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  1. All the media is lying  you just have to have the common sense to distinguish what is true and false. Unfortunately most people will accept what is true according to their political ideology and that has often nothing to do with the truth. 


    What I find difficult on TT is that those that are right wing and facist try to disguise their extremism by pretending to be normal and then those that are a bit left or socially democratic seem to be extreme in trying to undermine their arguments.


    Let's look at facts: klubinka, Svetlana and Jeremy (sorry mate) are right wing apologists. If a revolution came they would idily stand by if the rest of us were shot or gassed. That is the fact. They support tacitally and vocally a right wing maniac that is now President of the United States. I can understand why people voted for Trump and for Brexit but the people shouting in his support are not the poor and disenfranchised. These are middle class comfortable right wingers and they are dangerous people. They are the same people that led to two world wars. I am going to finish now because Goodbob just replied to a post of mine but he is just as guilty as the others by not telling it as it is...


  2. If you work in Munich there isn't really a reason to drive although many people do so. There are signs in most supermarket car parks that you will be towed if you outstay your welcome but in reality it is not stricty enforced. Unless you live really far from where you work, and it is not accessible by public transport, or you have a company car and are expected to use it by your company; then driving to work  and parking in a supermarket car park seems pretty unreasonable to me.


  3. Have you made an application to see how much it actually costs you for this product??? Not just the price advertised???


    The English translation of this site is particularly poor so that would be an immediate red flag for me.




    I have just had a cursory check and to me it looks like travel insurance not health insurance because it mentions that you should look for long term cover if you are staying for more than 42 days. Quite fraudulent advertising if that is the case and really expensive for travel insurance!!!




  4. I'm self employed and I have public health insurance but rather than making this some huge insurmountable obstacle shouldn't the people responding just be providing advise how the OP can achieve their goals instead of tearing them apart. This is what is missing from TT and Panda I realize you give good, straight forward, well informed information.


  5. You see Bob all you do is propagandise Trump rhetoric, you don't address the issues that have caused Trump to come to power. 


    As for the Village, it is a vehicle for a bourgeois, entitled journalist, Michael Smith, who has as little in common with the ordinary man as your puppy dog has with lions: he is only interested in his own self interests.


    And yourkeau, the fact is that most normal ordinary people are misinformed, and unfortunately being people, are driven by self interest or what they believe will make their lives better... they vote purely for what they believe is self interest.


    Your analogy for health care is actually quite misinformed, doctors in Germany will continue to advise against an operational procedure, whether it is a blatant, hip, back or neck problem and individuals will spend years and vast amounts of money on various therapies and then end up having to be operated on anyway. The patient has lost years of quality of life and the only people that have benefited are so called health professionals.




  6. I can tell everyone the reason why TT is dying because it is simply unusable. I came to this thread to make a simple post after five days and was subjected to deleting the posts I had posted before and the responses to them as well before I could make a reply with no other text involved. This is so fucking shit for anyone wishing to use this site, excuse my language...


    And honestly I don't care for Trump or his policies but every post by klubbnika is negated even if she is making a relevant point and yet every GoodBob and FrauFruit post are given positive reputation even if they are just reporting stuff. 


    To me this thread is completely pointless; the people on the right will remain right, the people on the left will remain left, apart from  maybe Jeremy who is a bit schizophrenic to be honest. And maybe Zeino who makes a few impartial statements. The rest of you are fuckin loonies and have no connection to normal ordinary people who couldn't give a fuck about politics.


    As a person and not someone who spends an inordinate amount of my time on line, I find it massively worrying that the extremes from both sides represent themselves as representing us, the people. What the fuck is wrong with this world that extremists from both sides suddenly represent us???


    Unfortunately, there will be always people that take advantage of people; lots of Polish people working in the UK do so through agencies, they earn the same supposedly as UK workers, but live fifteen to a three bedroom house and the agent takes 60 per cent of their wage, and then we have UK people that have never worked a day in their lives complaining that the Polish are taking all our jobs. It's not the Polish immigrants but the fucking entrepreneurs that are abusing the system!!!


    The US states that have died from a manufacturing perspective is because it has all been shipped overseas because it costs less. Have you or I as a consumer seen any reduction in price from the products that these companies make? Fuck no, the prices are the same or even higher!


    And the real problem comes down to us as people and consumers. How many of us stop buying our IPhones because it is not manufactured in the US or Europe? What the fuck is the vicious circle that all these companies want to grow in Africa, India, Asia and Chinia? What happens when they saturate these markets? What happens to us all, our children, and or children's children?


    It is time to stop preaching rhetoric and actually start attacking the forces, the companies, that are bring our world towards self destruction.


    TC out






  7. Zeino I could try and answer all your questions but I have gone beyond my bedtime? I can only tell you that I recognice most nationalities based on extensive travel, I can differientiate between most nationalities, most enticities, most languages on a persourary meeting. If you are Indian, for example, I could tell what region you came from without you telling me, so although these guys spoke nearly perfect German, I could tell where they came from. Unfortunately this talent does not go in reverse, I speak German with a horrible Northern Ireland accent and everyone speaks English in reply. 


    My values are pretty simple compared to your own: any wrong being done without justification is a wrong, three guys glorifying beheadings is a total wrong no matter where they come from; people like this should be imprisioned and not allowed in any country!!!!!!!


    If you believe any different then you do not belong in a civilized world?


  8. Although I am apolitical I find it somewhat funny to hear klubbnika, renegade and svetlana whoever she is, and a few others supporting Trump's policies considering we are all foreigners. I recognize that he is implementing what he said he would do but that does not make it right; if he were president here in Germany maybe a lot of those supporting his views would not be welcome!!!


    As an Irishman and a foreigner here I sorta support U2




    However, there is two sides to every story. This evening as I travelled from Max Weber Platz to Michaelibad three very well dressed (better than me LOL) young men sat down in the empty seats beside me in Ostbahnhof. They spoke Perfect German to my untrained ear, one was Indian, another I believe Pakistani and the third I thought was European. They then proceeded to delight in showing videos on their phone to each other of white people being beheaded. The other passengers in the train turned their eyes away. I stood up and asked them in German what the hell they were doing and they told me in English " Fuck off you old wanker". Unfortunately I still speak German with a huge Northern Ireland accent that causes everyone in Germany to speak with me in English. I told the guy that called me a wanker that he was messing with the wrong person, he laughed and they all got out at innsbrucker ring. 


    So I am seeing all the big IT company's saying we need the talent from other countries, well off course this is only my own personal experience, this is not the sort of talent we need: having people that obviously earn good money but still are energized by seeing Europeans being beheaded should not be in Europe or the US.


    What annoyed me the most was that German people sitting adjacent, opposite and behind me said nothing.


    But it works both ways, some of the things that Trump is doing are totally stupid, why not ban countries like Saudia Arabia, Egypt or Tunisia.


    The world is becoming a strange and dangerous place.




  9. Hi. I did a search for Landschaftsgärtner in Stuttgart and got about 50 Google Maps results and gave up looking at gardeners in Stuttgart after 10 Google pages so you must be doing something wrong in google my business. I would get that part right first. Some good ideas here on promoting your business on the web but I honestly look at the local free papers or personal referral if I am looking anything done house or garden wise. I have also used people for various things that just stuck a simple flyer in the letterbox as well. 




  10. I am just finding it a bit difficult to get to grips with this thread because the boss I would assume have been the session leader so he would have had to activate co browsing or desktop sharing and would have surely been aware that all other participants would see his screen. I have nothing against anyone watching porn per se but conducting a business meeting while simultaneously watching porn seems a bit like juggling while trying to eat your dinner. It is also feasible depending on the software used that there could have been a security breach of some kind that meant that your daughter was watching a screen that had nothing to do with her boss.


    If the customer had seen  this pornographic material I am sure he would have already spoken to your daughter or her boss about it right away. Her best option is to inform both the IT department, HR and her boss that pornigraphic material appeared on her screen during a conference call without implying that her boss or anyone else in the company was in any way complicit.


    Coincidentally, there was an article on the BBC the other week about people viewing porn on public transport.