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    Raymond Kurzweil has predicted that in 15 years life expectancy will rise faster than you are aging, leading to a sort of immortality, where people would still die but it would be accidental.

    I think it's rather going to be like: Time is money and vice versa: Money is life-time. However, it may also be that most of us have realized by then that money is nothing but a pyramid scheme, so Kurzweil could actually be right.



    Much more importantly around 2029 we shall have the singularity, when man-machine intelligence shall have evolved to such a level that today we cannot even imagine what it will be like; the era of Post-humans.

    Transhuman olympics 2029: More doping. More technology. I am looking forward to that.



    Ok, I want to figure out how to set up a secure connection between my mum's iMac (with Tiger) in England, and my iMac (Leopard) here in Germany, so I can help her out with problems she might have by actually accessing the GUI on her machine.

    I'm sure some of you will point out that screensharing between two Leopard machines is easy via iChat, but my mum doesn't want to fork out more money for the Leopard upgrade.

    Another option is setting up a VPN, but neither my router or hers have that capability, so it seems that SSH is the only option, can anyone help?

    (In Tiger) SSH can only tunnel GUI applications that are based on the X Window System. Mac GUI applications, however, are not based on X11--so you cannot use SSH there.