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    For those that are of a Couldn't Care Less About Religion disposition, the Bund für Geistesfreiheit (bfg) and other groups have set up a Religion Free Zone along the lines of the Football Free Zones set up during the 2006 World Cup.

    After reading the program you linked, I find that they actually care a lot about religion, that's why most events feature some form of dialogue between atheists and religious people.


    If you have no interest in religion at all, then you'd better go in the park today and enjoy the sunshine. :)



    OH my, I saw Dir En Grey at Rock im Park. The singer was very weird to say the least, I think I saw bits of his lung fly out and he bust open his lip on the microphone (on purpose) and smeared himself in blood.

    Good afternoon entertainment at a festival

    Marilyn Manson does this all the time.


    In Munich the concerts of Dir En Grey are usually overcrowded with fourteen years old gothic lolitas, sigh.


  3. Here are some not well-known bands/albums I like a lot (some are rather punk/hardcore bands):


    Japanese bands:

    Dir En Grey


    Melt Banana, esp.: MxBx 1998/13000 Miles At Light Velocity


    G.G Allin

    Eagels of Death Metal, esp.:

    Peace, Love, Death Metal (not really HM, but very funny.)

    Mortician, esp.: Hacked up for Barbecue


    Untoten, esp.: Hab keine Angst Veluzifer

    Dimmu Borgir


    Other Bands:



    Napalm Death

    Six Feet Under


  4. I see people wearing those one-time gloves you can get at the pharmacy. Probably it's for hygiene mostly, but also keeps the smell off your hands.


  5. I keep getting confused by the search function:


    1. A quick search does sometimes not find the specified terms even though a full search will find those terms in the Topic Title, i.e. quick:Murder Mystery vs deep:Murder Mystery.

    2. The full search link in the sentence "Try a full search, broadening your search words, or checking your spelling" on a quick search result page does not perform a full search.


  6. QNTAL plays medieval music using modern synthesizers. There is also another band called Estampie which features some members of QNTAL but they're also using ancient instruments. I can highly recommend all albums of QNTAL, they're all equally nice to listen to.