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  1. This is not a rant, more of a question of how hairdressers justify their prices in Germany. I know the topic has been done to death but this is another perspective.   I went last week looking to get my hair cut in Trudering and visited three empty establishments, all of which told me I needed an appointment. I ended up making an appointment with the one that could "fit me in" the earliest and stipulated that all I required was a cut which they said was no problem. In the course of the last week I passed each of these hairdressers on several occasions, each time, each one of them was deserted apart from the staff and I wondered how they could survive. Today I found out!   When I arrived it was empty apart from the three girls that worked there. I was lead to a wash basin. I explained that I only wanted a cut but was told that the price was the same whether I had a wash or not. So the stylist washed my hair.   The other two employees pretend to be busy, but I know they are watching as I blush furiously. Next she dresses me in a number of contraptions that make me look as if I am going to play American football and asks me if I want a coffee. I accept because again it is included in the price. The only problem is that whatever she has dressed me in makes it impossible for me to move my arms to lift the cup of coffee and one of the other staff has to hand it to me. By this stage I am beginning to shake with embarrassment and cannot help but slurp as I drink the coffee, which is a great source of amusement to my attendees.   Thankfully the cut is quick but I notice that very little hair has been removed as a result of the process. At this stage I do not care and all I want to do is to get out of the place. But my ordeal is not over. The stylist insists on washing my hair once more before asking if I want a head massage which she maintains is "sehr schön". I forgo the head massage and pray that the blowdry will be quick and painless.   Eventually, it is over and the only thing I have to do to hasten my escape is pay up. "Siebenzwanzig" says the stylist and I think this is very cheap and hand her twenty saying "Zehn!" But no she repeats "Siebenundzwanzig!" and I end up paying thirty just to get out of there without further humiliation. From foot in the door to foot out the door it has been the longest twenty five minutes of my life and I have paid thirty Euro for the privilege. Not only that they have given me a stamped coupon which explains that my twelfth visit would be free. Considering I get my hair cut every six months, that would be in November 2012.   I now resemble Adolf Hitler, without the moustache. I saw a number of the neighbours making half hearted Gerrman salutes as I passed by. On closer examination one sideburn is an inch longer than the other. I knew my head was not entirely symmetrical but I did not think it was that lopsided. My German flatmate thinks it is wonderful and that I may well start a trend.   My four quid at the barbers or tenner at the hairdressers, if I really wanted to splash out, seems a lifetime away.