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  1. @Nadia - I would say the MBTI is definately better than horoscopes because there are interesting correlations between people and their Type. Statistics show that there are more women who have a Feeling preference than there are men. Also i.e. there are many more people with an preference for Intuition in science than usual. You don't have these correlations with horoscopes.


    It's sad however, if your employer or other people use your Type merely as a stereotype.


  2. @Topsy


    The MBTI is a trade mark and is a paper test which can only be taken under supervision of accredited Type Professionals and is not available online. The humanmetrics test gives you an MBTI-like score as an result, though.


  3. I am going on a business trip to Memphis in some days. As I also will have some free time, I am wondering what else may be interesting to see there other than Elivs' legacy. Any recommendations? Do you know maybe where I can get hold of a City Guide for Memphis? I love modern art.




  4. I read a bit on that site.  I liked some films, but usually the IMDB review was not so good.  Well, I am looking forward to reading peoples reviews on 


    BTW, do you know the asiafilmfest? (German only), they've shown some films that are to be shown at the FFF; I hope it's going to be again this year.


    Old Boy is one of the few movies I can watch again and again, and there is still something new to discover.


  5. I went to the FFF in 2004.  I liked Oldboy, Butterfly Effect, Kontroll, and Tale of two Sisters.  But this year I just cannot films I am interested in, maybe because I find it hard to find out about the films.  I won't be here when FFF takes place, but some recommendations would be nice anyway.


  6. I have lived for quite a while in Berlin, and now live in Munich. I'd recommend you to go to Munich because that will be better for your kids and keeps them less likely to get into trouble, but OTOH growing up in a large city could be a worthwhile experience for them.


    I am not sure whether it was mentioned before. You could contact your embassy in Berlin to ask to get in contact with families who moved from Holland to Berlin or Munich and ask them about their experiences.


  7. Databases used by eBay, Google or the like are usually handcrafted. You should do contingency planning right from the start of your design. It's not going to work just by installing a different database version which will do the clustering automatically for you without understanding the bottlenecks in your design.