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  1. Howdy   On Friday we've booked in one of our favourites, Leo's Lounge Rosenheimerstr. 98, Haidhausen. You can find us on the right as you go in. The whole bar and high table area is ours. I have reserved in the questionable name, Les BoticHappy Hour Cocktails 5pm-7.30pm and from 11pm till the end. Tex-Mex food and Giant burgers too.Everyone is free to join in. Newbies will be marmalised. In a nice way!.  People begin to arrive just before 7pm.Ian0172 7683510 Rosenheimerstr. 98, The MapTram 25: Rosenheimer Platz or OstbahnhofS-Bahn and U-Bahn U5 OstbahnhofBus: Orleansstraße or OstbahnhofLeos Website
  2. Best picture sharing service

    This blogger uses Nextcloud for sharing pictures, and also explains how he did it.  https://hagen.cocoate.com/2016/08/26/nextcloud-photo-management-sharing/   Although I've never tried it myself. 
  3. Best picture sharing service

    Another way is to get a free Nextcloud host. Which will be fully under your control.  1. Search for Nextcloud host  2. Pick any one with a 'free' option. And sign up for that. You get up to 5gb on many of the small,  free plans. 3. Upload or sync your pictures to it. There is a Nextcloud app for the phone and PC.  4. You can also sync your phone address book and calendar to it to.  And any other files too. So you are independent from Google or whoever backs up your data. "No technical knowledge required". No ads. No privacy issues. It's all yours.    https://Nextcloud.com just make the software behind it all. Which is open and free. The host is an independent provider.
  4. Best picture sharing service

    I've been happy with 23hq. Also Dropbox does the job too. 
  5. Check that you are on the last page of the thread, then copy all the text here, and paste it in a new post. With your name added to the bottom. How can it go wrong?    1. Ian 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ...
  6. Once again the big TT Christmas Party is on!  Saturday 16th December 2017 from 7pm til the end. At the "Far East Lounge". Rosenheimer Str. 66. (Right by the S-Bahn!)   This is a PARTY party. So there will be the best Christmas and Dance music all night long. Cocktail happy hour all night has been arranged specially for us.    Spread the word. Everyone is welcome. We need you to sign up below so we can update the venue. (there is room for 100 people). Cheers, from the organisers.   When: 16th December from 7pm-Late Far East Lounge. Rosenheimer Str. 66  MAP Transport:  Rosenheimerplatz. S-Bahn    
  7. NYC girl looking for a badass friend in Munich

    Yes. It's a fairly new word to me. It must have come from the US, as ass has a different meaning in the UK. I suppose one could say badarse. But that sounds more like a medical condition.
  8. NYC girl looking for a badass friend in Munich

    I don't rate as "badass". Merely "naughty bottom" perhaps.   Good luck to the OP anyway.   Now if there was a badass meetup here, we could all watch the thread, and see what all the badasses get up to each week. And read about late nights gone wrong, wild parties and police raids. All from the comfort of our armchairs.
  9. It opens at 7pm. The first people will arrive at 7pm with more arriving at 8pm and 9pm Stay in touch via smartphone or PC at http://t.me/fridaybeer.    
  10. Hello Kooks A new place for us this week. Kooks bar near Baldeplatz. We have all the high tables in the middle. A friendly bar for drinks. It's order and pay at the bar. No food is served but you can order in or eat before, stroke after.   Everyone is welcome to come along for a drink and a laugh. Newbies will be made to feel welcome. Call/SMS me if you can't see us. But we'll be the big bunch in the middle.   Cheers. Ian 0172 7683510   Geyerstraße 18  Map link U-Bahn U3, U6 Goetheplatz Bus Baldeplatz 58, 132
  11. NOTE the S-Bahn shuts down between Pasing and Ostbahnhof (Stammstrecke) at 22.45 in Friday  http://www.muenchen.de/aktuell/2017-09/s-bahn-stammstrecke-zwischen-20-und-23-10-gesperrt.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=portal&utm_campaign=news
  12. Groose   This week we're in Lehel at the Mariannenhof from 6.45pm. We reserved the high tables on the right in the name Johnny Vegas. They have Burgers and Ribs. And it's Ladies night with selected Cocktails at 6€.   This event is open to everyone. Just turn up, as we reserved space for lots of people. Newbies, make yourself known to us, so that we can help introduce you. Say "Hi it's my first time here, blah blah blah!"   If you can't find us, call or SMS me: Ian 0172 7683510   Address: Mariannenstraße 1, Lehel. Map S-Bahn: Isartor.    Ubahn: U5 Lehel. Tram 18 Mariannenplatz. Tram 19 Maxmonument    
  13. Hello happy gangThis week we've booked "Uncles Burger and Bar" in Schwabing. The high tables are booked in the name of Neumann. But only because the guy misunderstood me. So I ran with it.http://www.uncles-burger-bar.deNewbies are welcome. Non-newbies are all encouraged to help welcome all the newbies. People arrive from about 6.45pmIan0172 7683510. Call/SMS me when you get there, if you don't know anyone.Address: Herzogstr. 29 (see map)Transport: U3/6 Münchner Freiheit.
  14. I've not tried the Torpedo. But give the Crew beers a try. Each Crew beer has its own description and "Hoppiness" rating. There is one beer called Hop Junkie which might be acceptable. http://www.crewrepublic.de/home.html
  15. It's OK. But you have to go and stand there and tell everyone who went there by mistake where we really are this week!    And while you are there, get all hopped out on the Crew beers. I tried 3 different Crew beers last week. And wow do they max out on the hops!