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  1. JE: Free memory on Unix usually means: Used for the buffer cache. You need a big buffer cache for decent IO performance. VMs and Schedulers are quite advanced on Unix, their algorithms probably concluded that your programs need a lot of IO cache and that there's certain parts of your application that are not used much so they can be swapped.


  2. kswapd0 (Kernel Swapper) wouldn't be that busy if you had enough RAM. More RAM will help you with the IO performance as well, as free memory is used for disk caching. The reason why you see free memory in top is probably because kswap0 is busy killing processes which exhaust memory (How is swapping supposed to work if there is no swap partition?), thereby exacerbating the problem.



    Well, on a Mac you would...blah blah blah.


    (standard TT response to any computer question. Fucking ignore it and simply bang on about how things are better on a Mac, or on Linux, or whateverthespank)

    On a Mac you could and should actually use the same "tail -10 file" command as on Linux.





    First, the largest European banks are too big to fail, but may also be too big to be saved by their national governments.



    Gros and Micossi argue:


    olutions for the largest {European} institutions can no lounger be found at the national level it is apparent that the ECB will need to be put in charge as it is the only institution in the euro area that can issue unlimited amounts of global reserve currencies.