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  1. Maybe she likes the Aquarium in the Olympiapark?

    (Search for "Aquarium" at ; this system here does not like brackets in an URL so I cannot link to it directly.)


    If the weather is not too bad: As the Olympiaturm is at the same place you may consider going to the restaurant on the platform (190 metres above the ground) and have a nice view at the city. (You may need to reserve a place beforehand.)


  2. I'll be visiting CA soon, so thanks for all those tips!


    One question I still have is how I can get around without a driver license? Particularly I need to get from LA Airport to Venice Beach and possibly there will be several trips to Hollywood -- what are my options?





    Sure, if I were to subscribe to any one particular idiology, anarcho-capitalism most closely resembles my personal philosophy. Although the anarchists don't like to be associated with the capitalists and vice versa, I think the two can be very compatible.

    So when are you going to migrate to Somalia? It's probably the closest to anarcho capitalism right now.


  4. 1. Don't send so many people to prisons, they're just schools for criminals. Instead electronic monitoring shall be used to limit peoples freedom whenever appropriate.

    2. Legalize healthy doping.

    3. Free weapons of mass destruction for anyone who wants them. The only way to freeze all wars is to make the consequences of war deadlier, we need more cold wars.


  5. The most important part of sign language is understood everywhere in the world, just think about boxing.


    For the rest I would learn Esperanto as a sign language, anyone who fancies logical thinking should be able to grok that.