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  1. ------->8-------- To attend just copy, paste and add yourself to the bottom -------->8--------


    Spanish Speaking Meet-Up #5


    Thursday, 7.August.2008, 7:30pm

    Buena Vista, Am Einlass 2 (100m meters from the Viktualienmarkt)

    Everybody's welcome.


    1. Sinderbox (confirmed, +1 maybe)

    3. toni68 (confirmed)

    4. NetSpeed (confirmed, +1 maybe)

    6. deutsch-in-muc (confirmed, after 8:30 pm)

    7. Lx77 (confirmed, after 8:00pm)

    8. MrD (confirmed)

    9. NelG (confirmed)

    10. Mariposa +1

    12. steff*

    1-. Monica (would love to but not sure yet!)

    14. MissBrown (tentative)

    15. pretty.polly + 1

    17. doupg (very probable)

    18. grizop

    19. suedfrucht (hope so at least)

    20. Panama (maybe)


    Waiting list

    21. Dostoyevsky







  2. I have been together with this gf of mine for almost five years now, and now she told me that she would like to have sex (as in 'coitus') with me--is that some kind of German thing? What can I do about this? Please avoid overly technical explanations in your replies--elucidate me in terms of apples and oranges, thank you! Oh, yeah, and I am also missing my rug. If you find it, please give it back to me.


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