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  1. Friday beer garden

    See details of the Munich Stammtisch Friday Drinks / Friday Beergarden here: https://www.meetup.com/MunichStammtisch/
  2. Friday beer garden

    Details are now here : https://www.meetup.com/MunichStammtisch/events/248989537/
  3. Friday beer garden

    "Waiter it's Herr Dan Druff, not Hair Dan Druff."
  4. Friday beer garden

    Servers   On Friday we're reserved the whole right side of the bar in "Leib & Seele" in Lehel. Any time after 6.45pm til late.   I booked in the name Dan Druff (is there no limit?)   Everybody is welcome to join in the fun. We do out best, each week, to look after all the newbies.   Cheers, Ian   Call/SMS me on 0172 768 3510 if you can't spot us when you get there. 🍂 If no details appear on Toytown, be sure to get the Friday Beergarden details either on Telegram at t.me/fridaybeer or by email  Mit Leib & Seele. Oettingenstrasse 36. Map. U5 to Lehel + 6 mins walk, or take Tram 18, 2 stops. Tram 18 to Paradiesstraße and 30 seconds walk  __ Go in. Turn right. This bar area is ours.__
  5. Friday beer garden

    Be sure to continue to get Friday details and notifications on a smartphone or PC, at Friday Beergarden on Telegram. https://t.me/fridaybeer
  6. Friday beer garden

    Wotcha On Friday we've booked in one of our favourites, Leo's Lounge Rosenheimerstr. 98, Haidhausen. You can find us on the right as you go in. The whole bar and high table area is ours. I have reserved in the name, Phillips.Happy Hour Cocktails 5pm-7.30pm and from 11pm till the end. Tex-Mex food and Giant burgers too.Everyone is free to join in. Newbies will be welcomed. People generally begin to arrive just before 7pm.Ian0172 7683510 Rosenheimerstr. 98, The MapTram 25: Rosenheimer Platz or OstbahnhofS-Bahn and U-Bahn U5 OstbahnhofBus: Orleansstraße or OstbahnhofLeos Website
  7. Friday beer garden

    Hello spooks   A most excellent place this week. Kooks bar near Baldeplatz. We have all the high tables in the middle. A friendly bar for drinks.  It's order and pay at the bar. No food is served, but you can order in, or eat before, or after.   8.00pm doors open at Kooks bar.  but... 6.50pm early starters, right next door in the Kompromiss bar.    Everyone is welcome to come along for a drink and a laugh. Newbies will be made to feel welcome. Call/SMS me if you can't see us. But we'll be the big bunch in the middle.   Cheers. Ian 0172 7683510    Geyerstraße 18  Map link U-Bahn U3, U6 Goetheplatz. - - - Bus Baldeplatz 58, 132 Be sure to use Telegram chat on PC or smartphone  t.me/fridaybeer    to ensure you get details if they are not available on TT at any stage in the future. 
  8. Friday beer garden

    Hello milk chocolate Numpties On Friday we have the high tables reserved in Arts 'n' Boards in Schwabing. Booked in the name Nahum Seng* People usually start arriving anytime from 6.45pm. 2 mins walk from the tram at Kurfuerstenplatz.  Cocktails HAPPY Hour LOOONGDRIIINKS from 10:30pm for 6,90. Also Augustiner and Unertl beer. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun. We're expecting new people as usual. So you will be specially welcomed by everyone. Ian.  Call/SMS 0173 3510658 if you don't know anyone when you get there. - Arts n' Boards. Belgradstrasse 9 on  Here Maps - We are EASY to FIND: Go in, turn left, look for the high tables by the bar.  - Transport: Kurfuerstenplatz Tram 12 + 27, Bus 53 and the nackt Tram! Get mobile updates on Telegram at: t.me/fridaybeer * Nahum Seng. Try saying it aloud. Nahum Seng.   ... Know what I'm saying?
  9. Friday beer garden

    Hello binge watchers   If you've never been to Humboldt's at Humboldtstrasse 1. near Kolumbusplatz U-Bahn. ...now is a good time to discover why we like it a lot. We have all the high tables and the bar. Go in. Turn left, and all that area is us lot. They have Cocktails as well as Augustiner, Tegernseer and Franziskaner all mixed together!   Everyone is welcome to come along and join in the fun. First timers, just ask for Ian or Gwyn if you'd like help to get started.   People usually begin arriving after 6.45pm ish.   Call/SMS me if you can't find us or don't know anyone when you get there. Ian   0172 7683510  or live chat on Telegram here https://t.me/fridaybeer   Humboldtstrasse 1  on the map U-Bahn U1/U2 Kolumbusplatz. (4 mins walk). Bus 58 Claude-Lorrain-Str. (stops right outside)
  10. Friday beer garden

    Hello rum tum tuggers! This week we reserved a large chunk of Simplicissimus, in Haidhausen. We have all the tall tables in the bar area booked in the name: Janet Dammit They serve Augustiner beer! Isn't it? Everyone is welcome to join in the fun. Newbies, as always, will be welcomed. And thoroughly integrated, should they so choose. People start arriving from 6.45pm, building up to a big bar-filling bunch later. Ian. 0172 7683510 Bar location: Balanstraße 12. See Map Transport: S-Bahn Rosenheimer Platz or Tram 15/25. Bus 62 to Auerfeldstraße
  11. Friday beer garden

    For mobile live updates, alerts and chat, Friday Beergarden is on Telegram here: https://t.me/fridaybeer  
  12. Friday beer garden

    Hark Herald Angels Join us for this very Christmassy Friday at Gaststätte Faun, Hans-Sachs-Strasse 17 in Glockenbachviertel from 7 p.m. The high tables in the middle are booked in the name Carol Singers. Yes really!   Yule love it! Ian 0172 7683510 Map Location Hans-Sachs-Strasse 17  in the Glocken- frickin'-bachviertelTransport. Tram 17 or 18  Müllerstrasse  U-Bahn U1 or U2  Fraunhoferstrasse 
  13. Friday beer garden

    Oops. I mistyped the date: "Big Christmas party. Saturday 16th December."
  14. Friday beer garden

    🎁 🎄🎄 Christmas notices 🎄🎄 🎁   🍺🍷 Friday Beergarden is open every Friday of the year. December 15th, 22nd and the 29th too. There's usually a smaller, cosier bunch at the end of the year. Good company when others have left the city. 🍷🍹 Big Christmas party. Saturday 22nd December. Details here.
  15. Friday beer garden

    Hail Ants   This week we are at the Türkenhof in Schwabing.  High tables and bar space booked in the name Silly Manjaro. Go in, turn right! And just 2 U-Bahn stops from the Rindermarkt.   Newbies and everyone welcome to join in the fun. Everybody is trained to look after newcomers. No need to book. Just turn up.   Cheers. Ian. Call/SMS me if you can't find us. 0172 7683510   Address: Türkenstraße 78. Map U-Bahn U3, U6 Universität just 5mins walk.