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  1. I apologise if you feel it was a personal attack, arundasi, I merely pointed out the hypocrisy of not posting the Daily Mail link.


    The bigger question that this video raises which is purportedly of the last moments of the flight, ( I doubt its authenticity personally), is how it got into the hands of the press?


    If TT really wants to show solidarity, condolence and sympathy with the victims and relatives I would suggest that a day of not posting on this thread would be a much greater demonstration of empathy and respect than speculation and hypothesising how the relatives would feel about this damn video? That is what I will be doing anyway.


  2. Now you are just being obtuse! There is a world of difference in reading a thread on this accident on one hand and on the other sensationalizing every piece of information that emerges, linking to it and then sympathizing with the relatives. It smacks of glee and duplicity. How is a supposed video of the final moments of the crash going to help you decide whether to fly or not, and what the risks are? Rubbish.



    I won't link to it as it's in the Daily Mail


    Why not??? You have linked to and perpetuated every other piece of voyeuristic journalism associated with this tragedy and then have the gall to say how terrible it is for the relatives of those that died. In my opinion people who participate in spreading this bile are just as bad as the people who write it or those who provide the information to so called newspapers :angry:


  4. I thought your one owned the place, or at least rented it, or maybe run it...


    It's going to be like Top Gear without Jeremy Clarkson :ph34r:


    Edit: Or maybe they are just desperate to get us posting? :P


  5. I thought I had better update this while I was here.


    The laptop went to the specialist from the manufacturer, I am not really sure what the guy did but the PC came back in the middle of February, and has been running more or less perfectly (touch wood) since then. There are still rare instances where everything will grind to a standstill for a few seconds with a lot of applications open but I can live with that. The only downside is that if I ever decide to do a Refresh I will be back to Windows 8 and will have to reinstall all desktop applications and upgrade again to 8,1. I have an image of 8.1 as well but have read of issues with that when the PC was bought originally with Windows 8 and then upgraded to 8.1.


    As long as this notebook works I will stick with it but I am tempted to move to a MacBook Air in the future. Thanks for all the advice.


  6. Arrange is the key word here Eric. If you set the capital repayment to 2% how many years will it take to repay the loan? In the UK you do not set a capital repayment, instead you set a term i.e. number of years in which you want the whole mortgage paid off, that to me seems much more straight forward. If someone can demonstrate that paying a 2 or 3% tilgung will pay off your mortgage in 20 years then I am clearly confused? :)



    Where did you get that from? Of course, you can choose to pay off more of the principle than the standard 1 or 2% p.a.


    I don't have a German mortgage so I am probably not best positioned to comment however I know they are not like a UK mortgage where the debt and the principle is paid off in a term of 15, 20 or 25 years. I am aware that you can choose to pay off more but how many people are actually disciplined enough to do that if it is not structured that way in the first place?


  8. If you read a lot of previous threads on TT you will see lots of advice stating that housing prices in Bavaria remain static in real terms, that it makes more sense to rent than buy, that buying is not a sound investment. Perhaps because I always bought wherever I worked or lived, and I never looked at any property purchase as an investment and I had made enough money from previous property purchase, it made sense to me anyway, to buy. Although, it was a gut decision more than a calculated one, it has so far turned out to have been the right one. In fact I wish I had bought a few more houses as purely investment :P


    Eight years later I am not really sure what I would do in the current situation although a few friends have asked me. I see prices of over 500K for a new 90m2 apartment in Munich and even with low interest rates that is a lot of dosh. I highly doubt that I earn enough for a bank to give me a 400K mortgage, and the way mortgages are structured in Germany seems very odd to me because it appears that you tend to be paying interest and very little off the principal itself, which kind of defeats the purpose of buying in the first place... I told you I was no financial expert!


    So my advice to date has been that if you are buying to live in the place, you intend to live there for the foreseeable future, and you can comfortably afford the mortgage and put some extra aside to pay off the principle then it is a reasonable thing to do.


    Will the current high prices be sustained or as the OP says will the bubble burst? Nobody has a crystal ball that can tell you the future with any certainty. You have to make a decision and live with it, no matter what may occur in the future.


  9. See my edit. Just because you out yourself as something and peers agree doesn't mean it is true. I know many men who are faithful, true and would never countenance of having sex with another woman rather than their partner. If you do not know people like this then you are either lying to yourself or there is a huge gap in your social life.


  10. There is nothing quite like overstating a stereotype B)


    And there is no doubt it is one! There are many men who have an active interest in sex but remain faithful to one partner, there are those for whom sex is only ever considered as part of a loving relationship (may seem weird to you and I Jay but I have met many of them). I used to reassure myself that there was something wrong with men like this, that they were not real men or they were in a coma as you put it because they did not behave in an evolutionary sexual manner like a lot of men do. The fact is they just have more self control than men like you or I and that bruises our egos doesn't it?


    If we assume all men are sex mad like you or I then we or women or other men will get it wrong with embarrassing regularity.



    Men are always interested. Do women really not understand this?


    If you ask 10 men if they want to fuck, 11 will say yes.


    Edit: I guess they do understand this, and that is behind the rise of women-only meetups...


    I am not really sure if Jay is stereotyping all men to his standard just to make himself feel good or whether it is to curry favour with women. :P



    . The lack of attendant men just means a purer experience, since most humans behave at least slightly differently when members of the opposite sex are present.


    Thank God for Dessa Dangerous. To listen to the rest of you you would think that all men were complete hornballs and nothing else and were incapable of interacting with a woman in any environment without sex coming into the equation. In mixed meetups there are just as many predatory women as there are men, and very often people change in these settings than in an all woman setting. And as far as blokes attending or barging into those gatherings would any man want to be stuck in the middle of girly gossip and idle chatter? If you are that desperate for sex just pay for it and do your ears a favour. :D



    Irrespective of the sales contract, even for second-hand goods, the company must supply goods that are essentially fit for purpose, unless they highlight any defects beforehand and you are made aware of them/agree.


    If the engine was clearly not fit for purpose at the outset then you have a claim for repair or replacement, or under certain circumstances, a refund. Any claim you currently have is somewhat weakened by you not giving the original supplier an opportunity to address the issue when it was originally discovered, and of course neither you not they know if the garage did something improper while fitting the engine causing the problem you now have.


    If you originally contacted the supplier within 14 days of them supplying the engine, you have (or at least had) a right to reject the engine, even without it having any fault.m


    What is their justification for it being "not their fault"??


    You need to be pretty hard, and simply write a formal letter rejecting the engine, require them to collect it and demand a refund, quoting your consumer rights (§ 312d BGB). If that doesn't have any effect then you need to resort to legal redress, which may mean employing a lawyer. Now comes the oft-asked question - do you have legal insurance?


    I am definitely no legal expert but I am just referring to YL6's earlier post. In my opinion if the shoes are leaking water they are not fit for purpose and if you contact the seller within 14 days as I read it you have the right to a refund. Perhaps YL6 or Panda Munich if they are about could clarify your consumer rights in this case.