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  1. This argument seems to have become one between liberal/conservative, left/right, right/wrong. I admit I haven't read any of it but it seems that the argument is similar to the one Hillary Clinton is espousing about social media in the US election, although she was supported by most of the normal media outlets in the election. In Germany we are told that the traditional media is ignoring the huge amount of wrongs from the incoming immigrant population and social media is making us aware of how terrible it really is, in the UK it is an anti immigrant media but a mostly liberal social media- Personally I am basically immune to all this shite,


    Tell me, one of you people, who argue for one side or the other of media lies or social media lies, has any of this made any difference to your normal  ordinary day lives? Has It? I bet it hasn't made one iota of difference so why the fuck are you arguing about it on TT?


    I know Jeremy has a bee in his bonnet for paedophilia, for the press lying, for the government covering up, etc.etc.etc. This may be or not be valid but it has shit all to do with the major press outlets in Germany ignoring events that we all know have happened.


    I am a Thomas Newtonian type of character, happy with my own company, I like beer a lot, I like women a lot, I like working as little as possible, I like going to bed late and sleeping late into the morning. 


    The only caveat I will make is that I tried to reply to this thread at 12.36, I could not access it, I tried various browsers, I still could not access it, now whether this is the editorial policy of TT Germany, or if we are all really being watched and controlled I cannot really say, i leave that up to you the reader.


    Goodnight and sleep well, (if you actually get the chance to read this),




  2. Tonight I have been given negative ratings on TT and I am not surprised. As people whatever our religion, our colour, our sexuality we have inalienable rights. These are not rights preached by religions, politicians, or sects; they cannot be enacted without our will; we the people can take to the streets against military might if needed. We are the people, we will help the old, the ill, the infirm an the impaired... They are as much our people as white , black, yellow, pink and golden, disabled, gay, trans, and a little bit mad. They are our people, they are all human, they are part of us, and we embrace them all in humanity and love.


    TC out


  3. Back to the important stuff. The " I can't define the word" will try to divert you from this thread that is more important than Donald or Hillary winning the White House; neither will make a difference IMHO. We can make a difference, we are all human, we are all people, we can help those in trouble, we can offer a way that encompasses our humanity and our love for everyone. We accept every race, every colour, every religion, every person, weak or strong, and together we are humanity and we will win!!! we are our voice!


  4. So do semi naked or naked women excite you more and whether they are one or both should that make any difference to them being wives of the president or not? Just thought your provocative posts were a bit non Christian so assume that you were Muslim:-) hard to know in these times!!!!


  5. Techsmex your lack of humanity does not amaze me but this is my reply to foreign friends last night:


    Limited online time but everyone I know is safe. I think the guy that committed this heinous act was actually mentally unstable, indeed I firmly believe the individuals who carry out acts such as these whether for religious or "rights" reasons have lost track of real reality and live in their own reality which is a danger to everyone including themselves. This to me is a greater danger than extremist political meanderings wherever it comes from; sick and vulnerable individuals will carry these messages out to the extreme and wreak havoc on the rest of us. I have no idea what the solution is but as much as I mourn for the victims I wonder what we should be doing to ensure that human beings should not be inflicting this type of tragedy on one another.

    Keep safe people,



    As a long time absentee from TT all the rest of the talk is shit, this is the root/route of the problem.


  6. Nice post HH. 

    I think SP, now that he has joint custody, has to point out to his ex that he must be informed and consulted with about anything that concerns his daughter. He should do that in writing.

    He has a right to be upset about not being consulted but the welfare of his daughter should always take precedence although I am sure that the fact that the ex's new man has been drafted in to attend this procedure sticks in his gullet. I think SP should insist  on his right to attend the procedure if he can do so.



  7. ​Many ex-pats informed themselves before they came here & are prepared accordingly.  Its not true as implied that "all ex-pats don't understand the laws or rules here".

    Sometimes it has nothing to do with the laws or rules here; it can be the laws and rules that apply to divorce and separation anywhere that most of us are unprepared for, especially when you believe that the relationship is stable. The sad truth is that the other party, male or female, can really screw you over if that is the type of individual they are...

    i hope it all works out for you Ray and that you can begin again like many of us have done.


  8. In terms of software upgrade implementations the tt one must list as one of the most inept of all time and I have witnessed several that were stunningly average but compared to this shambles they were like putting the first man on the moon.

     The only bonus is that all the bloody ads have disappeared. That's me though as my eNtire battery has been consumed by this paragraph :-!









  9. I sympathise with your plight here but this baby, actually not a baby but a toddler, crying up to four hours a night indicates that something is seriously amiss. She could be teething but it could also be breathing problems or reflux and leaving a toddler alone this long crying every night for months is simply bad parenting; night terrors should last half an hour maximum and if it lasts longer than that then this toddler should be seeing a doctor to find out the cause.


    The problem is that the parents do not hear the baby so they don't even know that there is a problem. The knack is communicating strongly that you are getting no sleep but as well as that explaining that you are worried about the baby's health and that this should be looked into. The only way may be recording the crying to show how long and loud it is going on for and that there should be cause for concern from a medical point of view. You should highlight that you have been a nanny and that this amount of crying is not normal.


    If that fails to get a positive response then tell them you are being left with no option but to contact your landlord because you are getting no sleep and the medical authorities because you are equally concerned about the well being of the toddler.


    I hope this helps and you can get it sorted out and hopefully you won't start being woken by crows when this is resolved :)


  10. Happy to be happy and feeling what so many posters have posted before. Sometimes I want to pinch myself because I cannot believe how lucky I am. I am not sure what I have done to deserve it but I have a great woman, a great life and years ago I could have never imagined it.


  11. As far as I know the husband can contest paternity during a pending divorce as long as the true biological Father ie You agrees to acknowledge biological paternity and follows some procedural rules although your paternity will not be acknowledged until the divorce is final.


    Off course this advice is meant for information only and you should consult a Family Lawyer.



    I'm glad you did. Thank you. We've had our problems in the past, but I really appreciate your words


    Nah, we had a difference of opinion on one thread as far as I recall, that was all.


  13. John g makes a good point and as far as I recall moderators/admin could always trace the ip of people that were posting so it should be pretty easy to discount him as jaysmoove. I have not been up to date with the whole DD thing but wasn't there someone else on a thread that accused Jay of being Jaysmoove or is that just wishful thinking on my part?


  14. I was going to send this as a pm but at the last minute I decided to post it in the thread because it is important.


    I like you Guest and I can certainly sympathise with being accused of something that you have not done and despite protests to the contrary the other person continues accusing you that you are guilty. It is a horrible feeling of complete powerlessness and I can understand your frustration. In similar situations in my own life I too have fought tooth and nail to prove my innocence but I can say looking back that it was a complete waste of energy; if someone wants to think the worst of you nothing you say will change their mind.


    Despite understanding and sympathising with you, I really cannot condone some of your posts in this thread under various usernames, you are better and bigger than that! As an aside, I think the reputation system is a joke, and those greening you and your supporters have some alternative agenda if they are greening things that are clearly wrong. People that are real friends tell us when we are making mistakes or when we are out of order and you have been out of order here on a number of occasions and although you have been provoked, it does not excuse it. Off course there are maybe some who are just greening everything to genuinely show support, but in my opinion that sort of support is misplaced because it does not really solve the impasse; if anything it just hardens the resolve of the other side.


    I think there has been some good advise to just assume another username and stop trying to win a game that cannot be won when the other side holds all the aces or maybe even technically your old account cannot be restored. Just beware the sycophants and stay cool.




  15. Hi there,


    Here are the details of a guy I used a few weeks ago for a similar problem and it was very reasonably priced, 130 euro. I know the number is a Trudering one but this guy, Peter Scheede, seems to have a few offices around Munich, according to his invoice. He gave an estimate of 120 euro beforehand but I was really pleased with the service as he fixed some issues with my other rolladen while he was here.



    Apologies I did not post earlier but I was away and could not remember his name without the invoice.