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  1. Can’t answer that for you. I find American taxes so much more complicated than German and really didn’t want to mess the amnesty process up so I chose to pay professionals to take care of it for me. The only thing they didn’t do was write the apology statement for me, as it really does have to be a personal statement.  My case was different than yours though, as I had to back-file taxes as well. Perhaps filing only FBARs is much simpler?
  2. When I wrote mine it was more the latter. “Had no idea, I promise to never forget this again etc” worked just fine, and my tax people also approved that it was appropriate. 
  3. driving in germany - international drivers license required?

      did I ever imply that? 
  4. driving in germany - international drivers license required?

    There used to be, years back. But not anymore. 
  5. driving in germany - international drivers license required?

    I think it’s more accurate to say you can drive legally on it for the first 6 months.   Like I’ve said numerous times on TT (gave up after a while, as there was someone constantly telling me I was incorrect 🤷‍♀️), there is no longer a time limit within which one needs to swap the license. 
  6. Neighbours musicians

    Who knows what your neighbors are like, but don’t forget that the music conservatories in Berlin are still basically closed, so your neighbors, if they are indeed students at one of the Hochschulen, have absolutely no where else to work at the moment.   Perhaps it will get better once the schools open up again.    It’s probably best to just move, as annoying as that is. I’m sure you can find a Nachmieter pretty easily...
  7. Coronavirus

    I haven’t switched permanently but did create a German iTunes account in order to get the Vodafone app on my phone. It’s really a nightmare even just trying to  switch between the accounts. I gave up at some point. If you permanently switch to Germany, the American apps will start to not sync and eventually not work/not be supported when they stop updating... but technically it’s possible to have both accounts at the same time, and you’ll just have to log in to each account to get everything updated. Maybe it’s gotten less complicated since I’ve tried?
  8. Collecting the Economic Impact Payment - 2020 CARES Act USA

    Hmmm 🤔    “idiot”?
  9. Collecting the Economic Impact Payment - 2020 CARES Act USA

    Did anyone else get a bullshit letter today about the payment in the mail?    “America will triumph yet again — and rise to new heights of greatness”   yeah. Is that what you’re calling this?    
  10. Reciprocal Driving License from US

    Are you guys sure about this? They got rid of the time period to exchange licenses quite a while ago. If the OP now has a Pennsylvania license and can also prove that they’ve had a valid US license since before moving to Germany (thus not falling into the “tourist DL” thing), I don’t really see what the big problem is. Worst thing they will say is no.  i exchanged my IL license without a problem after having lived here for over ten years. All I had to do was prove I was driving in the states before I moved here. Old licenses/requesting your driving records from the department of transportation are enough proof. 
  11. Berlin restaurants reopen

    The toilets in my neighborhood were open even when it was only takeout...?   last I read (a few days ago), the rule was that you have to wear a mask when visiting the toilet. Which also wasn’t enforced at the restaurant I visited last week. But the toilets were definitely open. 
  12. Berlin restaurants reopen

    I went out on Friday and have decided to not do this again for a while. Only agreed to go because I knew the restaurant would be empty.   Still the hygiene rules make no sense/weren’t followed. No disinfectant at the door. Our waiter kept pulling off his mask in order to talk with us, and he kept the same gloves on for the entire time, serving and picking up dishes (and cash) from the three tables. All I could think about was the Japanese blacklight virus-spreading video that’s been circulating in the news the past few days. 
  13. Collecting the Economic Impact Payment - 2020 CARES Act USA

      My bank (Chase) allowed electronic direct deposit via their app. The money was in my account the next day. Do you still have a bank account in the states?
  14. Collecting the Economic Impact Payment - 2020 CARES Act USA

    I also got my check today. Quite a surprise; I also had problems getting anywhere with the IRS website. Filed in 2018, not yet for 2019, and they sent it to the address on my 2018 taxes.