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  1. 1 hour ago, klubbnika said:


    Sorry that klubbnika is appearing in your quote Erdmann but closed topics seem to have more to do with Good Bob than anything else.


    I believe there are no active mods on this site anymore.


  2. I already addressed why it was not on TT. People read news from their preferred news sources that are more interested in supporting propaganda than reporting news. 


    It was all over the BBC but that is leftist propaganda and not reliable these days it would appear.


    I think it's called cognitive dissonance and a lot of people seem to be suffering from it.?


    According to traditional news sources he murdered the child because he could not commit suicide himself.


  3. 1 hour ago, klubbnika said:


    Then the quality needs to be protected. From the quantity. :)


    Is this Nordicism or Ayranism?


    Unbelievable, how a topic about German fertility has morphed into another political discussion.


  4. It has been all over the normal news outlets for days. Nobody is worried though is an overstatement. Authorities have been hunting the guy for days and warned the public not to approach him.


    Are you making a point about it not being highlighted on TT? Not surprised it has been not highlighted here as most of the organisation's reporting it would be regarded as fake news. 


    And honestly you need to pick a more up to date and reliable news source than the Local.


  5. So they are Muslim refugees then...


    I haven't really been following the thread but somehow this accepting a Muslim/Kurdish refugee into your home does not line up with your hypothesis of Islam taking over Europe; or are there different types of Muslims that are welcome in Europe and not a threat. Just a bit confused, enlighten me if you will.


  6. I thought that too but I'm pretty convinced it is the same guy metal. Most of the time he was so drunk a cake and carrot felt the same. Lol


    His disappearance as bad doogie also coincides with sideshows appearance on the site. He is too vain online to accept the truth with grace.


    Good (sidewalk) Bob is 100% Bad doggie.


  7. Erdogan has a Mein Kampf lituragy which is extremely worrying. I am not saying history repeats but we have a vacuum now in Europe and the USA of those who feel they are being fucked off by the elites and threatened by immigrants, undesirables, foreigners below them.


    This is the same recipe that led to world war one. Instead of uniting on what makes us the same, people are uniting on what makes my individual or nationalistic group more important.


    It is a real danger.. 


    The problem with Erdogan is that Germany is unwilling to stand up against him at federal level. They could just ban all Turkish politicians travelling to Germany but they know this would have huge NATO and UN complications.


    There were two world wars in the 20th century and if we're not careful a new war could start.... none of us will survive the next war, of that you can be sure!!!!


  8. Omg, if it is you God help Toytown and God help the world. 


    I met you in Molly Malone's in 2008 or 9 at a TT Tuesday, and although my TT persona may display an extrovert, I am actually quite introverted. I remember making a real effort, before my first beer to introduce myself to you and your partner whom you had meet at Oktoberfest. Hi, I'm Tony, new to TT and Germany, pleased to meet you both: I was greeted with a stare as if I had come from another planet, maybe Ireland is another planet. Pas who I came with, assured me it was just the way you acted with new people, another renowned Irish member of TT said it was because I tore you to shreds on a thread that has been since deleted. 


    In any case I wish you well. I hope you are having a good life in America, but liberals and those that believe in democracy, like myself, have to put forward a more convincing argument than rubbishing those that they have just elected. 


    No coca cola for me tonight. I will drink a beer in your honour and hope that you can use your vast intellect to persuade not to dissuade.


    If the carrot is a pisstake, you can fuck off you cunt...Lol




  9. image.jpg.443606435e7f0cafd5d8b5268dd3a7


    Out of line squabbles, bullies, LOL, you jest Sideshow Bob?


    Rather than participate in reasonable debate when I pointed out that you were doing nothing to undermine pro Trump rhetoric and were only posting useless anti Trump videos and memes, you resorted to calling me a drunkard, as Dylan Thomas said you brand someone an alcoholic because they drink like yourself and you just don't like them, and then to calling me a cunt multiple times, in what I thought was a rather wittedly written piece.


    Calling me a cunt, did not upset me at all, although it may have upset some ladies here. In Ireland it is considered vulgar but not obsence, and has nothing to do with a ladies intimate parts, as it is in America. In fact it is considered in the Irish vernacular, as a term of endearment, or addressing another fellow, but I am sure your drunken rants at misplaced indignation led to the particular thread being closed.


    I believe the only bully here is yourself sideshow, your continual behavior of trying to subjegate those that do not agree with what you are posting by undermining, shaming and intimidation is the trait of a bully. You say you were drafted into save Toytown, your behaviour is shaming TT, and whoever drafted you in must be wondering what the hell they employed you for; my own belief is that you are Bad Doggie, repatriated to the States and the sort of guy that always resorted to personal insults when he could not win an argument.







  10. Agree, but I believe that there have already been many "political protests" that have taken place in Germany about foreign countries politics. You cannot have one rule for one group, and a different rule for another; that's not how democracy works.


  11. I agree EI, from my limited knowledge, that he can lose this referendum but if he swings the vote in Germany that gives him a huge momentum in Turkey itself. He is playing to the same insecurities that both Trump and Brexiteers played to, if you like the populist vote, and that is what is really worrying Imo.


  12. As the world seems to be spiralling out of control the whole Erdogan mess represents one of the greatest threats to democracy, yet it seems to fall way down the news list in this time of great instability. 


    Erdogan now has the gall to call German authorities Nazis for cancelling Turkish rallies addressed by Turkish politicians in Germany. I read somewhere that the Gaggenau municipal authorities banned one such rally due to lack of parking spaces; you're not ever going to get a more German reason than that, but by doing so they have played right into Erdogan's hands. 


    There is also the issue about the right to free assembly. As far as I can see everybody seems to have this right, so how can they ban Turkish Germans from lawful assembly. This makes Germany look far from liberal or democratic. Off course the problem for Merkel and the federal government is that they cannot be seen to be standing up to Erdogan directly so they let the towns do the dirty work. It is a fiasco that this man will take full advantage of this to secure a "yes" from German Turkish people, and hence, a yes in the Turkish referendum. He already is a dictator, this will just cement it in law. Unfortunately it is not only Germany, who is dependent on Turkey, but also the UN, Nato and the United States.


    Can the world at large just allow what is happening in Turkey to continue or is someone going to stand up to this madman?


  13. 9 hours ago, GoodBob said:


    I make it a rule not to argue with drunks. ;)


    Touche? but my vice of choice is not alcohol but one would need to be drunk to be immune to the constant drivel that you post.


    You seem incapable of putting forward a cohesive anti Trump argument of your own and resort to rehashing what is questionable satire in the first place. 


    Jeremy makes a valid point, satire only has real value if you ridicule both sides of the issue. I actually bought into the "yes we can" of Obama but in reality he delivered very little. One could argue that his ineffectual presidency delivered us Trump and earned Barack holidays with Richard Branson?




  14. This is all a bit of bollocks tbh. In terms of intelligence I am in the top one percentile of the population. I scored the best possible test results at eleven and eighteen, and I was sent to a private boarding school for my secondary education.


    My girlfriend and I got pregnant and I worked as a labourer in a factory for five years rather than going to university.


    I work in a multinational company that employs the best graduates from all over the world, where English is the supposed working language, but it may as well be Swahili or our own internal language. Germans and others, whether from a state background or private schooling simply cannot speak English...If I magically dropped them in Manchester they would not survive.


    I can empathise, despite being here ten years, and trying to speak German I am always answered in pigeon English. I acquiesce, speak English and then they cannot understand me.


    The reality for me is that those from private schools in Germany have much weaker English speaking skills than those that have gone through the state system. 


    I am not sure why that is the case but that is why I advocate the state system. 


    At the end of the day though you can have the smartest child but without common sense it is worth nothing.


  15. The whole Trump debacle is agin to brexit in some ways but the major differientator is that up until recently the UK had a social system that allowed people to survive by living off the state. The abolishment of these benefits caused people to focus on foreigners rather than the government that undermined their social status. 


    Trump appealed not just to a social underclass that was emaciated by Obama but also a middle class  and upper class that saw their position under threat.


    Instead of demeaning him and what he says the liberals/democrats should be proposing strategies that includes the nearly 45 % who felt so excluded by their time in power. Blackballing trump will only have the opposite effect. Saturday night live is entertaining but it fails to address why the Donald was elected.


  16. 2 minutes ago, GoodBob said:


    You think racism is funny, do you? The Birther movement (of which Trump, Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi, et al, were involved antagonists) and really made fools of themselves when they tried to delegitimize the first African-American president.


    And for a candidate who was running for the highest office in the country making fun of shooting innocent people in the middle of 5th Avenue, it's not the best sort of wisecrack to make considering it can be mistaken as a condonable  violent act by gun owners. 

    Goodbob, you miss the point, you try arguing on the basis of trying to outpoint klubinka. You fail by not just saying that she is a facist; that her support of obvious right wing idealogies is purely racist and wrong by any western European standards. She does not have a legitimate view bit one that tries to twist and destort what is right by any human standards

     Rather than try to call these people out or try to discuss with them: tell them what they are Nazis and Facist...