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  1. Yes we're still going strong!  Friday Beergarden details are posted on Meetup.com these days. https://www.meetup.com/MunichStammtisch/events/xfpdcryzkbzb/   HISTORY: Friday Beergardens happen on every Friday of the year! Indoors or outdoors weather permitting. A mix of 30-60 people come along. Absolutely everyone is made to feel welcome. No sign up needed.     This week we'll have many tables in the Hopfengarten in Westpark. 6.30pm It's own bus stop right in front that is just 11 mins trip from Hbf. We'll sit to the right of the food service as you face the food.  Look out for the inflatable pink stonker.   Cheers, Ian. 0172 7683510 (Call/SMS if you cant see us).   Address: Siegenburger Str. 43  TRANSPORT: U5 & S7 Heimeranplatz then 6 mins walk, or at Heimeranpl. take Bus 63, 2 stops to the stop Siegenburger Strasse .  There is a direct path from the bus stop.(go down the steps and under the ring road) Also Bus 62 and 130 to Hansapark.