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  1. The only burning question that I could take from this thread is: does the girth of a man’s head determine his penis size? For a long time I thought it was the hand! 
  2. Mental diseases

    So, you do not work, have special needs, but you want to migrate to Germany and have children. As a full time working mother of three little children, why do I find that you’re very selfish? You do realise that the society will have to pay for your and possibly your children care if you’re in the public insurance system in Germany? And if the marriage doesn’t work, what then? You have the extra stress of divorce, fighting parental rights, being a single parent, worry about income (is the society supposed to support you in this too?), loneliness, and your special needs on top of that.  By all means, come over and try out a life here. But please wait for at least a few years, until your relationship is settled down (you’re not even married yet!), your life is all sorted out, you can speak decent German and have circle of friends and social life, before you decide to start out a family. Maybe even try having a pet first.  Because I don’t think you understand very well what it means to be a parent.