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  1. I actually support the extremism of someone's daughter because it highlights the alt rightist attitudes on TT that have somehow become normalised.


    Lots of posters on TT that i used to associate with middle of the road social democrats have morphed into xenophobic, racist individuals that i no longer recognise. 


    Despite posts from the likes of Goodbob who has disappeared it seems, these people seem to believe they retain a moral high ground that has nothing to do with the normal interaction of just being human. 


    It is this ethos of being better and that all the shit things that occur are the fault of those lesser. There is no recognition that you can come here as a refugee but have no right to work or integrate. The dream of coming to a land where you can live the dream of democracy does not exist unless you happen to be sponsored by one of the big German firms. Lots of black, Chinese, Arabs and Turks are fortunate enough to have this opportunity becausr they are cheap to hire but huge amounts of people coming to Europe don't have that advantage.


    Funnily enough, we will support the right of those sponsored people, who often come from privileged backgrounds, but we look at the smarter and more qualified as worthless refugees. LOL


    The hypocrisy is astounding...


  2. The real issue worldwide are the discontents; whether that is someone from the UK threatened by eastern Europeans, Americans threatened by globalisation, or Germans threatened by immigration; it is the fear of those that feel marginalised but in reality are better off than most.


    The right, those with nationalistic and fascist ideologies, are taking advantage of these fears to propagate their own twisted agenda. 


    They want to make you feel separate, they want you to blame your woes on others, not yourself. Religion, race, ethnicity are really easy targets and you will accept these arguments if you feel you are being shafted.


    People, these are the politics of hate. The people that control and lead are the only ones that will benefit from them. This isn't fake news, this is the truth, and unless ordinary people wake up to it we are totally fucked.


  3. Quite simply the US pays more into NATO because it retains their sphere of influence. 


    The Donald obviously doesn't understand this. Let him withdraw his support for NATO based on lack of investment from Europeans and let's see how Russia reacts. LOL


  4. And the Donald is stupid. He tells Ireland how much he loves them; we can send him lots of cheese, sausages and bacon  but he refuses to publicly shake the hand of the world's biggest exporter and with an importing population 20 times that of Ireland.


    No long term jobs for those that voted for him.


  5. In terms of the handshake it is somewhat understandable. Angela insists on speaking German even though she can apparently speak good English. Do all the major German exporters insist on speaking German? 


    Donald probably heard handshake as hamshake and obviously he didn't want one of those from Angela ?


  6. Being Muslim must be difficult just like being Catholic. 


    I have visited many Muslim countries and the addition to Islamic teaching is virtually ten per cent if that. all the men smoke and drink and often eat pork, women are openly unveiled and participate in activities that are supposedly non Islamic.


    They come to Europe and suddenly their behaviours are all inversed. They become real practitioners of a religion that they did not follow in their own land.


    Conversely go to any petrol station in Munich after dark, all the guys standing around, drinking beer and driving supped up cars are Muslim.


    Look at the Innenstadt in Munich, all owned by Saudis,  and various other Muslims... there is no way these shops could ever make enough money to pay the rents but they've been there for over 15 years. All the spiele halls with no customers? WTF is going on?




  7. Hmm i am not sure if i agree with ,zeino here. Most of my Turkish friends tell me it is a vote between yes and terrorism...If you vote no you are a defacto terrorist. 


    Anyways that's me for tonight as i write one word and then loose connection to TT although i have several other sites open and working without these issues.


    Sleep well everyone


  8. This topic should be merged but EI who seems to be being attacked from all sides makes very valid points. 


    Rather than standing up to Erdogan they mollycoddled him. He is a very astute politician who uses the missteps of others to his own advantage in his homeland. He is a very dangerous man.


  9. The TT website for whatever reason seems to have numerous quirks. It runs slow, it runs ok and if you use a real email address associated with your account you will be subjected to every form of internet scams. It is totally insecure.


    Rather than recognise this reality a majority of TT users will see these "attacks" as a preemptive strike on their freedom of speech. 


  10. Definitely not true for Ireland. And you won't get a family life without sexdrive, so family life doesn't equate. 


    Just a stupid question on the side why does every reply I make contain the text and quotes of my previous replies. Tedious stuff.