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    Smileys I would like to add:


    sarcasm/irony smiley (for the "yes I said I dropped out of school in the 8th grade but didn't actually" type post)

    My guess is you would need it in about every post, so it's actually pointless.


  2. Blitz, I was looking for a book like this, thanks.


    I find it hard to say which books haven't influenced my thinking, so here are just some current ones:


    History of Nearly Everything, by Bill Bryson - Gave me a nice overview of the development of the sciences over the last millennium, albeit not always accurate, but funny to read and putting everything into the big picture.


    God's Debris, by Scott Adams - His thought experiments are mind blowing! After reading it I cannot stop thinking of dishes as intelligent life.


    On Divination and Synchronicity: The Psychology of Meaningful Chance, by Marie-Louise von Franz - Marie got me when she presented mathematical metrics for fairy-tales. I haven't yet digested in fully, but I think it's very interesting as well.


  3. @ER: You obviously don't know how to rebut an argument.


    @cinzia: It's that concept of truth and reconciliation. It's a Christian concept: I confess my sins openly and demand forgiveness. That's how it worked i.e. after the Apardheid in South Africa or in Germany after WWII. I think it's a fair concept that worked well in the past.


  4. The main problem I see with sex offenders is that the likelihood to offend again is very high. They commit their deeds because they are not able to control their instincts properly and that makes them far more dangerous than someone whose main motive is to earn money; give those a decent job and they will never want to deal with drugs again.


    I think publicizing their names and addresses is better than locking them up forever. It's basically a deal saying: Society is keeps an eye on you. Yes, there may be people who taunt them or even try to kill them, and maybe they need to be given police protection, but I think it is more important to protect those many citizens who try to live a normal life, and make it a better world for them while still granting those offenders a chance to rebuild their lives if they want to.


  5. I am in favor of granting same sex mariages the same legal protection as to other couples. It shouldn't be a question of being one or the other sex when it comes to making decisions about operations when one partner is in hospital or about the upbringing of children.


    Marriage in legal terms is a declaration of love and trust between two people and one's sex has nothing to do with it.


  6. 1. I cannot think of any good reason not to allow consensual incest between siblings who are about the same age. We don't forbid people with STDs or hemophiles to have sex, should we forbid sex between siblings just because it may have negative effects on the offspring? And even then, one could just forbid sex as a means of procreation.


    2. I was making fun of people who use the term "gene food" for "genetically modified food" and not realizing the difference. No, there is not much food without genes.