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  1. There is usually plenty of first hand experience for those hostels that are available on hostelworld...


    Have you tried to do it like this:


    Choose a Country: Italy; Choose a City: Venice

    -> Go to "Dimora dei Fiori," avg rating 86% -> klick on "more info..."

    -> Bottom right, click on "Click here to view ratings and reviews"

    -> Lots of ratings and comments, example:



    Hostel was great, good location, clean, no dramas. Was quite hot and could have done with some ac, but then the whole city was pretty roasting. I arrived late (after 1am) and the staff were more than happy to help me out at this stage.

  2. I don't think it matters what one chooses in that kind of situation because being a prostitute may not be at all different from the life in prison and it doesn't mean that you won't be send to prison again.


    Another movie I recommend concerning moral dilemmas is "Breaking the Waves."


    Would you sleep with another man/woman and describe how it was thereafter because your accidentally paralyzed husband/wife wants you to do so?



    can any of these programs you have mentioned, "automate"?


    like photoshop automate a folder of images and resize them all to 800x600 for instance?

    ImageMagick would do what you want (as mentioned earlier). It's a set of commandline tools with

    lots of (rather cryptic) parameters.


    Gimp has at least a binding for Perl, so you can automate there as well.



    Generally spotty pale teenagers and 20 somethings who have never kissed a girl.


    But who cares about girls when you are a level 18 elf thief

    I lived for years right next to a such a shop. What's really annoying with those people is that they don't seem to care about bodily hygiene.