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  1.   We are organising a big Christmas dance party on Saturday 8th December 2018 from 8pm til 3am We have the bar. We are decorating it. We have the DJ with party music. Everyone welcome to join in, space permitting.   🎈💃🎵🎸🎶 👮👷👯 🎇   Details and sign-up (required) here: https://www.meetup.com/MunichStammtisch/events/256571810/ Cheers  Ian
  2. You were presumably travelling at a different time with respect to the sun than usual. Which is unnecessary, and not what I'm suggesting.   >"I would suggest it is far more rational to change the clocks to suit the people rather than changing the people to suit the clocks!" I'm suggesting people change to suit the daylight. And not follow an unnecessary artificial construct that is not based on the daylight. Does the daylight change suddenly by 1 hour twice a year? No. Does sunrise change by 1 hour across the year? No. By more than 4 hours. Is the daylight the same for all latitudes? No. But changing the clocks doesn't care about your latitude.   Because you are used to clocks changing, it my be difficult for you to imagine something different. Even if you did experience the test in the 60's, people clearly behaved irrationally, when they didn't change the start times to suit the people. You were a victim of the irrational people. Step away from old constructs. Clear your head from deep ingrained traditions. Then you'll be able see.
  3. The schools around here (Munich) have different start times. My daughters school is even considering changing their start time. If it was necessary to synchonise them, they still can have summer and winter times. As I said before, making a decision based on the side effects of another decision, is irrational. Go back to first principles if you want to see a clear picture.
  4. thats only if office opening times are inflexible. Like I said before, it's only a problem if people are being irrational. And picking a start time for historic, rather than safety reasons.