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  1. New words or sayings

    The double “is” drives me crazy. No one would ever write like this but I hear it spoken all the time.    “The thing is, is that...”     But upon googling this just now, I guess it’s acceptable English? https://ygdp.yale.edu/phenomena/double-is still drives me nuts 
  2. Applying for US fast track amnesty

    I considered that but I had over 100 pages to send.. too much trouble. in the end I found some paper from a company in Munich. 
  3. Applying for US fast track amnesty

    Really? 😣 my tax people insisted it had to be printed on letter sized paper. 
  4. Applying for US fast track amnesty

    One thing to add: when doing the streamlined procedure, you’re not allowed to file electronically and the tax forms need to be physically signed and sent on American-sized letter paper. It took me 3-4 weeks to get my hands on some paper in Germany, which delayed my filing.. so make sure you find some paper before you reach the end of the process  
  5. Applying for US fast track amnesty

    I used taxesforexpats.com and was very happy with them. 
  6. Expert evaluation for signature forgery

    is it Friday already?
  7. Sharing address on ebay kleinanzeige

    Kleinanzeigen buyers flake out a lot of the time. Both sides acted weirdly, but I think he simply didn’t want to buy your furniture any more. Nothing else to worry about. 
  8. Deutsche Post complaints and criticism

    I knew about the new only-sending-document rules and came totally prepared to spend an absurd amount of money just to get my envelopes sent. It’s the box thing that I don’t understand.    so if this is a law from the Zollamt, does anyone know if I’m going to have the same problem if I go to Hermes or DPD??
  9. Deutsche Post complaints and criticism

    just normal mail.
  10. Deutsche Post complaints and criticism

  11. Deutsche Post complaints and criticism

    I can't find the post about someone who recently wanted to return a shipment but was refused because they hadn't packed it in a box. I thought it was a joke or some sort of misunderstanding.   Anyway, I went to the post office today to send two bubble envelopes - one to the UK and one to the US, and was told the same thing. they downright refused to take my mail because it was not in a box.   is there a logical explanation for this? I really don't get it.  
  12. Doctor consultation on weekend

    You could call 116117 and ask them where the nearest specialist is.    https://www.kvberlin.de/30patienten/10bereitschaftsdienst/