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  1. It's really too bad that no one's interested. I would have taken the ticket, if I wasn't in Memphis right now. Nevertheless I hope you are going to recommend some movies you liked after watching so many of them.


  2. You need those pictures in digital when you want to combine them. Basically you need a camera that offers different options of taking a photo. Different exposure, lenses, etc. Traditionally that's what pro cameras offer, non-digital still have an advantage over digitial, as far as I remember.



    I thought Audition/Odishon was great!

    Do you have an opinion on Ichi the Killer or Visitor Q also directed by Miike? I greatly value Miike for going where no director has gone before, like turning a dating story into one about a female serial killer, but I am turned down by the fact that he always chooses the sickest way of going there.



    One of the main points of the author of this article is that people's preferences are no dichotomies. But I don't think that author actually gets the point here. Fact is, we all have preferences, we are either right or left-handed; it does not mean that we cannot use the other hand if we want to, it just means that our body is better in using a certain hand. Jung and the MBTI says: We also have preferences like this in our head, and it makes perfectly sense to me, also from a point of wasting as few energy as possible in order to survive. Again, this doesn't mean that we cannot act in a different way, for example, in our job or in a certain other situations--we are still flexible.


    Regarding Isabel Myers, who invented the MBTI, I want to say that she may not been the brightest person in regards of competence but had rather a very moral cause when she developed it during WWII: 1) Helping people to find a better job and 2) promoting world peace. So while her theory may not be perfect, can be used wrongly, and still is very much in ongoing development today, it's helping some people, like me, to appreciate others better than I would without using Type and has also helped me to find a job which suits my needs.