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  1. 1 hour ago, texmandie said:

    If someone has Brutto a bit above the JAEG, would maxing out betriebliche Altersvorsorge contributions (560/month this year) put them under the JAEG? What if they are close to JAEG because they took an option to drop to reduced hours for six months?


    A bit more reading, and apparently, yes, but only 280/mo would count, because it's the amount that social security (public pension, unemployment insurance, and in this case, public health insurance) is assessed on, not income tax.


  2. If you are a US citizen, you probably don't want to buy ETFs that are not domiciled in the US due to PFIC: https://www.taxesforexpats.com/guides/passive-foreign-investment-company-8621.html


    Since we're EU residents, we can't really buy ETFs that are not domiciled in the EU due to MiFID (no EU-mandated customer disclosure statements), unless we are categorized as "professional investors": https://usexpatinvesting.com/educational-materials-for-ex-pats/are-you-kiding-me-priips-kids-and-new-obstacles-for-americans-buying-etfs-in-the-eu


    Up until this month, I was able to buy US-domiciled ETFs with my Schwab International account (USD, taxable). They have to stop letting us do that after 19 September 2019: https://www.americanexpatfinance.com/news/item/231-charles-schwab-unveils-mifid-ii-related-changes-to-etfs-for-europe


    I've started writing scripts to make a "DIY" S&P 500 mini-index for varying amounts of investment, but since all I really want is the ability to keep buying those index ETFs, passing the Series 65 so I can call myself a Registered Investment Advisor (even though I'm the only one I'll be advising!) the next time I'm back home might be a better long-term solution: https://www.investopedia.com/articles/professionals/041013/becoming-registered-investment-advisor.asp


  3. Not applicable to you @johnnygibber, as your profile says that you're a UK/German citizen, but US citizens like me need to be VERY CAREFUL about buying ETFs or any other mutual fund that is based outside the US due to something called PFIC, no matter where your brokerage account is based. Just thought I'd post that for the next random American who hits this thread :)


  4. It's not exactly terra incognito for our bunch, but I've booked a table for the last Wednesday night before Lent at...




    In case you've not been there before, it's at Wespennest 4-6, near the Cinecitta. U-Bahn to Wöhrder Wiese (U2/3) or Lorenzkirche (U1), park at Karstadt or Katherinenhof Garages.


    The fun starts at 7:30pm, as usual. Rumor has it that someone's birthday is the next day...


    Please respond if you're going to come so I can give them a better headcount.


  5. After many weeks of neglect, I've arranged one last EATiNG for the year, and at our usual place:



    Wespennest 4-6

    90402 Nürnberg


    7:30pm, Wednesday 9 December


    Unlike previous years, I'm not organizing a White Elephant exchange, but I won't stop anyone who wants to trade unwanted stuff :)


    If you're coming, though, PLEASE let me know so that I can adjust the reservation as needed.


    Best regards,




  6. Can't believe I forgot to update our listing here...


    St. James the Less, your Episcopal/Anglican congregation in Franconia, now has a 4th Sunday service each month!


    Our host church:


    St. Jakobskirche

    Jakobsplatz 1

    90402 Nuernberg


    Our services are every second and fourth Sunday each month at 4pm, always followed by coffee and baked goods. Unless we decide to go out to dinner together or visit one of the neighboring pubs after the service instead ^_^


    Web: http://st-james-the-less.de

    Facebook: StJamesNuremberg




  7. Die Kaiserburg - 30 September, 7:30pm


    Hi all!


    Since our favorite pescatarian is out of town, we're going to a fantastic Bohemian-Bavarian restaurant serving traditional Bohemian-Bavarian food (i.e., lots of pork) that we've not been to in quite a while:


    Die Kaiserburg

    Obere Krämersgasse 20 
    90403 Nürnberg




    Parking: Hauptmarkt garage

    Public transit: Lorenzplatz (U1)/Halletor (Strassenbahn 4 or 6)


    Please give me a shout if you're planning to come so I can adjust the reservation if needed. Our reservation is for 19:30 Wednesday (30 September), as usual - please also note if you think you'll be late (totally fine!)


  8. Sorry for the EXTREMELY late announcement... work continues to dominate my life!

    Who doesn't love Italian?

    Osteria Hauptmarkt
    Winklerstr 3
    90402 Nürnberg

    Nearest parking is either the Adlerstrasse garage or Hauptmarkt, nearest U-Bahn is Lorenzkirche (U1)

    If you're planning to come, and haven't pre-confirmed like nic-nue and New Franconian, please say so - I might need to adjust our reservation :)


  9. Ex-Seattleite valiantly led EATING for years, but is ready for a break - she's still planning to come to the dinners, but felt it was time for someone else to plan them :)


    So... for the first Texmandie-planned EATING, we're going to an old favorite:


    29 July 2015, 7:30pm

    Burgwächter - at the foot of the big castle at the north end of the Altstadt

    Am Ölberg 10

    90403 Nürnberg


    Restaurant Burgwächter


    Closest parking: Hauptmarkt garage

    U-Bahn: Lorenzkirche (U1 line)


    I've requested a table for 6, so you REALLY need to respond if you're going to come so I can get that number bumped up if there are more of you!


  10. I did just about that very thing, but right when we got married, but Mary Baker Schwarz instead of Mary Anne Baker Schwarz. The U.S. Embassy has an explanation, in German, of what our naming laws generally are (varies state to state), and my Beamter had to get a little creative, marking out my old middle name and writing in my maiden name as my second Vorname, but it worked well enough for getting my new US passport the way I wanted it.


    Good luck!


  11. What I'm in and you probably want to look for is "IT Consultant" - that's what some of the large industrial firms call positions that in the US are senior systems administrator roles. You might have to take something like that quoted figure to start through one of the temp agencies, but permanent positions are better paid. However, it's so difficult to get rid of a permanent employee here that most positions start as temp.


  12. Update for St. James the Less (Episcopal/Anglican):


    Services 2nd Sunday of each month at 16:00 (4pm) - an hour earlier than before!


    Since our host church, St. Jakob's, is undergoing renovations, we have to reschedule occaisionally. Please check the website or follow us on Facebook to make sure that you have the up-to-date service schedule.


    Website: http://st-james-the-less.de

    Facebook: https://facebook.com/stjamesnuremberg