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  1. Thread to help people understand how pension refund can work after leaving Germany.   Official website for Pensions: Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund (DRB)   Pension Refund Requirement: - US and various other non-EU citizens can claim back their German state pension contributions if they contribute in Germany for less than 5 years (60 monthly contributions). - The claim can only be made 2 years after leaving Europe (EU/EEA/CH).   DRB Email: (All queries were sent to this email address. They will respond to emails in English too.)   Forms Required: Please contact DRB and the German consulate in your country of residence to confirm the forms required. 1.  Form V0901 (Main claim for refund of pension contributions) 2.  Form A1312-00 (Form in case refund is to be sent to a bank in USA or Canada) NOTE: - If you have a German bank account then provide the IBAN number in Form V0901 (I requested a refund to my ComDirect Bank Account) - For form V0901 - the Kennzeichen / Code does not need to be filled out - I did not need Form A9060 "Lebens- und Staatsangehörigkeitsbescheinigung" / "Certificate of Life and Citizenship"   Confirmation of Personal Information in Forms at German Consulate: - Make appointment in the Germany Consulate within your country of residence - Take Passport and supporting documents (driver's license, utility bill or bank statement) - There is no charge for confirmation of personal information for pension purposes - German Consulate in USA website link for information and appointment: - Make appointment at the German Consulate for the purpose of "Signature Certifications / Authentications"     Documents to send DRB: 1.  Passport copy 2.  Carbon copies from Social Security Record Booklet or relevant electronic vouchers from employer ( I sent my "Meldebescheinigung zur Sozialversicherung") 3.  Insurance cards number / copy of insurance card 4.  Check if any other doc can be sent (put tick mark in application) (e.g. Anmeldung / Abmeldung, Lohnsteuerbescheinigung, LohnKonto from firm)   5.  Application Form (V0901)   Address of DRB in Germany to send Forms: Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund Ruhrstr. 2 10709 Berlin Germany   Timelines: - DRB can take 6-8 weeks to respond and provide refund (my refund was processed in 4 weeks after DRB received my application)   My Scenario: Citizenship: India Country of Residence: USA (after leaving Germany) Application for pension refund: After about 30 months of leaving Germany Refund Received: About 4 weeks after application in my German bank account Forms Sent: V0901 Year Sent: 2017  
  2. Summarizing my experience of exchanging my US driver's license in Munich   1. Only certain states in the US have an agreement with Germany to allow for an exchange of the US to DE drivers license without taking a drivers test in Germany. (MA has an agreement) 2. If the drivers license is less than 2 years old then you would be required to submit a Drivers Record (Unattested is fine) from the DMV in the US. For MA you can order the Drivers Record from their website. 3. Depending on the agreement between the state and Germany, the US drivers license might be returned to the issuing state once a German drivers license has been issued. 4. If your US drivers has been issued for less than 2 years then you are still eligible for a German drivers license but you would be subject to a 2 year probation period minus the period from when your US license was issued. If you are involved in an accident then you would need to undergo the drivers tests in Germany. 5. The US drivers license and Driver Record have to be translated in German before submitting the application for exchanging the drivers license. 6. Fill out the application from for transferring the foreign license to the German license. 7. Go to the Kreisverwaltungsreferat, Fahrerlaubnisbehörde (License Authority) at Eichstätter Str. 2. The office opens at 7am so be there at least half an early. 8. Please take your application form, license translation, biometric photograph (x1) and passport with you. The application cost is €35. 9. Just sign the application that the official gives you and you will receive a letter in 4-6 weeks informing you that your license is ready. They will give you a piece of paper   Hope this makes your life a little easier! :)