the only TTer there. I hope I do not make a fool of myself. I was down playing the nine hole course yesterday and the championship course is massive with lots of water and woods. So it looks as if I will be in the trees a lot as well as getting wet. I will report back and let you all know how it went.




  2. i have just got confirmation that the cost is 45€ on the 18 hole championship course and includes the option of a nine hole texas scramble in the afternoon. Sorry for the confusion i thought we would be playing the nine hole public course. the cost of the championship course is normally 55€ on weekends.


  3. Well there are a wealth of opportunities to play golf this weekend.


    The English Golf society have invited TTers to attend their golf outing at Ebersberg on Sunday 28th May as guests.


    There is no requirement for club membership or an official handicap to play, the only proviso is that we do not hack up the course. Normal green fees are 28€ but I am awaiting confirmation that this will be reduced.


    Tee off is at 8.30am and I have spaces for two people in my car who I can collect at 7.30am at Trudering Bahnhof. Others need to use their own steam to get to Ebersberg on this occasion.


    I have added the golf outing to the events calender.


    If anyone is interested in attending please post here as I need to inform the EGS Captain of numbers to reserve tee times.


    It would demonstrate some enthusiasm on the part of TT golfers if we could at least have a few people attending. Looking forward to your responses




  4. No probs Enda I was only ragging you a little bit. I have also been looking at various organisations where for an annual fee you can play on any couse in Bayern. I am having the information translated at the moment because I do not trust my German that much.


    With regards to Ebersberg on Sunday they will take as many guests as we want but if it is anymore than two or three they would need to know in advance. I know it is a very early start but I think if it is just me who attends it does not show a great deal of enthusiasm on our part.


    On this occasion there are still two free spots in my car but they can usually organise between members if it is flagged up in advance. So lets try and get a bit of a turn out.






  5. This is not a rant, more of a question of how hairdressers justify their prices in Germany. I know the topic has been done to death but this is another perspective.


    I went last week looking to get my hair cut in Trudering and visited three empty establishments, all of which told me I needed an appointment. I ended up making an appointment with the one that could "fit me in" the earliest and stipulated that all I required was a cut which they said was no problem. In the course of the last week I passed each of these hairdressers on several occasions, each time, each one of them was deserted apart from the staff and I wondered how they could survive. Today I found out!


    When I arrived it was empty apart from the three girls that worked there. I was lead to a wash basin. I explained that I only wanted a cut but was told that the price was the same whether I had a wash or not. So the stylist washed my hair.


    The other two employees pretend to be busy, but I know they are watching as I blush furiously. Next she dresses me in a number of contraptions that make me look as if I am going to play American football and asks me if I want a coffee. I accept because again it is included in the price. The only problem is that whatever she has dressed me in makes it impossible for me to move my arms to lift the cup of coffee and one of the other staff has to hand it to me. By this stage I am beginning to shake with embarrassment and cannot help but slurp as I drink the coffee, which is a great source of amusement to my attendees.


    Thankfully the cut is quick but I notice that very little hair has been removed as a result of the process. At this stage I do not care and all I want to do is to get out of the place. But my ordeal is not over. The stylist insists on washing my hair once more before asking if I want a head massage which she maintains is "sehr schön". I forgo the head massage and pray that the blowdry will be quick and painless.


    Eventually, it is over and the only thing I have to do to hasten my escape is pay up. "Siebenzwanzig" says the stylist and I think this is very cheap and hand her twenty saying "Zehn!" But no she repeats "Siebenundzwanzig!" and I end up paying thirty just to get out of there without further humiliation. From foot in the door to foot out the door it has been the longest twenty five minutes of my life and I have paid thirty Euro for the privilege. Not only that they have given me a stamped coupon which explains that my twelfth visit would be free. Considering I get my hair cut every six months, that would be in November 2012.


    I now resemble Adolf Hitler, without the moustache. I saw a number of the neighbours making half hearted Gerrman salutes as I passed by. On closer examination one sideburn is an inch longer than the other. I knew my head was not entirely symmetrical but I did not think it was that lopsided. My German flatmate thinks it is wonderful and that I may well start a trend.


    My four quid at the barbers or tenner at the hairdressers, if I really wanted to splash out, seems a lifetime away.


  6. ...woke up stark naked in a graveyard and had to walk home with no clothes at eight thirty on a Saturday morning.


    ...on several occasions mistook the main door for the bathroom door in a hotel room and had to go to reception bollock naked to get a spare key.


  7. @FX5


    You can certainly hire out clubs at the courses that the EGS(English Golf Society) use and you do not need a handicap or club membership to play with them. For my part I am happy to cover the petrol costs anyway.


    @Enda Storey


    I thought a semi-serious golfer would have no problem with the early tee time :D I know the tee off is a bit early but that is the pay off for reduced green fees. As I said earlier the EGS looks like a simple option but if it does not satisfy the criteria of everyone we can set up something ourselves that will.


    The whole idea here is to organise golf that is cheap, fun and available to golfers on TT of all abilities with no prerequisites for handicaps or club membership. At this point the EGS fufils most of those requirements.


    Although I have not heard back from them yet I am still going to attend on Sunday to check it out. Anyone that wants to join me is more than welcome and there are still two spaces available in my car. We can then report back if EGS suits the needs of TT golfers or not and see if people want to join EGS or if we should start a society ourselves.




  8. I know transport is a big issue and I am still waiting for confimation of the English golf society handle this. I think if we have the numbers it should not be too difficult to organise a minibus or coach if this is what people want or need. I am still waiting for a reply on TTers checking out Ebersberg on Sunday as guests and as soon as I get it I will post it in events (probably tomorrow) and see what response we get.




  9. @ 3Lions


    Get her to go to a solicitor. She will be covered by the UK Insurance Compensation Board (I think that is what it is called). All Insurers pay a percentage of the premium they receive to cover eventualities just as you described. I am glad she is ok but she should get all the monies required to repair her car.


  10. @ potbelly


    I really do not think that is true. I do not smoke where smoking is banned and where the company includes non-smokers I will always ask if they mind if I smoke. When I am eating in a restaurant I will always smoke outside if there are people present who do not like cigarette smoke. I only get the hump when people who do not smoke act as if it is their God given right to stop me from smoking in a pub that is already packed with smokers.


  11. Well folks


    Here is the correspondence between Mervyn, from the English golf society and myself:


    Hi Mervyn

    Many thanks for the quick response. I have read the website and I am very impressed. I believe, as you say, it is just the ticket for us and there is no point in reinventing the wheel. The only question that I have is about transport. Do you organise a coach or is getting to the course up to each individual golfer? I have transport myself but I think it may be a problem for some of our other prospective players.

    I will post the details you provided on the Toytown site and see what the response is from those that have expressed an interest.

    I will come to Ebersberg myself on Sunday and was wondering if you can confirm that it is ok if other TTer´s attend just to see what it is like.

    Best regards


    Zitat von Mervyn G Iles <>:

    > Hi Tony,

    > Many thanks for your email enquiring about the English Golf Society. It

    > sounds as if we are just the ticket for you. At present I am in the UK and

    > will return to Munich on 30th May, until when I do not have access to my EGS

    > data stored on my machine in Munich. Meanwhile, however, may I point you to

    > our web site where you will find answers to most of

    > the questions you posed. I should also mention that if you would like to

    > check us out, you are welcome to turn up as a guest at one of our events the

    > next of which are:

    > 24. May 8.30 Pfaffing, 28. May 8.30 Ebersberg, 6. June 14.00 Erding. Details

    > of the courses are on the web.

    > Hope to meet you on the 1st tee in the near future,

    > Best regards,

    > Merve Iles


    As you can see they are keen for us to come on board and it looks very professionally organised. The only question is about transport, which I am sure we can arrange between us. I personally would have liked to have a bus going to each event so everyone that wanted to drink could do so and I think a trip by coach creates good atmosphere and camaradarie but maybe that is something for further down the line.


    I assume that Mervyn will have no problem with guests attending on Sunday. I will set it up in events for Sunday the 28th May at Ebersberg golf course at 8.30am later on this evening.


    I can probably squeeze two other people and all the clubs and stuff into my car. The first two people to pm me have the spots and we will meet at Truderinger Bahnhof on Sunday at 7.30am.


    If people still think it is best to set up our own society we can look at that after we have checked out this option.







    Topcat, you want to give up smoking it's doing more than killing you, it's fucking up your attachment to reality

    Jean Pierre, at least I have an attachment to reality to lose. With your understanding of chemistry and the real world it is surprising that you have not disappeared in a puff of smoke already. Please tell us that you are not French as your name suggests, because then to top everything else you are a boring fuck as well...




    You're arguments are the same shit that smokers use against banning smoking in public all the time and they are crap.

    This is very simple to understand. Your smoking affects others in ways that they do not like, and you are a minority. Most of the examples you give above do not affect anyone else other than the user, and as such these will not (or at least should not) be banned.


    I think if you check your facts you will find that alcohol consumption has a much more direct effect on other individuals rather than the user, than smoking has, as indeed does driving fast. I think an assurance from someone such as yourself would not convince me that they are not as in much danger of being banned as smoking.


    Here you go again. Your smoking pisses people off, and in some cases it kills people. That said, going back to the main topic, I don't have a problem when people smoke in smoking establishments however I would just rather that they enact some legislation like they have in quite a few countries now to make all these area's non smoking.

    I have never heard such a consise and sensible argument in my life :wacko: " I have no problem with people smoking in smoking establishments but I would prefer if they banned them altogether" That , my friend, is like saying I do not mind Jews, but I would prefer if you gas them. That is why most non-smokers consider the views of people like Jean-Pierre and yourself as fascist.


  13. Yeah bluedave


    I have been getting that feedback myself as it seems it is a numbers game here. I spoke to a few mates who are members of various clubs and the enthusiasm to cater for societies especially new ones is pretty low. My biggest concern is that all those that expressed an interest get the opportunity to play golf whether they have a handicap or not. I am waiting for Mervyn from the English Golf Society to get back to me and I will update everyone as soon as I get some concrete information.


  14. "would have gone" then but up North you say "would have went" which I think sounds much more lyrical although not grammatically correct. Anyway grammar is for those who lack originality. Teachers pah! :)