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  1. OK, I love adventures and need your help with this one. Not an easy task, but if Toytown can’t do it, nobody can. In return, I promise to keep you updated with what happened in the couple of days I am about to describe to you.   My wife and I found a property, which is being sold through Zwangsversteigerung within the next week. We’ve done our calculations our own risk assessment and want to go for it. We’ve called the Verwaltung, which is auctioning the house and asked if we could offer money now. They said that since the owner “is missing”, they are recouping the Wohngeld money and cannot settle: legally, in the absence of the owner it has to go through the auction.   I have read this thread and this thread. Complications: - my wife and I have been living outside of EU for a number of years now in a rather exotic location (both abgemeldet) - my wife is German, I am Australian I only get one chance at this: going to fly into a larger city, drive 3 hours, get to this town the night before, meet up with a pre-arranged translator (my German is getting rusty), go to the auction in the morning (it starts before noon) and I have to leave by 4 pm at the latest to make it to my flight back “home” after a 3-hour drive. As I said - I love things like these when they are well organised.   Questions: 1. Is it doable (with time restrictions and citizenship)? The property is small and we can for it with our own money. 2. What documents should I bring with me? Passport, marriage certificate (to get dual ownership), do I need a Vollmacht for my wife and if so does it have to be notarised? 3. That bank check that everyone is talking about - we bank with DKB, but they do not have offices: can I walk into any Sparkasse, give them cash, pay a fee and ask them to make a blank Bank check? 4. Is there a place online where one could look at historical data of what Zwangsversteigerungen ended up being sold for? 5. I’ve read in the other two threads that I can exercise a one-off right to evict, but the Gutachten document says that the apartment is not rented. I am guessing I am ok then? On a similar note, the apartment could not be visited because the owner disappeared 2-3 years ago and nobody has been inside. I am giving it a 50% chance that the owner has passed away in the apartment and has been there since - once we get the locksmith to open the apartment, if we find the body, who do we call (I am guessing the police) and what complications should we expect? (I am not touching that door in in the 16 hours I am going to be in Germany this time around) 6. Is there a mandatory 14 day waiting period to sign the transfer of ownership with the notary? We are coming back to Germany for a 10-day holiday literally 3 days later and will stay until day 13 after the auction. If it has to be after 14 days, could we sign the documents with a notary in the German Embassy where we live?