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  1. Expert evaluation for signature forgery

    is it Friday already?
  2. Sharing address on ebay kleinanzeige

    Kleinanzeigen buyers flake out a lot of the time. Both sides acted weirdly, but I think he simply didn’t want to buy your furniture any more. Nothing else to worry about. 
  3. Deutsche Post complaints and criticism

    I knew about the new only-sending-document rules and came totally prepared to spend an absurd amount of money just to get my envelopes sent. It’s the box thing that I don’t understand.    so if this is a law from the Zollamt, does anyone know if I’m going to have the same problem if I go to Hermes or DPD??
  4. Deutsche Post complaints and criticism

    just normal mail.
  5. Deutsche Post complaints and criticism

  6. Deutsche Post complaints and criticism

    I can't find the post about someone who recently wanted to return a shipment but was refused because they hadn't packed it in a box. I thought it was a joke or some sort of misunderstanding.   Anyway, I went to the post office today to send two bubble envelopes - one to the UK and one to the US, and was told the same thing. they downright refused to take my mail because it was not in a box.   is there a logical explanation for this? I really don't get it.  
  7. Doctor consultation on weekend

    You could call 116117 and ask them where the nearest specialist is.    https://www.kvberlin.de/30patienten/10bereitschaftsdienst/