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  1. Remember Friday Beergarden? Used to post on here in the good old days, before war, pandemic, Brexit? Well we are still going strong every single Friday, although not as big as in the pre-pandemic times. Now we get about 25-30 each week, reaching 45+ in the summer months.  There are many new faces, but also many familiar Toytown names who are still around. Recent picture here. (I can't add photos to posts for some reason) We post Friday details on our own Meetup group now, as well as email and Telegram. More info here. Tonight we've got all the high tables in the Grosswirt near Rotkreuzplatz Volkartstraße 2.  from 6.45pm  U-Bahn U1 Rotkreuzplatz. As always, everybody is welcome. Just turn up.   I'm not sure how many people check Toytown regularly these days. So this post is just a little refresher that will quickly fade in time  Anyway, hope you all stay well, and I might bump into you in the city. Cheers, Ian