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    Advice needed to halt the onset of a flounce

    1. Lean back.

    2. Straighten your back.

    3. Tighten your abdominal, backside, lower back and thigh muscles.

    4. Try to relax the remainder of your muscles for a moment.

    Now try rocking very slowly back and forth in a very small amount of space just using your muscles from the waist down. The pressure will continue to build for a few minutes.

    5. Your urge to flounce should peak for a few moments. At this time, re-engage the muscles at the beginning of these instructions.

    6. Soon, you should feel the pressure subside. At this time you can SLOWLY release the tension in the engaged muscles. If there is an odor or a sound, re-engage the muscles and try to excuse yourself to the bathroom to take care of the situation.

    7. This process requires practice and experimentation.