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  1. German sausage rolls

    Living in Munich we from the UK obviously miss eating pies, pasties and sausage rolls.   But on a recent trip to Bremen in the north of Germany, I saw and naturally bought a "Geflügel" sausage roll near the Hauptbahnhof. What a treat! I'd never seen them on sale in the south!   It wasn't the same as a proper UK sausage roll. But it was fine. They even had them with melted cheese on. Although it was not real cheese.   Now today in Munich's Ostbahnhof I saw them on sale here! In Munich! I bought one, and it was tasty!   I'm sure this is a relatively new phenomena for Munich. Does this mean that the Germans are waking up to the pastry clad delights of UK cooking? Will they start selling pasties too?
  2. We will finally buy a TV

    For me the essentials are: Internet connection built in. Wifi is quite convenient. Possibly included with most TVs? HDMI input/output socket for external speakers with HDMI connector. Get a decent Bass sound. And 1 remote controls all connected devices. HDMI input/output socket for external TV box to extend options. EG Sky now or Amazon FireTV Easy to navigate all the Apps and features. (TVs might all be annoying to use) Apps available for Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney+. I only watch on-demand TV on those apps. No Live TV anymore.