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  1. Hi steam punks!   Friday we've booked the Ysenegger at Rotkreuzplatz   We have all the standing (high) tables in the name Kim Basingstoke. Go in, turn right, and we're directly on the right. Call me when you get there if you cant find us.   We'll be there from 6.45-ish till the end. We'll be sitting outside the front at the start They have great cocktails and burgers and everything.Everyone is welcome to join in the fun. Newbies an all. Ask for me or Gwyn if you need introductions.Ian 0172 768 3510Ysenegger.de  at Ysenburgstr. 3. See it on the Map U-Bahn U1 to Rotkreuzplatz (1 minute walk away!)
  2. Look for us outdoors in the pleasant, Leib + Seele outdoors bit: Then later on inside by the bar.
  3. Hello  dodeca heathens   On Friday we're reserved the whole right side of the bar in "Leib & Seele" in Lehel. Any time after 6.45pm til late. Or if it's nice, outside.   We have I booked in the name Jaqueline Hyde.      Everybody is welcome to join in the fun. We do out best, each week, to look after the newbies.   Cheers, Ian   Call/SMS me on 0172 768 3510 if you can't spot us when you get there. Mit Leib & Seele. Oettingenstrasse 36. Map. U5 to Lehel + 5mins walk or take Tram 18 2 stops. Tram 18 to Paradiesstraße and 30 seconds walk  __ Go in. Turn right. This bar area is ours.__
  4. == For FRIDAY details, see the later post. This post is about the extra Wednesday Beergarden ==   Hello Fidget Spinners! To take advantage of the weather we're going to the Chinese Tower Beergarden on Wednesday from 6pm Location in the Beergarden: We'll have tables about 10 rows away from the kids play area. See the pin-point on the map. Look out for the inflatable pink stonker sticking up. Call/sms if you can't see us. Ian 0172 7683510 Chinese Tower Beergarden. Englischer Garten 3.  - Bus 54/154 Chinesische Turm Taverna del Sud next door (if cool) Widenmayerstrasse 52.  - Bus 154 Tivolistr/Tram 18. See both on the map 
  5. Hello holidogs!Friday will be lovely. And we'll be at the cool shady Zum Flaucher Beergarden, Thalkirchen. 6pm. near the river. Earlier if you want. Let us know.We'll get tables in the middle of the long wooden table area. Towards the BACK. I'll put up the tried and tested pink stonker to make it easy for everyone to find us.Everyone is welcome to mix in. Take note of the route to the beergarden. Call me when you get there if you don't know anyone.Ian0172 7683510Transport U3 Brudermühlstr. ( or U3 Tierpark) Click here to find your Public transport connectionMAP showing route from the U-Bahn Address: Isarauen 8 Wet weather alternative:  the nearby Wirtshaus zum Isartal  Brudermühlstrasse 2
  6. Hello Cocktail Charlies, and Cocktail Charlottes We have our favourite corner of the Franziskaner in der Au on Friday from 7pm As you go in the front door it is the far right corner with the high tables.    They do great cocktails and pitchers too.Anyway. Everyone is welcome. Newbies are welcome too, and will be humoured and humidified.Ian   if you can't find our tables, ask the waiter for the English speaking people.Address: Schornstrasse 2Transport: S-Bahn Rosenheimerplatz (then walk down Franziskaner str.) Or Bus 62 to Regerplatz (2 mins walk)Here Map
  7. Hello bastions!   This Friday we'll be in the Taxisgarten beergarten Taxisgarten is a popular beergarden 5 mins from the U-bahn U1 Gern, which is just 6 mins ride from the Hauptbahnhof.   We are always keen to hear about new beergardens to add to our lists. We can't take requests for the next week generally, as we have to make sure we cover all parts of town fairly. And also take the rain threat level into consideration. Newbies and everyone are welcome to come and mix in. SMS me if you can't see us when you arrive. Ian 0172 7683510 Transport: U1 Gern Taxisgarten. Taxistr. 12.Website. Google Maps See the route from the U-bahn via Tizianstr.   To find us: We'll have several long wooden tables with benches. (Not the plastic chair type) We'll be 3-4 rows away from the kids play area. at the end with the slide. Not up near the building end. Look out for the utterly amazing inflatable pink stonker!    Taxisgarten at dusk: Wet weather backup is the neighbouring  Zur Geyerwally  beergarden pub
  8. Hello beernautsIt's the famous Hofbräukeller Beergarden on Friday! Hooray! It's at Wienerplatz in Haidausen. People tend to start arriving at 6 - 6.30pm.  Cocktails are available from the Cocktail bar. There is usually a mix of newbies, regulars and occasionals. Everyone is welcome to join in. Ian 0172 7683510LocationFrom the main entrance, keep going straight ahead. Don't turn left. We'll be near the end, just a few rows from the cocktail bar on the right side. See green pointer on the map below. Look out for pink stonker. If you cant find us, SMS my number when you get there. Transport: U-Bahn U4/5 Max Weber PlatzTram Wienerplatz. 
  9.   Whoopie! I'll be there from about 6pm. 
  10. There was a zombie attack. And some didn't like it too much. But now people are used to zombies. What with internet TV an' all everywhere these days.
  11. Hello control freaks!   We're back (again!) at Scheidegger. Bauerstr. 16, Schwabing from 18:30  Augustiner beer and Burgers for those who like the simple things in life. We have the bar and high table area booked for us. in the name Dwayne Dibley.  They have outside seating as well.   Last time we were there was October 2006.  (link)   Ian 0172 7683510 (Newbies, if you cant see us, SMS me or join us on Telegram https://t.me/fridaybeer)   Scheidegger, Bauerstr. 16. U2 Hohenzollernplatz  Kurfürstenplatz Tram 12, Bus 53, 59 MAP Location
  12. Hello peeps and poops! On Friday we'll all be in the Augustinerkeller Beergarden near Hackerbrücke. It is many people's most ever favourite beergarden in the world ever! Look out for the amazing, flagilistic, pink stonker. It looks like this! To make it easy to find our tables. If the weather goes pear shaped, we'll be inside.    Everyone is welcome to join us. Experienced ones can help show people new to the Augustinerkeller how it's done!  Ian SMS me if you can't see us. 0172 7683510   Address: Arnulfstr 52. S-Bahn Hackerbrücke (Tram 16/17 Hopfenstraße) Zoom in on our exact location Or follow these instructions: - If you enter the side entrance we'll be on the long tables on your right. About 4-6 rows away from the side fence. - If you come in through the front, Arnulfstr, entrance, walk right through the middle of the beergarden till you've passed the beer self service on your right, and reached the fish grill. We'll be on your left. (indoors if wet) We'll put up the fabulous pink stonker to help you find our tables
  13. checking weather.gif... If you can't see this image, just imagine a cartoon cloud and a sun rotating around and around while we intensely study the dot matrix printouts from our Friday Beergarden super-computer. 
  14. Hello smashing pumpkins! On Friday we're in a beergarden of Tollwood Summer Festival in Olympiapark. Tollwood has interesting music, ethnical food, things to buy and things to watch. And it's free to get in. Location (please read this)We'll have proper beergarden tables outside the big blue Andechser Tent. To the left of the tents front entrance. See big fat pink arrow in the picture. Look out for the amazing Pink Stonker to help you find our tables. PLAN of the festival grounds. (See Andechser Zelt at the bottom right.) (Zelt = Tent) We'll have tables by the letter "A" of Andechser on that very festival plan.Everybody is welcome to come along. If you can't spot us, call/SMS me when you get there. Ian, 0172 768 3510  (For live updates on a smartphone or PC, get Telegram: https://t.me/fridaybeer )Transport: Bus 144 to Spiridon-Louis-Ring.  You can get Bus 144 at U1 Rotkreuzplatz or U2/U3 Scheidplatz See How to get to Tollwood for more transport details.Or go by bike. 🚲 Hooray!