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  1. I've found James Hillman's essay "Image-Sense" an intriguing thought experiment for bridging the gap between art and psychology.


    mlovett: I've been to that museum but it was a month ago and not yet open for the public; the surroundings were quite impressive too.



    I just saw your GGBridge pic. Very nice (GGB is also my "image" on this forum). How was my home town? I hear they are having the usual fantastic October weather. sigh! I miss home.

    Thanks. I've felt that quite some places in SF like the GGB and Twin Peaks have a mystical and inspiring quality to them; the GGB's red color is simply amazing. My other favorite places were the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and the mall in Japantown.


    Some more pictures:


    post-6977-1223838764.jpg post-6977-1223838818.jpg post-6977-1223838834.jpg post-6977-1223838843.jpg