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  1. Landlord ignoring request for repairs

    I just had this same problem, and technically, since the problem is physically outside of your apartment, it’s not the landlord’s problem but the Hausverwaltung.    agree with lisa13: Definitely join the Mieterverein. Your second step would be to send the landlord a registered letter (not an email!) giving him a set time frame to fix the issue. (I was told something like 3-4 weeks). Otherwise you have little legal standing to go forward off of.    as far as I know, if you do end up having to fix this yourself, you can’t just deduct it from your rent. You send the bill to your landlord to get reimbursed. (Maybe I’m wrong about this though?)   However, I believe that you are entitled to claim a rent reduction (extremely minimal in the case of a broken doorbell/intercom; something like 2 or 3% depending on what exactly isn’t working)    Join the Mieterverein! :)  
  2. I’d also be interested in any personal electrician recommendations as my doorbell is broken..   My landlord wants to stay away from Myhammer as he says it just makes everyone try to outbid each other and that the work done in the end is usually unsatisfactory/not extremely professional. 
  3. Cost of IUD Removal

    I didn't have to pay anything to have mine removed. (AOK) You just cough and they pull it out. But maybe you are in a different situation if it is lodged in deeper or at a weird angle..    
  4. New words or sayings

    The double “is” drives me crazy. No one would ever write like this but I hear it spoken all the time.    “The thing is, is that...”     But upon googling this just now, I guess it’s acceptable English? https://ygdp.yale.edu/phenomena/double-is still drives me nuts 
  5. Applying for US fast track amnesty

    I considered that but I had over 100 pages to send.. too much trouble. in the end I found some paper from a company in Munich. 
  6. Applying for US fast track amnesty

    Really? ? my tax people insisted it had to be printed on letter sized paper. 
  7. Applying for US fast track amnesty

    One thing to add: when doing the streamlined procedure, you’re not allowed to file electronically and the tax forms need to be physically signed and sent on American-sized letter paper. It took me 3-4 weeks to get my hands on some paper in Germany, which delayed my filing.. so make sure you find some paper before you reach the end of the process  
  8. Applying for US fast track amnesty

    I used taxesforexpats.com and was very happy with them. 
  9. Expert evaluation for signature forgery

    is it Friday already?